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Completed Critique Grossdeutschland Div NCO.

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by mil-mart, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. mil-mart A Fixture

    Here's my latest Bust . He's a WW11 German , many thanks to Chris Oldfield for identifying him as belonging to the Grossdeutschland Div and that he's an NCO decorated with the gold cross.
    I'd appreciate any help in identifying this officer and giving him a name.
    Many thanks for looking and I welcome all your comments and critique.

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  2. pmfs A Fixture

    Hi Ken,

    wise choise Ken, I am very happy to see you sculpt a NCO from GD division(y).
    GD is my favourit Heer division of WWII:)
    Like always, I´m gonna follow your talented work very close;):D
    Nice Head(y)It looks twin of guy from photo.
    Try to take another pictures with less light.
    This is the extensive list of Golden Cross of GD Division:
    HERE I´m trying to discover his identity:)

    I found THIS picture, is from 1943 and like the archive shows, being truly, reduce our list to only 5 sergeants which are:
    -Ernest Busch; Nov16, 1943 - 6th Füsilier Regiment
    -Wilhelm Hamader;Aug 25, 1943 - 4th Füsilier Regiment
    -Herbert Dost;Oct29, 1943 - ? Füsilier Regiment
    -Heinz Pilk.Set20, 1943 - 14th Füsilier Regiment
    -Ernst Bärwald.Aug28, 1943 - 9th Grenadier Regiment
    The search will Be continued...:)
  3. housecarl A Fixture

    Having seen this, it is a cracking likeness. But the mystery guest IS?
  4. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Looking good so far Ken, will watch with interest.

    Cheers David
  5. mil-mart A Fixture

    Pedro many thanks for the link and great work to narrow it down to four. Here's another pic in colour with less light, I'll post hopefully some better WIP pics tomorow . Many thanks for your help and comments.(y)

    Carl, Cheers matey.

    David , thanks for the comment much appreciated.

    Cheers Ken

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  6. rheath Active Member

    Very good head here and the photo is an excellent example, just some points, what is the gold cross ?, I see in the photo he is wearing the Nazi Party badge as a member on his lower right side. The only other decorations would be iron cross 1st & 2nd class, Knights cross basic and accoutrements and the normal wound badges or riflemans/infantry award.(y)
  7. Chris Oldfield A Fixture

    It's the German Cross in Gold (on his right breast pocket) & was regarded as a near miss for a Knight's Cross. I checked the photo out on the Bundesarchiv site for Ken, & although they have a large number of personality photos from the Grossdeutschland Div, this chap was unidentified.
    Pedro may turn him up though, if he's managed to narrow it down to 4 names. Good luck, Pedro!
    Ken, thanks for the credit - much obliged to you.
  8. amcairns A Fixture

    He,s coming along nicely,but maybe you should,nt use a flash in your photography as the definition is lost.Look forward to his progression.
  9. Einion Well-Known Member

    This looks pretty good Ken - basic face structure and likeness seem very well done - but darker photos would help us see the forms better; at least one stop down I'd say. I have some comments on how you approach the eyes but I'll wait until I can see 'em properly as they may not apply!

  10. pmfs A Fixture


    one more:

    -Ernst Bärwald.
    Very difficult...Look the Gold Cross is a little faded in the swastika, probaly is one of this two:
    Wilhem Hamader or Ernst Bärwald????
  11. rheath Active Member

    Thanks Chris, you are of course right, we learn every day eh! So from what I am understanding this was a bravery medal ? confusing thing is that it is bang on for the original party member clasp but in different colour format. I'm sure if as a German soldier you were caught in battle wearing a NP badge it would be tickets. I will look into these awards more closely - thanks for the heads up(y).
  12. 1969 A Fixture

    Ken this looks like you are off to a good start mate and it will be very interesting to learn who he actually is.

  13. Barke02 Active Member

    'Allo Ken,

    This looks really superb!

    I've got a copy of 'God, Honour, Fatherland', I'll trawl through it and see if this fella pops up.

  14. ubbi Active Member

    WOW !! very beautiful Ken , superb face !!


  15. mil-mart A Fixture

    Rob, thanks for your comments and as I'm not in any way an expert on WW2 medals and awards , I'm thankful to Chris for stepping in and answering your question . Also if you look on Pedro's link, he shows 145 holders of the Gold Cross in the GD Div.

    Chris ,thanks for the help and explanation. (y)

    Andy, many thanks and looks like I'll have to invest in a new camera as it's always a hit and miss affair when taking pics :( .

    Einion, hopefully this next set of pics will answer the question of the eyes.

    Pedro. Many many thanks for narrowing it down to just 2 possibles.(y):)

    Rob, Good point about the NP badges, interesting.
  16. mil-mart A Fixture

    Steve, thanks mate and there's no one more interested than me.:D He has such an interesting face, and it would be a shame not to put a name to a face.

    Jon. cheers mate and thanks for searching, Pedro has come up with 2 names Ernst Barwald or Wilhem Hamader. Hope you find him.

    Stefan, many thanks.

    Cheers Ken
  17. pmfs A Fixture

    "Pedro. Many many thanks for narrowing it down to just 2 possibles.(y):)"

    Hi Ken,

    its my pleasure to help:)
    I found another Oberfeldwebel of GD his name was not on the list.
    See the Gold cross is new in this Sargent unlike the other that is worn, the two guys that I mention won the award in Summer of 1943 and the picture of the Sulpt Sargent is from 1944. Maybe my perception:).
  18. mil-mart A Fixture

    Pedro , thanks for the pic , first impression says it's not him , however will have to look again more closely. Hey but that would make a nice sculpt.;)
    Cheers Ken
  19. mil-mart A Fixture

    Latest Pics

    More progress pics, a little better than the first pics I hope.
    Many thanks for looking.
    Cheers Ken

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  20. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Wow, Ken thanks for the new photos. The flash really blew out the face
    detail, the features. . . ah, at least on my 'pooter screen.

    To borrow a line from "West Side Story" I was feeling depraved because of
    being deprived. . . . of what your sculpted head really looked like.

    Looking really good. I really like the facial features on this one. I would
    suggest Adobe Photoshop so you can darken the images and minimize the
    effects of a flash when the camera lens is close by. . . but alas, Photoshop
    is sooooooooooooo expensive. . . .

    Clammer, clammer, clammer, I am clammering to see more. . .


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