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HCC animated Poison Ivy Fullsize

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Comic-Club, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Comic-Club Member

    Yes I know, the Pic was already in the Ivy Bust Thread.
    But I want to Start a new Thread for every new Figure I will produce.

    This Ivy ist still not ready, not cast, but will be soon.

    Ivy is 1/6 scale: 28 cm tall, comes in 5 Pieces plus Base (Left Glove, Right Glove, Feet, Body, Head-Shoulder-Arms)
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  2. ukbat New Member

    Love it how much, where and who do I order from .........more characters please
  3. Comic-Club Member

    Right now, I have nothing to sell - Sorry.
    But in a month or two I will begin.
    For now I have only the Ivy Bust near ready to sell. Still unpacked, but casting is done.
    in a Week or two I will have the Ivy Fullsize...
    Then Thor, Black Hand and maybe a Judge Dredd
    Right now no Homepage, No comercial Facebook.
    Sorry i'm not really the Online freak.
    But when ready to sell I will mention it in every post of the specific figure.
  4. Comic-Club Member

    Right now 2 other Animated Girls are in Work.
    Maybe a Batman/Robin animated will follow.
    But I do this all as Hobby.
    So it always take LOOOONG Time.
    Have a Wife and a Dog and a Job...
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  5. civilladies Member

    This is a very nice figure, well done.
    I agree with you that it's YOUR hobby and you dont have to make things to sell so be pressured into any form of mass production.
    I to have other things in my life other than model kits. I'm new to this hobby after spending many years as my husbands "opinion advisor". :)
  6. zodiac Active Member

    Very nice, what software did you use for this piece?
  7. Comic-Club Member

    I did not used any software, it was the sculptors. I have to ask, but for Ivy I know it was z-Brush
  8. Brimmer Active Member

    So smooth..what material that you use for sculpting this prototipe?it's good piece by the way..good work
  9. Comic-Club Member

    @ Brimmer,
    I dont know,
    This is how I get from the 3D Printer.
  10. Brimmer Active Member

    Ups..sory i don't notice..so this from digital sculpting zbrush and printed..looking good can"t wait to see the batman and robin
  11. Comic-Club Member

    Well printing in this Quality is really expensif, so I have to wait before letting sculpt and print more of them.
    Right now I have only Ivy and another Girl is in the making.
    After 3 Girls I will made Batman and Robin. Maybe ;-)
    Have to sell a few Kits, but I am not ready to , right now.
    Boxes, Boxart, etc, a lot to do...
    So most of the productionand start selling is reported to Eastern.
  12. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    25mm for Kinder Surprise ??
  13. Comic-Club Member

    Mirofsoft ? 25mm ?
    Maybe wrong Thread ?
    Ivy is 28 cm thats scale 1:6 , a little bit over 11 inch = 280mm
  14. Comic-Club Member

    BTW I just have had a look on your site , great paint skills.
  15. Comic-Club Member

    For those who are interessted in the Parts,
    This is how the Breakdown is .

    This Kit will be soon available

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