WIP Harald - Skull Breaker - Sago Miniatures / Raul Latorre 75mm

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by CondeJulian, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    Hey Guys,

    After a couple of months doing the Andrea Miniatures 90mm WW1 Stormtrooper as commission work (and delivered 5000 miles away) and getting a great prize at a local show for best WW1 figure (proud), I am going for some fantasy figure now, to set free some imagination and not be stuck to books and references for a while. Really need to paint something maybe pink with green dots ?!

    This is Sago's Miniatures 75mm Harald figure, sculpted by my grand master, Raul Garcia Latorre. I collect his sculpts, together with John Rosengrant's.

    The figure has excellent cast but has a major gap on the back cape, which I was able to fix doing some extensive sanding at the right places so it will at least touch the upper part on his back. After glued it will be a easy fix to eliminate the cape joint with some Greenstuff and minor sculpting of the curves. The original gap was over 03mm, for a small figure it's a lot.

    I will paint all skin tones first, to later on glue the cape in place, so the hard to reach areas will become accessible for more detailed painting.

    Otherwise all seems very nice. His face and hair is terrific, as always from Latorre.

    I will prime it now with Vallejo Black primer mixed with a few drops of the grey primer to get out of pure black, which warms up skin tones too much.

    As my latest works, will be posting here my progress,


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  2. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    Details after primer and minor gap filling on the hands to the arms :

    608BA4B5-5ECA-43FE-B166-ADCA77D9D84E.jpeg 71A757CF-931D-4A61-BE8B-28DAE62B641A.jpeg 31A3CD4F-D546-4FD6-801B-2D2D3C6D601A.jpeg AADAF26D-F1AC-440C-9973-B9CBDD0A8856.jpeg 2717F50C-754A-4B90-8031-FDA0FFB2CBAD.jpeg
  3. jumpugly Member

    Hi Julian. Yes it's a great sculpt! Will be an awesome project. ps: Congrats on your recent victory!
  4. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    Thanks buddy, the WW1 figure sure was a challenge. This one looks great, I will post more progress soon :)
  5. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    Just did the base flesh tone, which will reveive contrast after dry (highlights & shadows).

    This is Tamiya Flesh XF-15 with Abteilung 502 Oils on top.

    My bench light warms up the photo a bit, so consider that factor for these shots below :

    30B7DCCD-12D7-419D-9241-5354DE4640D7.jpeg EE166EAC-7239-48D9-86BD-6FEC1DD0C118.jpeg
  6. jumpugly Member

    I am going to love this thread! :)
    Thank you Julian
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  7. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    Added shadows and some bruised areas around his scars. Still thinking if I will make the scars bleeding or just a recent wound.
    Tonight will add highlights and lips / eyebrows...

    I am not a high contrast painter, I like a more natural look, so I am not far from the skin tone done.

    3F217725-2375-4C9C-8129-56FC159E8D8B.jpeg 4854440B-EAAB-4B55-AAF9-A21281FCB29E.jpeg
  8. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    Decided to make bloody wounds, and it turned out a very nice contrast.

    Used Abteilung 502 “Coagulated Blood” Oil Color mixed with the base flesh tone mix.

    Also added a few more highlights and shadows and random “warm” spots around the chest, cheeks and side of the nose.

    I am calling the skin done, now will wait for it to dry fully (and ease down the oil “sheen”), so I can start the hair and beard.

    F279D1D7-056C-4522-AB2E-EAFFA2F26F84.jpeg 015F3873-BE38-4948-A085-8238674F1CA3.jpeg
  9. jumpugly Member

    Love the wounds Julian! The effect is perfect. I'm feeling it! :)
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  10. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    Finished the right arm, as said first time making blood and I am happy with the results. Gory :)

  11. jumpugly Member

    Julian! This is AWESOME! Am a detecting any dry brushing?
  12. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    It has a sort of dry brushing / filter on the fabric strip that goes in his hand and wrist and the axe handle. None on the other areas...
  13. jumpugly Member

    OK Cool! Procedure noted and very helpful! Thank you! :)
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  14. samson Well-Known Member

    Great stuff thanks for taking the time to post this
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  15. CondeJulian Well-Known Member


    Thank you, it's a good learning input to share our work in progress here :)
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  16. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    Left arm done...

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  17. jumpugly Member

    Wow! Beautiful Work Julian!!!
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  18. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    Boots & Lower legs done :

  19. jumpugly Member

    Masterful Julian! Keep it up!!!! :D
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  20. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    Working on the medieval kilt...will be fun to paint the skulls :)

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