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help with tamiya acrylics

Discussion in 'Just starting...' started by ruderogo, May 14, 2005.

  1. ruderogo New Member

    hi everyone, first post here. everyones work here is amazing and i hope that i can get some help from you guys. im working on a diorama set in normandy with US airborne troops with SS troopers. i have the base coat on the airborne troops but i have no idea what color to paint the webbing, helmets, equipment etc. and as for the SS troops, what color green should be used for the soldiers not wearing cammo? i plan to paint the SS troops with pea dot pattern, would this be accurate? i use pretty much strictly tam acrylics so i just need some help finding the colors because the figure sets i use dont have painting instructions. im very new to this, and you all are so knowlegable. thanks again

    here is my WIP
  2. gordy Well-Known Member

    welcome aboard!
    composition looks great! keep us posted on progress (y)
  3. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Welcome! Can't help you with Tamiya, unfortunately. But I'm a big fan of acrylics in general and specifically the Vallejo acrylics. Excellent selection of colors, they mix well, you can blend one over another, etc. [I'm not a sales rep....]

    Also won't be much good to you on specific SS uniform colors. My period of interest is WWI, so if you want help with those uniforms would be glad to assist. There are lots of painters interested in WW2 on the site. Suggest you check out the vBenches and see who's painting SS uniforms recently and ask them.

    Three recommendations: (1) Go to the Osprey Publishing web site and see if you can find a reference that would work for those uniforms, period, battle, etc. Don't buy it there - buy it used on Borders or Abebooks. com. Save yourself some money. (2) Do some web searching and see if you can come up with a WW2 Normandy area re-enactor group, wearing those uniforms. You'd be surprised how many different re-enactor groups there are and how many pics they put on the web. Most of the re-enactors are exacting in putting together their uniforms, scrupulously careful to make sure they're wearing accurate stuff. Over the past 3 years I've e-mailed about 10 of them, asking for information and they've always been very helpful. (3) There are dozens of WW2 forum sites. Try a web search, check one out and see if they have a "uniforms and equipment" section. The WWI forum site has one and it's amazing some of the stuff the amateur historians and equipment experts know!

    Gary at Colorado Miniatures has some of the best retail prices for the Vallejo. You can also catch some good deals on Vallejo on e-Bay. So far, I've bought 3 different groups of Vallejo paints off e-Bay for much less than retail price.

    all the best,
  4. DangerAtom New Member

    Matthew, for what you are planning on doing (figure painting), Tamiya acrylic paints are possibly the worst paint you could choose. They are not well suited for brush painting at all. All my Tamiya paints are strictly for airbrush use only. Like Dan said, Vallejo paints are much better, acrylic wise, for figure painting. Especially for a pattern like the pea pattern. Tamiya is way to difficult to control for something like that. Even Model Master enamels and Humbrol paints would give you much better control, and color selection, than Tamiya.
  5. dancap3286 A Fixture

  6. ruderogo New Member

    thanks for your help everyone, i really appreciate it. i laid down the base coats on my fig with tam acrylics, but ill use something else i have in my paint bin for the rest, i can see waht you guys mean, its very hard to control. ill post some pics later on. thanks again

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