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Review Gurkha - "Khukri, spice and all things nice " from Legion Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Legion Miniatures have now reached over 100 busts that have been released by them by various sculptors and it was a surprise to see one that was available from halfway in their catalogue

    We first saw the piece when it was sculpted by a PF member Gaudin 2 years ago , he has left our forum to emigrate to Australia and pursue other things including I believe working with metal

    Here is his initial thread https://www.planetfigure.com/posts/796552/

    The original master


    As you can see it depicts a Gurkha with his feared weapon the kukri in WW2

    The reputation of these soldiers are legendary since being formed and it is a hard fought position to be allowed to join the regiments after intensive selection and training , the pride in serving is instantly seen not only by the soldier but the family as well

    Books are available here are a few well worth looking at


    Lets have some reference pics for you

    Some formation arm insignia

    HQ India Command, 48th and 63rd Brigade

    yyyy HQ Indai Command.jpg yyyy 48th Bde.jpg yyyy 63rd Bde.jpg

    y.jpg yy.jpg yyy.jpg
    yyyyyyyyyyyyyy.png yyyyyyyyyyyyy.jpg YYYYYYYYYYY.jpg YYYYYYYYYYYY.jpg

    The soldiers

    yyyy.jpg yyyyy.jpg yyyyy.png yyyyyy.jpg

    (the Rhino on the epaulettes is the 1st Armd Div which some were attached to)


    Continued in next post


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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets get to the box and whats inside

    Details of the release

    Title: Khukri, spice and all things nice (spelling as on box)

    Reference: LMBT055

    Scale: 1/10th

    No of pieces: 11

    Material: Dark Gray resin

    Sculptor: Dimitry Gaudin

    Casting: In house

    Box Art: Silver Dream Studio

    As is normal the parts were packed into the well produced laser cut box with a colour depiction on the lid and one of the sides on opening I found the parts were in clear bags and sandwiched between foam ...all safe and sound

    Legion Khurki 001.jpg Legion Khurki 002.jpg

    Parts consist of torso, head, right arm, helmet , backpack , 2 straps for backpack , a piece of the epaulette and 2 pouches ( webbing is the 37 pattern ) and of course the khukri blade

    Legion Khurki 003.jpg

    Initial thoughts

    • Having seen the latest legion releases which are of a very high standard and not wishing to be detrimental to any sculptor , this is a little less well done comparing to other releases .
    • Saying that the piece is a much welcome subject and very rarely seen
    • I would have liked another head option ......one with a slouch hat as well as a helmet
    • Texture on the uniform with nice folds and creases
    • Helmet has a direction arrow on inside to fit correctly
    • Torso remove excess resin and casting lines from underneath and general overall light sand
    • Rework left collar corned by sanding
    • Fit right arm after sanding casting lines off and removing excess resin posts
    • Sand underneath of pouches and fit
    • Back pack , remove casting post and then fit small strap ends ( careful removing the casting posts )
    • Fit small epaulette to right should
    • Fit head and helmet after removing excess resin
    • Fit kurki ( careful pinning )
    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Onto the resin


    Wearing a well worn open collared shirt the left arm being cut angled just above the elbow , wearing webbing ( 37 pattern )

    On the rear the bust is levelled to fit the backpack to with a locating hole for this , there is also one to fit the right arm to as well

    In my prep I mentioned a bit of rework on the left collar ...either by sanding or by putty

    I would say to define the edges of the webbing , and the formation badge and epaulettes as well

    The pockets are well shaped with the buttons and buckles looking the parts ...painting will no doubt bring out everything well

    On the boxart the badge is painted as formation is HQ India Command

    Legion Khurki 004.jpg Legion Khurki 007.jpg

    Legion Khurki 008.jpg Legion Khurki 009.jpg

    Legion Khurki 006.jpg Legion Khurki 005.jpg


    This is raised in keeping with the action pose and even away from the torso looks menacing , the sleeve is rolled up too above the elbow and not in a parade fashion which is good to see . lots of folds and creases

    Arms shaping is good with the hand gripping the weapon's handle , nice work on all the fingers , the handle has a locating hole with a design on the top , at the wrist a band , this was used for rank badges

    A good locating post to the torso with some filler needed once in place

    Legion Khurki 014.jpg Legion Khurki 015.jpg

    Legion Khurki 016.jpg Legion Khurki 017.jpg


    We all know faces are the most difficult to do and get right and this race is certainly not an easy one for sure , he sculptor has aimed for in his words " a battle crazed amok expression "...well he has certainly done that but not quite there for the subject choice

    ...I like the way the sculpt looks , mouth wide open showing teeth and tongue , eyes slightly shut and eybrows and forehead raised , nice work on the nose and the ears

    Around the face is the chin strap , very well done with good details on the buckle and the upper strap.

    Fit is easy to the neck area but a slither of putty will be needed where the neck joins

    Legion Khurki 010.jpg Legion Khurki 012.jpg

    Legion Khurki 013.jpg Legion Khurki 011.jpg


    These are good sculpted version the backpack is full and it looks like it the straps straining with the flap liftingup slightly , nice work on the buckle definition on the front and side straps

    A fitment post is on the back , I suggest pinning also , in place it looks good

    Legion Khurki 020.jpg Legion Khurki 023.jpg

    Legion Khurki 021.jpg Legion Khurki 022.jpg

    The pouches are angled on the undersides again both look full as you'd expect , nice definition on the push studs securing each pouch

    As with the backpack posts are provided but pinning would be suggested

    All three pieces have a texture on the surfaces

    Legion Khurki 024.jpg Legion Khurki 025.jpg


    A good shape to this despite being under a netting , this is really well done and I think a catual scaled net was used on the master

    On the underside we have a arrow added to ensure the helmet is fitted right (arrow pointing forward of course)

    Fit is good when in position onto the head with the cast liner

    Legion Khurki 018.jpg Legion Khurki 019.jpg

    Epaulette , straps, and kurki blade

    The straps are a good idea being separate , making casting easier no doubt , the epaulette is slight raised in keeping with the arm position ....of course if the carpet moster is around then they are simple enough to resculpt

    The blade is a very good shaping and well cast , the cutting edge has been thinned down well and looks sharp , a "blood" channel is in place with the notches at the handle end as well

    Fitting will be a a pin job for sure and despite the scale ..can be achieved using a fine drill...in place it will look very lethal!!!

    Legion Khurki 026.jpg

    Final thoughts

    A unusual subject which with a bit of rework and prep will produce a very distinctive display and afitting tribute to these brave soldiers

    I would have liked a headwear option with a slough hat as well but perhaps a conversion option for the modeller


    Legion are members here ( user ID Andrey ) [IMG] )

    ....so you can order direct from him here on PF or via the website which is:

    They also have a FB page:

    Thanks to Legion for the review item and to you all for looking in(y)

    Enjoy your hobby no matter what you have on the bench

  4. grasshopper A Fixture

    It’s got the strangest face in a long time..almost a rude charicature..nothing at all close to your reference images..
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  5. valiant A Fixture

    I would definitely replace the helmet with a slouch hat - although a reasonable shape, looks too small, IMO, almost a different scale.....(y)
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  6. grasshopper A Fixture

    Nap did a good review..the piece maybe misses..
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  7. Chris Oldfield A Fixture

    Thanks for another great review Kev, & for showing the detailed breakdown of the parts & assembly sequence.

    I have noted the concerns raised above re. the face etc. The area which really jumps out at me though is the pack strap system - there’s an extra set of shoulder straps which don’t need to be there. The L-straps of the small pack & the brass hooks which connect them to the buckles on the basic pouches are there, but all that really needed to be added was the horizontal strap from the side of the hook to the underside of the pack. The extra set of straps added by the sculptor are unnecessary, & to remove them would involve some major surgery.

    Guess I’ll just have to paint him as is, but nevertheless it’ll still be enjoyable because you don’t see that many Gurkha figures.
    How about one of a Gurkha during the Malayan Emergency with 44 Pattern webbing? That would be really cool!
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  8. valiant A Fixture

    It does amaze me that even with the wealth of research material available, that there are still these sorts of basic errors being made on figures and busts. Inevitably, and I speak from experience, there are certain details that can be virtually impossible to find references for, and involve a bit of "artistic license", but things like '38 webbing and its intricacies, British helmet shape, rifle slings and facial and body anatomy are pretty basic. Even without internet access, there are plenty of books out there on the subjects.

    Just my two penn'th(y)
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  9. kevininpdx Active Member

    I think it’s fantastic. That face! To me it’s a close enough approximation to the guy on the right. Beggars can’t be choosers and we figure painters are the beggars. I imagine a time in the future where no company would take the risk of releasing anything like this. Hopefully many years away. To me it’s an obscure subject.
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  10. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Thank you for the comments all very valid comments

    It's a different subject

    Happy benchtime

  11. nig-g Active Member

    It’s such a pity that this figure has so many glaring mistakes with the ‘38 webbing as there are not too many British or Commonwealth WW2 busts on the market (not counting paratroopers). I might buy it just because it’s different and I want to support any manufacturer who produces busts that fill this obvious hole in the market (might even be tempted to remodel the backpack straps...let’s see how brave I feel).
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  12. NeilW A Fixture

    Who's the same as the bloke second right... ie the same photo reversed.

    I can't comment on the webbing (and the rather Victor style cartoonish face just about gets away with it) but it's amazing how often this happens and can mislead.

    Looking at the pic I assume that the 1st Armoured Div epaulette badge was only worn on one side: I assume the right?
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  13. Richie A Fixture

    I have always had great admiration for the Gurkha's and Chindits, phenomenal warriors in harsh unforgiving terrains. In fact when I parted with all my WW2 figures some years ago I kept my Gurkha and Chindit figures.

    Personally I really like the face, optimises the Gurkha soldier. Look at the guy on the far right.
    gurkha face.jpg

    The drapery is lovely.

    There is probably a reason only 2 two busts have been done depicting Gurkha's (that I can recall) - getting the face right. I think this one along with Ken's are very good representations.

    To me it looks like a Gurkha in action and I like it.

    Kev, I'm perplexed over this, you liking the posts with the perceived equipment errors as it was you who provided the research information on the initial project. Providing research information also includes providing dimensions so was your research information incorrect on the sizes and style of webbing and helmet!

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  14. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Perplexed Richie

    Agree ref the face , but a shame only 2 busts have been produced that I know of , this and one from Ken Farrar , which was a officer

    As regards my references I sent pictures of items used but no measurements ...so as I didn't include them I will hold my hand up ! ...saying that it great to see Nigeks work on this ......it's certainly making full use of the original

    Following this with interest


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