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Completed Guardsman Sergeant Major 1890

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by offo, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. offo A Fixture

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  2. MCPWilk A Fixture

    More of a Fusilier or Cavalry bearskin and there is no crease down the front of the trousers. Nice face and whiskers though!

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  3. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Offo, nice work. I don't like to comment on others sculpting so I hope you do not mind as I only wish them constructive.
    The trousers appear tight in some of the images especially around the lower leg.
    I have worn the same type of ceremonial trousers and as pointed by Mike they are very crisp and are not shaped to the leg. They taper slightly but generally they hang very naturally straight down really only creasing at the knee if bent. They are tailored and so don't gather over the boot, at most if they do by 1 tuck or crease only. I think he would also be wearing parade boots if in ceremonials, the skirt of the tunic is a little short, the belt is a bit too wide so if reduced, (thinned) would lengthen the skirt appearance.
    I hope you do not mind me mentioning and please take it constructive to make accurate your great work, it is the nature of ceremonial pieces as they follow dress regulations strictly.
    Best wishes and thanks
  4. Nap A Fixture


    Nice subject but those trousers do not look right ...too scruffy very unparade style IMO, the bearskin is definately too small in height .

    Going to have a look at my references about the rank badge as well

    Can you share your references you are working from especially the sword hilt as well

    Looking forward to more from you on this

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  5. offo A Fixture

    OK, thank you for your constructive comments. I'll think about it.
    He worked on the basis of multiple images. And I want to remind you that this is not a current Guardsman.
    The height of caps is very different in the various figures. Also width of the caps.
    Shoes at the end of the 19th century did not have a shape like now.
    Length of the coat is also very different according to the different pictures.
    I attach photos and images.

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  6. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Offo, hope no offence taken. I agree shoes had less shape but I think they were still boots.
    This image you attached does show the bearskin with more volume and on all the photographs, drawings cannot really be relied upon as they can be more an artists impression.
    The uniform has hardly changed to this present day and the trousers, although possibly slightly narrower still carried a parade and tailored look, I think the paintings do not show this properly.
    One other thing is the buttons would be central to the belt buckle, very important as this is a high ranking guardsman and all guards pride themselves in smartness. As said it is one of those things that cannot be got away with when doing ceremonial dress, the sash is also worsted and would lay flat and doesn't crease as silk sashes do, it should be wider than the belt.
    Anyway, best wishes and only offering a helping hand
    Gra image.jpg
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  7. offo A Fixture

    I agree belt is wide. See also the pants and other details. I'll fix it. Thank you for your observation.:)
  8. offo A Fixture

    I made adjustments as you recommend.
    Higher cap,
    narrower belt,
    wider sash
    a long coat,
    And I made a very substantial new buttons.
    Now, are OK.
    Especialy want to thank Keit.
    I was chaos in the number buttons.
    I thought for that is related to the rank.
    Number of buttons determines Ireland, Walles, Scots Guards, Grenadier, and so on.
    Therefore, on the front of the eight buttons for switching. On the sleeves and on the back of the coat are 4 buttons.
    It is Grenadier Gaurd.
    Once again thank you for the constructive comments.

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  9. Wings5797 A Fixture

    I am pleased that I was able to help you with this great figure.
    Good work my friend.
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  10. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Offo, much improved :)
    Best wishes
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  11. Funky50 Guest

    Nice Figure Offo.....My Dad an ex Sergeant in the Grenadier Guards after Suggesting I might like to try standing up straight likened my 16 year old posture to that of a Vulture about to take a dump (only he didn't say dump) Happy Days. LOL.....Kevin
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  12. Nap A Fixture


    That is better real nice work on the rank badge .....and the medals .

    Great whiskers on his face ...looks the part

    Thanks for sharing

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  13. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Great piece, before finish 2 points.
    Collar must be closed and shoulder of tunic is always padded inside, no shoulder drop.
    I will send a sketch.
    I am sorry to pick things as you are a superb sculptor, it is the little things though that make a great figure superb :)
    Best wishes
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  14. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Looking better. Your reference photograph is very useful (I'm currently sculpting a GG Sergeant in 200mm). The bearskin is rounder at the top than the bottom. Note that there is piping down the side of the trousers for guardsmen and SNCOs compared with the broad stripe for commissioned officers. Although the uniform has changed a little over the years, Grenadier Guards have always been tall and broad, and there are still uniforms and bearskins being worn that are older than the guardsmen, if not their fathers!

    Interestingly the only full dress uniforms still routinely worn in the British Army apart from the Household Brigade are bandsmen.

    Good luck,

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  15. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I am glad you said British Army lol, although it holds true for us RM, but relatively recent. A littke known fact is all general duties RM did wear the Royal Marines ceremonial tunic when drafted on the Royal Yacht, and did right up until she was layed alongside at Leith
  16. MCPWilk A Fixture

    RM dress uniform is interesting. The facing colour should be worn on collar and cuffs but is now only worn on the collar for the band. Dress uniform for the rifle companies has blue collar and cuffs (Royal regiments had blue facing colour if red tunics worn, red if blue tunics worn). Of course the RM were the RMLI until the 1920's at which point the scarlet tunics gave way to blue........

    Best wishes,

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  17. martin tabony Well-Known Member

    Just as a matter of interest the only change to the uniform was in 1902 when the height of the collar was increased. The frase the foot guards use to descibe the perfect skin is "Apple in front and a pear behind".
    Septem Juncta In Uno.

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  18. Edward A Fixture

    Liking the sculpt so far + interesting comments about the uniform.. What scale is the figure?
  19. martin tabony Well-Known Member

    I thought you might like a rear view of tunics and "skins". Although these are Scots Guards so the buttons are in threes.

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  20. offo A Fixture

    Apology is it 120 mm.
    Yes, an interesting discussion on the uniform.
    Englishmen know it well. We others need the help of experts stay updated.
    I had chaos in uniform.
    It moved me a message I received from Keith.
    I hope that will not be angry when I put it here to help others and for orientation. This is particularly the number buttons.


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