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Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Jim Patrick, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Here is my most recent attempt at groundwork. It's for the Polish Lancer. I still need to drybrush the static grass, a pin wash and some drybrushing on the dirt areas and a wash and drybrush on the wood part of the stump. I'm also going to add some photoetch leaves on the stump too. As far as the water....I think it sucks! I have a long ways to go when it comes to water. At first I tried to paint with humbrols and drybrush the groundwork but it ended up looking like crap so I broke out handy dandy Mr. Airbrush and went to town. All the colors you see here are Vallejo thinned out for airbrushing. The grass is straight from John at military Miniatures Wharehouse. Here's the link:
    Here's a link on how to use it:
    It's called Real Grass. In any case, comments and suggestions for me to improve are more than welcome.

    Jim Patrick




  2. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Jim!

    I think it looks fabulos. I especially like the water, don't know what you don't like about it. Just add that frog we were talking about and you will be in business!
  3. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Thanks again for the idea Anders and thanks for the comments.

    Take care,
    Jim patrick
  4. LCoote New Member

    That's superb Jim, not sure what you don't like about the water, it looks damn good to me, what did you use?
  5. Johan Well-Known Member

    ... Nah... it's OK! (y)

    As for frogs :lol: and water animals, remember to choose European species to go with a Polish Lancer in napoleonic times Europe.

    .... :lol: Hey, how about a duck flying up out of that water - I suggest Mallard or Pintail duck. If you want illustrations, just let me know.
  6. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Very nice my friend! Well done...now, how did you get the effect with the water..? ;) It looks awesome!
    Hope all is well

  7. Roc Active Member

    Jim you did a great job on the ground work, I like it.

    Keep up the good work.

    Roc. :)
  8. y_wong New Member

    Dear Jim, a wonderful ground work. If I may suggest, maybe you would like to add some color variation to the earthwork so as to further enhance your groundwork.

    regards :)
  9. Jason W. Active Member

    Great job on the ground work Jim!
  10. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Thanks to all of you. The water......it just looks like it's misisng something. Maybe Ander's idea of the frog will help. Johan, I'll be sure to make the correct frog. We wouldn't want a N. American frog over in Europe now would we? :lol: Here is what I used for water. It's real easy. Pour it out in a small mixing cup (the kind that comes in with your kids cough medicine works perfect!) then pour it where you want the water. I rotated the base back and forth to get it in all the nooks and crannies then put it aside. That's it. It's self leveling. They (Woodland Scenics) also have a bottle of water effects. A little thicker and can be used to make disturbed water flowing around rocks ( :eek: maybe that with the frog is what I need). Here is a link to a review of both products:
    One note. Be careful when you rotate the base back and forth. Mine "overfloweth" from the edge! :lol: That's why the masking tape had to be removed and my then waterfall had to be fixed!

    Thanks again,
    Jim Patrick

    Darn, I'm always forgetting these pictures. Here it is:

  11. Johan Well-Known Member


    Hahahaha! :lol: Well as a matter of fact Jim, I believe we already do have those American Bullfrogs and also voracious water Turtles here and there (escaped pets).

    Seriously, thanks for sharing your method on making water in miniature (y) - I have a mountain man on the list of things to do and I'd love to put him near some water.

    ... And as for waterfowl , I'll make sure to put an all American Canvasback duck in that water... ;)
  12. vince wai Active Member


    the groundwork really looks cool! My fingers are itching to try it :))) Thanks for sharing.


  13. slaj Well-Known Member

    Jim great job on that grounwork.Well done :lol:

    Stephen Mallia
  14. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member


    Looks really nice. I am in the process of starting a new figure and I need some water, so this just may be the answer. One question, can you make the water deeper?

  15. Larry R New Member

    Jim, i think it looks great, all of it. What do you mean when you say a "pin wash"?
  16. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Thanks once again to all (begining to sound like a broken record huh?).
    Joe, yes you can make it deeper. You need to work in layers though. The directiond say to put in about 1/8" at a time. Let this cure (about 24 hours I think) then put your next layer on.
    Larry, :lol: that question was aked as well and a "pin wash" is a hold over from my armor building days. How about a "spot wash" ? I find that an area wash takes away from the color I worked so hard to get. So a "spot wash" here and there generally gives me what I'm looking for? Does that explain it a little better now? Sorry for the confusion.

    Thanks again,
    Jim Patrick
  17. Larry R New Member

    Thanks Jim, now I know exactly what you mean thanks. Can't wait to see the completed work!

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