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Review "Harbinger of Death" from Galapagos

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi everyone

    Galapagos releases are always a welcome sight to see


    Here are the ones I have reviewed ....previously we have seen releases of mainly busts which are in these links:









    The latest is another creation from the owner Ju-Won

    The release was announced here and in Social media with the box art following on afterward


    Box Art announced by another PF member here:


    The release is:


    Setting the scene .....

    Through the darkness the life's work ebbs away from the images from the books of a mans life ......

    .....the sands of time slowly move from his life .......

    ......and there waiting to collect him is the harbinger of Death ...the Grim Reaper.......

    on a fearsome and unforgiving steed

    ......in total darkness , black , clothing in rags , the face sometimes a skull with sinister empty sockets or maybe pinpointed and glaring eyes.......

    ........the head is hooded in total unforgiving darkness ...an abyss of fear to all....his scythe sweeping across lives with ease....

    ....gathering them into the darkness silently and with no effort...

    ...The Harbinger gathers the harvest in ...

    y.jpg yy.jpg yyyyyy.jpg z0.jpg yyyyy.jpg yyyy.png

    wwwwww.jpg w.jpg www.jpg ww.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap Moderator

    With trepidation and fear I open the box ....

    Details of the release:

    Title :Harbinger of Death ( Spectre who prophesied the end of times )

    Scale: 90mm

    Parts: 13

    Material :Light Lavender gray Resin

    Sculptor: Ju-Won Jung

    Box Art: Ju-Won Jung

    Concept and production: Team Galapagos

    Parts were held in the distinctive box colour with box art on top and a unpainted picture of the model on the side

    Harbinger 001.jpg Harbinger 002.jpg

    As always the resin was well packed with the main pieces being held in a foam cutout , the parts consist of the upper torso/head of the harbinger , right arm , shoulder armour/piece, skull face 2 hands , one with a sand timer the other with the scythe handle , a scythe , front, rear and tail of horse and ears , plus 2 mounting posts one solid brass rod , the other a clear perspex .

    Harbinger 006.jpg ears 001.jpg

    In addition to these we have a card insert with a story on one side with a line drawing on the other , the story has the Galapagos seal on it ...a nice touch in presentation

    Harbinger 004.jpg
    Harbinger 003.jpg


    Horse Front and Back Pieces.....Casting remnant from back where tail fits , flashing and small post from upturned leg then fit these together

    Ears and Tail... Casting plug to cut away, both need to be fitted ...I would suggest pinning the tail in place

    Harbinger....cut away casting plug from underneath and fit to horse

    Arm ...Casting remnant from top edges and then fit

    Hands...Small casting excess pieces to cut away and fit to main torso ( flashing to remove in timer ).

    Shoulder Armour ....Small plug to cut away and fit

    Skull...Small plug to cut away and fit

    Scythe...Slight sanding at lower edge and then fit ( pin if possible)

    Rods...Drill out position under horse to fit to

    General Comments

    • The resin used is of a high quality and has taken the details extremely well
    • Minimal prep with all unwanted resin being in a good and easy to remove position
    • An option to fit the skull or leave the area blank
    • A choice of mounting rod to use ..the perspex one gives the piece a "floating" effect ...a nice thought from Ju-Won here .
    I will look at the horse and rider separate as I have a lot of pictures to share

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap Moderator

    Lets go to the resin

    The horse first , this is the largest of the pieces consisting of 2 halves , fitting together with ease

    Harbinger 007.jpg Harbinger 035.jpg Harbinger 036.jpg

    The sculpting is very clever indeed , worked to create the effect of a floating and sinister animal , cleverly consisting of just the front legs or at least part of them ...seemingly vanishing into the atmosphere around the beast

    The Rear

    Wonderfully sculpted the ragged , torn and worn material is really very well shown , folds and undercuts are excellent , on the hind quarters on both sides we have many skulls ...of his victims no doubt , some almost melting into the animal ..really very atmospheric and scary indeed ...nice one Ju-Won .

    Harbinger 038.jpg
    Harbinger 037.jpg
    Harbinger 039.jpg

    The Front

    On this the head is high the man itself covered by armoured plates , well sculpted with nice surface details , a strap holds them together at the front a little further down we see a lovely set of straps again well detailed , all the way round and at the front .

    The horses head is fearsome , excellent muscle tone on the neck , the face is full of anger the skin straining with the movement , great eye detail , the mouth open the lower jaw dropping exposing both upper and lower sets of teeth and the tongue itself on the lower mouth .

    The legs are not full in sculpture but Ju Won has managed to give the impression of ends that vanish into the darkness.

    Harbinger 050.jpg Harbinger 051.jpg Harbinger 042.jpg Harbinger 041.jpg
    Harbinger 040.jpg Harbinger 043.jpg

    Harbinger 047.jpg Harbinger 049.jpg

    Harbinger 044.jpg Harbinger 045.jpg Harbinger 046.jpg Harbinger 041.jpg Harbinger 042.jpg
    Harbinger 048.jpg

    Tail and Ears

    The tail is a good sculpt full of movement , swishing wildly with the textures being very good , the ears are upright and fitted with an armoured plate , fit of both is easy and both look good when in position adding even more to the sculpt.

    Harbinger 052.jpg Harbinger 053.jpg
    ears 005.jpg ears 002.jpg ears 004.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  4. Nap Moderator

    Now then onto the Demon of Death .....


    The figure itself consist of the upper torso but no legs , it has been carefully sculpted to include the centre piece of the creature he rides , the clothing hanging raggedly over the edges , , the torn clothing and worn effects continue all over the figure , the left arm is sculpted at a right angle held up with the sleeve hanging frightfully down , on the shoulder area there is a locating piece for the armour .

    The fellow is again well sculpted wearing a hood this hanging with menace over the front of the head , this showing lovely folds all over ....what I particularly like is the fact that the sculptor has given us an option of leaving the face area empty ...even more atmosphere or you can add the front piece.

    The fit onto his steed is first class , no filler needed.

    Harbinger 008.jpg Harbinger 009.jpg Harbinger 010.jpg Harbinger 011.jpg Harbinger 012.jpg Harbinger 013.jpg Harbinger 014.jpg Harbinger 015.jpg

    The Skull

    An option to use this even in this scale, fearsome pointed teeth , with eyes that seem to be in mid air ...shuddering to look at le its scary , the surface is textured nicely ...its easy to fit to the back piece in the hood .

    Harbinger 028.jpg

    Right arm/Shoulder Armour

    The arm again is swathed in a long sleeve the bottom hanging open , the material is again in keeping with the figure , torn ,ragged and sinister , again casting is very good indeed , at the top of the arm we have a pointed armour on this there are tiny skulls at the corners.

    Harbinger 016.jpg Harbinger 017.jpg

    The shoulder armour for the right matches the cast one , fit is easy as expected.

    Harbinger 029.jpg Harbinger 030.jpg

    The Hands

    Both hold items associated with death , the right has the handle of the scythe the right the sand timer , the details on the timer is very good a design on the top , the lower hidden in the hands.

    The handle is made up with human bones ...well shaped and being gripped well by ....

    Hands that are not actually fully fleshed out ...but bone fingers are demonic like , holding the items , the tools of his trade , the fingernails are pointed tightly ...fit of both is simple to the sleeves .

    Harbinger 019.jpg Harbinger 020.jpg
    Harbinger 022.jpg Harbinger 021.jpg

    Harbinger 023.jpg Harbinger 025.jpg Harbinger 024.jpg Harbinger 027.jpg


    The main "tool of his calling" , swirling and cutting the life from his chosen victims ...wether its their time or not .....its a great shape , the handle is shaped , the surface has bone growths on it at the top leading onto the blade , this growth has more skulls included ...a fearsome item ..that no=one can escape from.

    Harbinger 032.jpg Harbinger 034.jpg Harbinger 033.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    This is a very good and a brave sculpt to do so all credit to Ju-Won, full of clever sculpting and thought in the way its built together , great casting , full of details and a wonderful display piece . Painting can be up to you ...blacks or even a devil red colour ..whatever you choose to do you will enjoy the QUALITY from Galapagos .

    If Fantasy is your thing this is for you even if its not then treat yourself to a challenge and try something new .


    You could also contact Ju Won by e mail galapa.jj@gmail.com

    or by going to the websitewww.galapagosminiatures.com


    Thanks for looking in and thanks to Galapagos for the review piece

    ...... also to Ju-Won for the very nice Korean Coffee ...3 cups doing this review ...LOL ..

    Happy modelling


  5. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys

    Lets now look at the amazing artwork from a painter who is so talented in this field ...the owner of Galapagos Ju-Won



    zzz.jpg zz.jpg zzzz.jpg
  6. FlyingDutchman Active Member

    Awesome review of a awesome figure.
    Now I have to spend money soon as this figure is right up my alley!
  7. polyphemus Well-Known Member

    Many thanks for the review Kev. I've had this on pre-order from El Greco since I first saw the boxart. One thought I've had is to investigate any way of representing mist around the lower part of the horse, in effect to cloak the fact it's a partial figure. Anybody got any ideas?

  8. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for comments , it's an incredible sculpt for sure ......

    Geoff ..a mist how about very fine cotton wool teased out ?....sure armour or aircraft modelkers might use something

    Happy modelling

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  9. franck edet A Fixture

    what a nice, impressive, perfect, "I want one" ... figure :)
    for the mist, in all my years passed in armour modelling, going from show to show in Europe and North America ... i've never seen any convincing smoke or mist being done.
    even the ones with systems from e-cigarettes doesn't quite do the trick, i don't say it's impossible to achieve, but i still need to see one :(
  10. FlyingDutchman Active Member

    Yes, like Nap said, cotton wool should work, but I liked to use that synthetic stuffing you can find in stiffed dolls.
    It has a more fine fiber than cotton wool.
    I'm a "ex" armour builder myself, well, still do a occasionally build, but I used it for smoke effects.
    Really nice with a LED light into it for that dramatic effect...

    But indeed, it is really hard to achieve a almost real effect :)
  11. Landrotten Highlander Well-Known Member

    This has been on my 'must-have' list since I saw it advertised here on PF. Your review has shifted it right to the top.
    Need to rob the bank for this one, and soon :cautious::whistle:......
    Thanks for the review Nap, has been a real help to me
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  12. swralph A Fixture

    Excellent review as always Nap:).
    Can't wait to paint this.
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  13. Red Five Well-Known Member

    El Greco is going to have a lot of posting to do for this one! So many good fantasy figures are suddenly appearing.

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  14. JasonB Moderator

    Can't wait for Red Lancers to get this one in stock.
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  15. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys

    Ralph, Andrew , Jason ....you won't be dissapointed for sure ....do share tge painting

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  16. chailey Active Member

    Could this be shadow box material perhaps? It might be easier to create a swamp or such like in a closed environment, lighting could be used to good effect but I really think cotton wool stuck to a wooden base would do this kit justice!
    Great work by the way...

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  17. TERRYSOMME1916 A Fixture

    Great review on a crazy brilliant figure, I dont do fantasy, I dont paint anything smaller than 1/10 busts but the hell with it (did I say that), I am getting this one.
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  18. polyphemus Well-Known Member

    Playing around with further ideas I thought that perhaps building up vegetation to the body of the horse and then painting any plants etc which have been touched by the horse as dead.
    I think I might just opt for the clear support rod.

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  19. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Kevin your so Supermarket .com

    Great review Mate.
    Thank you
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  20. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys

    Steve ....Shadow box and atmospheric lighting .....nice idea there

    Terry ...it's a big piece ...a heck of a lot of resin

    Geoff ...think we might see many versions of this and basework ..the 2 supports option are a good idea

    Keith ....you watch too much TV..LOL ...cheers for post mate

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