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Review Guerrilla Child in Peninsular War from RP Models

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Dec 31, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Thought I would finish 2020 on a high note and share my look at a release from the team at RP Models
    Hugo Pereira announced it here :https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/1-12-guerrilha-child-in-peninsular-war.287662/

    And treated us to a video production

    In the main link there is a video from the man himself with the background and thinking behind the release

    The release is of course this

    RP first.png

    Artwork by RICARDO PISA

    Depicting a young child involved in the fighting in the Spanish Peninsular war , no more than about 12 years if that , armed but still he carry's a childhood toy horse .....clinging on to happier times in his mind occasionally he still plays on it smiling and reliving his growing up ...perhaps as a result of the enemy he has grown up too fast

    We all know there are many instances of children being involved in conflicts both in the past and more modern conflicts ...often giving it all and leaving grieving parents and friends

    The piece was inspired by Hugo's son and as such I dedicate this review to him and all children everywhere

    Details of the release:

    Title: Guerilla Child in Peninsular War ( Napoleonic Series )

    Reference: RP-B-3-003

    Scale: 1/12th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts: 17 plus information insert

    Sculptor: 3D

    Casting : YS Castings ( Yiannis )

    Box Art: N/A

    Note: Limited run of 150 units worldwide , UK stockists include SK Miniatures and EL GRECO Miniatures

    As always packing is all done in house and the resin is well protected in bags and bubblewrap

    In a strong cardboard box with a push over wrapping which shows a unpainted version of the piece

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 001.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 002.jpg

    Inside a informative insert

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 003.jpg

    Parts consist of Upper torso , lower torso , 2 arms , head, hat, 2 hands one with a cartridge and the other with a weapon , dagger handle and part of a pistol ,a bugle, belt with pouch, 1 larger bag, water/wine container, bag of fruit, a blanket wrapped around a hobby horse , lower part of hobby horse

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 004.jpg


    Upper Torso..Slight sanding on lower edge of haversack
    Lower Torso..Sanding on underneath , decide on basing options ie ..drill hole for brass rod
    Arms...Very fine casting line to sand away and remove small elbow post
    Head..Remove excess resin from top and fit
    Hat..Sanding around edges and fit
    Hands ...On weapon, flashing and a casting line to sand , other hand sand small casting line and fit
    Pistol/Dagger...Remove flashing and tiny posts and fit
    Bugle.... Sand off casting plug and fi
    Belt and pouch....Clean up on edges and fit into place
    Large Bag .....As with pouch
    Water/Wine container and Bag of fruit...Remove small plugs and fit
    Blanket/hobby horse...sand away fine casting lines
    Wheels of hobby horse....Sand away the casting line and fit into place

    General Comments
    • Overall casting is really very good indeed
    • Resin has no air holes and is high quality
    • Dry fitting of all parts revealed that minimal filler will be needed ..if any
    Some references for you

    aaaa.jpg aaaaa.jpg

    Typical Spanish hunting knife


    Weapon similar to one in review

    IMG_5589.jpg IMG_5591.jpg

    A slightly later hobby horse

    a.jpg aa.jpg aaa.jpg

    a.jpg aa.jpg

    Couple of books to have a look at

    RP.jpg RP a.jpg aaaaa.jpg aaa.jpg

    aaaa.jpg aaaaaa.jpg

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets look at the resin

    The Upper Torso

    These are the largest of the resin parts and they fit together smoothly and with a minimal amount of filler needed ..if any

    There is IMO the option due to clever consideration in the casting to leave off the lower torso ( upper part of thighs ) but most will want to keep both I would expect

    RP have continued to use YS casting and the quality shows through again we have a fine textured weave on the coat , a typical Spanish clothing is worn with a sash at the waist , this is worked with good folds and open at the top to take the knife handle and the pistol piece , needless to say fit is spot on

    Straps of varying sizes and styles run over the body , including cord and a pouchbelt ...this and the others are again textured

    Underneath the coat is a waistcoat and with a pattern sculpted in , nice work on the edges of this article ....a fancy piece of cloth ...I wonder whose this was before the current owner...perhaps a french official ??

    The edging of the main coat is sharply worked , with good button definition all over , around the collar again a pattern is in place ...nice detail

    At the neck a crucifix is worn with the figure details easily seen , to the right of this ...a medal ...legion d'honneur , looks good.... above a small ribbon ...personally I will enlarge this ...it appears of subject like "bling" ....we wonder what became of the poor victim that decided to donate this !!!

    On his right side a large haversack full with various needed items ...or perhaps more "bling" ??...the surfaces are textured with the straps showing nice stitching work and a repair patch of material of a different type

    The buckle work on the cross belt is good , again textures are all there

    The cord shaping is sharply done with the water/wine container being a more shaped , nice detail again there

    CLICK ON IMAGES for larger view if needed

    There are accurate cutouts to fit the various items into place ...minimum filler is needed

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 011.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 005.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 006.jpg

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 010.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 009.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 007.jpg

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 012.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 013.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 014.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 015.jpg

    Lower Torso

    This part is the upper thighs , cutting straight across just below the crotch

    Again the RP keyword of TEXTURES shows well , the left thigh is positioned slightly forward

    In the front the button up flap is evident with nicely worked buttons , lovely clean and natural folds where needed

    Peeking out from wht will be the sah and sculpted in place on the lower totso is the pistol end ..nice idea

    On the top a locating post and at side and rear cutouts

    Fit to upper body is accurate and yet again minimal filler is required

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 016.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 018.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 017.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 019.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Now to some more resin


    These are angled according to the action of the piece the right raised towards the head , the left angled slightly down towards the body more

    The cuffs display 3 well rounded buttons and of course testures continued on the material

    Both cuffs are hollowed out ready to take the hands with ease

    Fit to the torso is by the usual posts and matching cutouts , dry fitting showed no need for the filler on both arms

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 022.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 027.jpg

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 026.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 028.jpg


    Both hands are well sculpted and cast with fingers having a good shaping and of course nails , the veins are slightly showing ...straining with the pressure of gripping both the paper cartridge in the right hand and the weapon in the left

    The cartridge is held between the fingers tightly the lower part shows the musket ball inside well , the top has been bitten off and is torn ...his next action will be to pull back the working partsand prime his weapon with powder in the pan

    The left holds the weapons a smaller piece , more a hunting weapon , the end splayed opened similar to a naval blunderbus or coaching weapons ...ideal for a young warrior but deadly still

    The weapon itself is nicely detailed the stock is engraved just behind the mechanism ...aiding the grip , the weapon butt style is good with the muzzle end being cast with a chamber , some might still wish to drill a litle more .

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 039.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 040.jpg

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 032.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 034.jpg
    RP guerilla child 1.12th 033.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 036.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 035.jpg


    This was going to be the make or break for this bust and I am happy to say this has made it , the face is very well done , with nice facial details , the right eye closed as he has I am sure this second just tasted the powder after biting the top off the cartridge , his teeth are exposed , gripping together , the left eye is open and easily accessible for painting

    The ears are well formed on both sides and the same size , hair textures and shaping is good , the hair is held underneath a head covering , knotted on left and sitting well onto torso when in position

    On top a cutout for the headwear to fit

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 025.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 020.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 023.jpg

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 021.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 024.jpg

    The hat is woven and again textures are there , this could be painted as straw or a material , the left side is held up to the crown with a nicely done rosette

    Fit again no issue the post matching the head cutout on top

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 030.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 029.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 031.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  4. Nap A Fixture

    The finals pieces of resin


    Both of these are designed to fit behind the sash and both do so with ease , the pistol end is already cast onto the lower part of the torso

    Really good details on the pistol mechanism and he knife handle is shaped , perhaps a bone handle as well as wood ...matters not as again there are textures

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 037.jpg


    Perhaps our child was in a town band or perhaps he "obtained" this instrument by other means ....now he uses it as signal method or perhaps just for music around the campfires

    Shaping is very good , again the casting relates to this well , both the mouth piece and the music end ( guess who isn't very musical ...lol ) are well sculpted , there are 2 corded edns that link up with the similar cord on the torso itself

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 044.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 045.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 046.jpg

    Large bag/ Pouchbelt

    The larger bag is oblong in shaping , stitching is at the edges , with the actual flap held securely down by a strap , with buckle details there , fit to the torso is easy with the post on the rear , minimum filler needed

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 041.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 042.jpg

    The pouchbelt is a item borrowed from a cavalryman , the belt is textured with fitment to the torso being very neatly worked out , good shaping on the actual pouch , , there is a badge on the pouch , looking at it under my optivisor looks like a hunting horn with the top of a flaming grenade ....perhaps a collector of badges as well as medals

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 047.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 048.jpg

    Wine/Water container and fruit bag

    Held in a net the sections open with the surface of the container , nice touch is a horse design at the top , under this a design runs around the container , underneath the net is tied in a knot with hanging pieces creating a tassel

    The fruit is held in a net again , this young lad has been apple collecting , nice definition on the netting and there are leaves sculpted there as well

    You could paint as oranges as well ....well there are them in Spain ...lol

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 043.jpg

    Hobby Horse parts

    This relic of his childhood is wrapped carefully in a textured blanket with a striped design cast on , held together by a cord running top and bottom

    The horses head is at the top , good version , something you can have fun putting weathering and wood effects on

    On the lower edge the location point for the post with the small wheels .. again surface texture ...I would suggest pinning this

    RP guerilla child 1.12th 049.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 050.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 051.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 052.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 053.jpg RP guerilla child 1.12th 054.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    This has been a pleasure to look at , a lot of highly detailed parts , textures everywhere and a release with real meaning , and with minimal prep as well , this has moved right up my line of pieces for 2021 to the bench .

    Plan your paint on this and you will without doubt be rewarded with many hours of fun and a fine display piece

    This does say from the "Napoleonic series" ...look forward to seeing whats next


    RP would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all PF members and so many others on their valuable input (y)(y)

    Thanks to RP for the review piece


    For more details contact:


    Facebook: www.facebook.com/RPmodels

    E mail: hpereira@rpmodels.pt

    or you can contact Hugo via this site

    Finally please enjoy the wonderful artwork of RICARDO PISA

    IMG_5548.jpg IMG_5551.jpg IMG_5550.jpg IMG_5549.jpg IMG_5547.jpg IMG_5546.jpg
    IMG_5554.jpg IMG_5552.jpg


    Thank you for looking in

    Happy benchtime

    Stay safe always

  5. grasshopper A Fixture

    I have the pice and it’s as described..the face based on Hugo’s boy as Hugo imagines he might be somewhat older than he now is...the whole things is rather fanciful, and works as that..the coincidence of horn, medal etc is far too great to have much probability of occurrence, frankly even the weight of weapon might be too much for holding as depicted: but it’s a fancied idea and I do like it..if one were doing an actual guerilla, would probably be much the worse for grime, torn and worn, less well fed...this isn’t that. If you want more realistic, stick to Goya maybe
  6. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Kevin

    Thank you so much for the review... This is VERY SPECIAL to me... Im very happy because their success... Very happy...

    Thank you so much...
    Big hug
  7. Kilgore Active Member

    About to start it :) Thank you very much for the review. Hope to pay honor to the modelers with my job
  8. Nap A Fixture


    Look forward to seeing this do hope you will share as a SBS in V Bench

    Happy benchtime


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