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Help me... Is this Correct?

Discussion in 'Painting Techniques' started by BlackWarrior, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. BlackWarrior Member


    please, help my wonder of following itme.

    Ebay-Arsenyev ELITE Soldier(Russian Vityaz ?)

    is this correct as historical viewpoint? especially is their flag with some pattern correct?

    please response to me whether this is correct in history.

    have a nice day!!!
  2. Ernest A Fixture

    Ufff! :eek: this people from Rusian Vityaz are so great! I follow their works from a long time ago, I don't know if they are really "historical correct" but in the web page said that figures are historical accurate (painting and sculpting)...some people said that this figures are fantasy figures, but I don't think so, in the medieval times who can say what is correct and what not, nobody knows exactlly evrything about the medio era....
    So, I think that is correct to free your mind and paint as you like it
  3. KeithP Active Member

    I tend to agree with ernesto's comments. It certainly is interesting.

    I am not a teutonic experten... The flag is a close examlple of the orders device. Not perfect, but close. Here is a heraldric link...


    Generally, the brother knights only wore the white surcoat with the well known cross device. This fellow might even be one of the grand master!

    You can also check in with the expert at MedRom.


  4. Einion Well-Known Member

    "Best in the world..."? Well nobody could accuse them of being overly modest could they?

    I'm not an expert in the period so take these historical comments with a pinch of salt. Okay, the rondel dagger is almost certainly wrong for this date: they weren't developed until the late 14th century or so. It's also a bit on the bulky side and it appears to be longer than the lower leg, which is far too long. The gambeson I think is incorrect for this period too, more like 14th century. The chamfron - the plate defence for the horse's head - might be too early (in this style) as well.

    The cross of the order, in style, is closer to 15th-century heraldry than the 1400s. The black outline on the cross is highly unlikely to be correct; on the painted representation in particular it would almost certainly have been a flat (featureless) black. Correct me if I'm wrong anybody who knows better but the most glaring error is the eagle - it should be double-headed! The form of the cross on the knight's chest is probably wrong for this date too. Lastly, being from a military/religious order I would personally doubt this much decoration would have been used but it's always possible I suppose.

    Purely on the modelling front the attachment of the arm to the shield looks awkward but it's hard to tell with accuracy from the photos. The shield itself looks crudely constructed in comparison to the finery of the rest of the knight's equipment, which strikes a discordant note with me, as do other details. The photos aren't lit well which doesn't do the painting any favours but it looks poorly shaded to me.

  5. DrLutz Member

    Here is a link were you'll find a flag, its origin and meaning :

    Einion, I'm sorry but you are wrong about two-headed eagle. A two-headed comes from Eastern Holly Imperia, Byzantine, from there it comes to Russia. German eagle is one-headed.
  6. Piotr Czyz Active Member

    Hi, I wanted be too quick:

    The eagle is one-headed now, but it wasn't one headed - not far as hundred years ago he had two heads. I'm not an expert, but I remember the old german coins with two headed eagle.

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