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Having trouble using Scale75 NMM PAINT SET

Discussion in 'Acrylics' started by phc35, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. phc35 Well-Known Member

    I am tiring the non-metallic paint set. The paint doesn't thin well,and stays the texture of pudding. Even when I try to use it it doesn't cover and lifts off other layers of. Paint.

    Any help is apprecated

  2. kilsh Well-Known Member

    Hi Jay

    I have a similar problem with their leather set. It needs mixing more than normal acrylics, rather than just shaking take the dropper off and stir it as well. Use some flow enhancer either neat or mixed with water then use a wet pallete to keep it usable so you don't have to do it all again.

    Btw I'm using Vallejo NMM and it's really good!


  3. Jerry Hutter Member

    That seems to be the problem with all the Scale 75 paints. A gelatinous mess at the top of the bottle. The separation is worse than other brands of paint I've tried and I'm just to lazy to mix with the top off. Reaper never has that problem or Jo Sonja or Cell Vinyl which is why I stick with those brands. The problem is there is just too many brands out there now!
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  4. kagemusha A Fixture

    IMHO....this is a problem with their 'quality control' as they don't make them in house ( supposedly they are Vallejo! ).....I have six sets of the Scale 75 paints and all work superbly (y)
    I had this problem with one set....so I returned it for a replacement and the next set worked fine :)
    It's a great shame they are so hit and miss....as they do some nice colour sets :(
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  5. montythefirst Well-Known Member

    Similar problems with the flesh set gave up with it in the end
  6. Babelfish A Fixture

    I have a few of their sets, and in my experience you really do have to shake them all to within an inch of their life (for 3 or 4 minutes) before you start painting. They are much more oily and gloopy than other brands, but as Ron says they do some nice sets. I'll still use the ones I have, but I probably won't buy any more.

    - Steve
  7. Oldironsides Guest

    Hi Jay

    I place into each bottle of Scalecolor a stainless steel ball bearing - 6mm to assist mixing when shaking the bottle. They must be marine quality BB's as you don't want them rusting. Alternatively consider using a heavy glass bead - I've just started using these and found them just as good, and of course they are a lot cheaper.

    To dilute Scalecolor, I personally use MIG Ammo acrylic thinner and have experienced no issues.

    I hope this is of help.

    With regards

  8. ranchhand Active Member

    i also put a stainless steel ( i use food grade, inert ) into each bottle and shake the ever living heck out of it. then when i am done shaking it i shake it again. then i give it to my 8yr old and tell him to shake it.
    i also use a wet pallate and thin with water, they are a pain sometimes but they dry matte and cover well, they end up being my favorite paint even with the problems!
  9. Metal Extremo Well-Known Member

    I only used inks of this brand, but was talking about this paints and the problems with some friends this weekend in a contest. They are better painters than me, and a couple of them professionals in our hobby. In their opinion the quality, quantity and intensity of the pigments used in Scale Color are very goods to work with brush or airbrush. The only "trouble" is the pigment and the binder are easily separated, so must spend time shaking with energy before using. They put stainless steel, and the jar upside down when they keep it. They mix with destilate water, no thinner used.
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  10. ranchhand Active Member

    I tried using a thinner once and it didn't work very well, it wasn't scale 75 thinner. I just use water, seems ok.
  11. Gellso A Fixture

    Just shake the scale 75 paints more than usual. They surpass Vallejo for Matt finishing and covering.

    I used Cyndi Crawfords workout video to get my forearm in shape.
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