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Henry Paget, Lord Uxbridge, 1815 First Legion 54mm

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Edorta, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Edorta A Fixture

    Hi to all. As i told in other posts about this brand, I present here one of the three mounted kits, released by First Legion. The box and presentation is very nice, and is very appropiate to protect the content well.

    Caja1.jpg Caja2.jpg CajaAbierta.jpg

    The scale is a 54mm standard, more or less like Andrea. I must say that I expected a bigger size. The cast is very good, and the metal is of a hard kind, not easy to blend.
    All the details are quite clean and all the parts are well prepared to make an easy and secure fixing.
    For example, the horseman has a casted nail between the legs that goes through the saddle and enters the horse´s body, also the two arms, and head can be fixed to the body in the same way.


    The kit contains 19 pieces and three cooper reins for the horse. This detail is curious for me, because the Labayen´s figures that I always painted, used the same material for belts, reins etc. The cooper allows the use of glue and also can be welded.

    Jinete.jpg Sabretache.jpg Montaje.jpg

    I have bought the three figures to a European (French Dealer) called Figurines et Collections.
    They are very kind and give a fast shipping.


    A personal conclusion.
    Considering the price, (at least for outside U.S.A) I think the quality is low comparing with other European producers (Metal Modeles)

    Military miniatures painted by Eduardo Garcia
  2. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Considering the price, (at least for outside U.S.A) I think the quality is low comparing with other European producers (Metal Modeles) So what you are saying Eduardo is that they are cheap but poor quality???...........Keith
  3. swralph A Fixture

    Always good to see inside the box
  4. Edorta A Fixture

    I say that in my opinion they are expensive for their quality, because I thought that the ratio between currencies would take into account, and is not the case.
    The price is 59,95$ for the U.S, and 59,95€ for Europe. I don´t know the price for the U.K.
    The figures are good, well casted and the details very fine and clean but in my opinion, as a said before, the sculptures are a bit under the quality of other European producers wich handle the same prices.

    We must consider also, that these figures, initially, are produced to be sold as high quality, but as painted toy soldiers.

    I insist, it´s a matter of price, you can do a good work with them, I think the quality is good, so I've bought three. I think the pics talk by themselves.
    If First Legion releases other figures, I will buy them for sure, if the subject is interesting for me or my collectors.

    Military miniatures painted by Eduardo Garcia
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  5. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I was really looking forward to hunting for grasshoppers but now think I will pass.
    It is such a shame they are cast in the toy soldier metal as I know that very well.
    As these are for the painters market I think they could have cast in our standard white metal for figures which would have also given crisper detail and easier to work with
    They are still very nice and unique
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  6. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Eduardo,

    Thanks for clarifying that-I had imagined that the price would reflect the Euro or £ to $ conversion rate which at the moment is very favourable to the UK. First Legion generally are much more expensive in the UK than the US. I assume this reflects the Carriage costs and 20% VAT. It is strange that carriage costs are so high as I assume they are produced in Russia and marketed in the USA like the St Petersburg range. If this is the case they are being doubled handled which is escalating the price.

  7. Edorta A Fixture

    I agree with you Keith, the carriage and taxes are charged in the final price.
    And about the metal used, I disagree with Gra30, I think that the details are what they are, due to the original sculpture(the master). I don´t think the metal used is a problem, at least with this figures.
    As soon as I paint one I will post here at PF. I am sure that can be achieved a great result with these figures.
    The details of embroideries in the uniforms and saddles, are perfect. It would be better, only in my opinion, if the scale were a bit larger, closer to other brands, but it´s a matter of taste.

    Military miniatures
  8. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Edorta,
    I only make observations to the metal as I sculpt for another similar company for the collectors market.
    The process normally is that the masters are sculpted as best as possible and then taken in resin, up until then they are like any normal figure sculpt or that is the aim.
    These are used as sub masters but the detail is lost in final production due to the hard metal used to withstand handling, it is the nature of the metal and in producing painted collectors figures it is a compromise.
    I assumed the same metal I am talking about is being used here as they were intended as painted pieces originally and you mention the metal is a hard type.
    As said nice pieces though, would love to see the originals.
  9. Edorta A Fixture

    Right, Gra30, the metal is hard type, I don´t know the production process with all detail, but it´s as you said.

    Military miniatures
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  10. Krest063 Active Member

    Everything looks very dignified. Congratulations on buying a good figure!
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  11. Edorta A Fixture

    Hi again, Gra30. I assume you are right about the masters, and about some detail loss in the production process, because we have seen here some originals from First Legion, and I´m still impressed by the high quality of the figures. Here some examples:

    Attached Files:

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  12. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks Edorta for showing these.
    This company does produce some really nice pieces :)
    Glad they have started to give us kits.
    In their defence they may not have realised how important we treat the casts , with usually dealing with pre painted I mean.
    They have took the first step of giving us unpainted, with a little metal tweaking these could be outstanding.
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  13. Bournouna Active Member

    The sculpt is not bad, but the casting is absolute garbage. I would not spend a dime on such a casted figure. As they say in French " C'est de la merde"
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  14. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    That is more or less what I was saying :) although not as eloquently
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  15. Edorta A Fixture

    How cruel!:wideyed:

    Military miniatures

  16. Edorta A Fixture

    Me too, I celebrate that they start selling unpainted kits, I think the quality is quite good and the variety of subjects is awesome, not reached by other brands.
    Don´t forget that we are paying the same price as for the new ones, for the early catalogue of some prestigious brands , and the quality in any senses is lower than these.
    Anyway, as you´ve said all can be improved.
    Soon I will post the kit of John Churchill 1st Duke of Marlborough.

    Military miniatures
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  17. Bournouna Active Member

    It might be cruel, but true non the less. "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining"
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  18. Figurini Member

    hey ! finally better I thought. But under european standard about the sculpt detail. So : not for me.
  19. polyphemus Well-Known Member

    Is this a case where the boxart flatters the castings?

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  20. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    The painters have done a great job, I do wonder if the pieces painted for box art are one of the resin sub masters.
    I agree with all the above, it is a shame that the metal used gives the soft edges etc and due to price we are obviously going to compare and our wallets decide.
    The masters I think have some clout, I would say to K+C, what would Pegaso do with these masters , now do the same and you are on a winner.
    It would be quite easy as the sculpts have probably paid for themselves as collectors pre painted pieces alone, now cast for figure modellers, if that is your target, which obviously it is.

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