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Hell in the Pacific

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by tankman3rd4id, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. tankman3rd4id Member

    Hers is my newest work Gentlemen. im trying tio decide if i should leave the charging soldiers or just have the one dead one? would like your imput. these are the masterbox sets 1/35 the base was the warriors strecther barrier set i cut the foxhole then made putty sandbags. the palm leaves are from a brown paper bag with a small wire (for the vain) glued in between. then cut to shape. used tea from a bag for jungle flooring. figures got all new heads and weapons. Rick
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  2. JasonB Moderator

    Hi Rick,
    I think thats some pretty good work, Marines are one of my favorite subjects. Personally I don't like the partial dead guy at all. To me, it looks like a guy has been blown apart and just his upper torso is left, which I know isn't the effect you are going for. I think if the base were just slightly longer, I would go with the charging guys, they look well done. They look a little close on the base as it is, IMHO. The guy with the sword might look a little too upright for being that close to slashing at a guy trying to stick him with a bayonet.Its like he just stopped dead and decided to take a swing, instead of continuing forward with his charge. If he were lunging a bit more I think it would work better. The other two fit the bill perfectly. You could just leave him out and let the guy with the bayonet be preparing for someone thats outside the scope of the scene. This would also give you an odd number of figures, which would make it a little less balanced or "staged" (one Marine for each Japanese) and a little more like a snap shot of the action. I'm looking to get a set of these guys myself, this helps a lot with showing me their quality and what can be done with them.
    Sorry if anyone feels this is being too critical or criticizing in any way...

    BTW, do you have the Warriors stretcher bearer set that you might be interested in selling??? Missed out on it when it was readily available, and haven't been able to find it anywhere
  3. Michael Tse Active Member

    Amazing work! Some of the finest injection-mold plastic figures to date and solid paint work.
  4. Dr Force Well-Known Member

    Hi Jason

    I actually like your point of veiw and does not come across as anything but helpful (as my thread will testify)

    The paint job and execution is superb, a really great looking scens that could do with some adjustments as described.

    I would personally get rid of the dead guy, lengthen the base if possible and bring the charging guys back a bit.

    All in all though some great work.

  5. gordy Well-Known Member

    Good work Rick :)

    +1 vote on nixing the half guy (now that's a wedgie ! )

    What did you or how did you make the large fern leaves ?
  6. tankman3rd4id Member

    thanks guys for your replys.
    Jason your imput is exactly what i asked for and you do make aa great case. i was thinking about the dead guy as well but the charging one with the sword. i never thought of the 3 on 3 balance until you said it i took him off and really like the results. so again thanks

    the large fern leaves are really simple cut a brown paper bag in two equal parts then glue ( i used that stick glue)the whole side. place your small wire on the paper bag.then glue the other bag, place it over the other.be sure to rub around the wire. this will give you the vain. once dry cut to shape then cut the indvidual leaves. the wire will also alow you to shape the leaves in any position.
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  7. gordy Well-Known Member

    Thanks Rick, so simple and effective (y)
  8. tankman3rd4id Member

    Here is the updated photo sorry its so bad.

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  9. Steve Well-Known Member

    Nice work, stranger. Neat idea with the leaves.--
  10. kingtoot New Member

    great stuff! Whose figures are those? Dragon/DML? this hobby needs more Pacifc Theater figures...
  11. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    I really like what you have done here. And your terrain, ground cover, palm
    leaves are very well done, well painted. The composition, re how you have
    placed the figure is good. I agree that the half figure (an idea relating to
    creating a wedgie effect?) didn't work very well.

    Others suggested the base is too small for the number of figure. And I would
    agree with that. My opinion is that you need a little more room
    on the side where the charging Nipponese Soldiers are coming from.
    Perhaps you might consider, if you increase the size of the base,
    making the enemy soldiers charging up a small incline. Might add some
    more tension and atmosphere to the piece. And give the whole
    presentation a little more height. My opinion is that height does draw
    attention, that it draws the viewers eye.

    But what you have done so far is very good. And as we all know, doing tight
    little vignettes/dioramas like this are so so difficult and time consuming.
    Congratulations on a fine piece of work.
  12. eas6644 Active Member

    Great job on the vignette. Love the compact action.
    The only thing IMO, and it's not a knock against your work, is that the Marines from these manufacturers look like they are wearing skinny jeans. All the pics of Marines in the Pacific show them wearing more loose fitting dungarees.
    Love the piece..graet work.
  13. eas6644 Active Member

    What paints did you use? Nice job on the faces and uniforms I thought.
  14. tankman3rd4id Member

    Keith, the figures are masterbox. nice action poses but needs new heads there not that good.
  15. housecarl Moderator

    Superb little vignette, thanks for the info on the leaves, very convincing.

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