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WIP Grenadiers at Kharkov

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by -=König=-, May 12, 2022.

  1. -=König=- Active Member

    Hello everyone planetfigure
    I'm starting my new little WW2 themed project. Figure set from Alpine Miniatures kit 35237 1/35
    Comments and criticism will do me good ;)
    0JHRwAHpk45rC9TQS6ll4iU2eZyVUIZ8uiYdMW_5h_DOM4TCtOIvzQigtzfZ7IJvf5IbnMY65lHd8S5A61ZFv92I.jpg QyX7QiM3iBdLfG8dxTXf7wNmfFnHj-jUxMJvSgQxMPhjnBC2ehtZxAhISvTmgksJzODzEeZ0Dax97X25Xy8VRf6j.jpg J4YA91kizon2GL_M_pa8cbgPcLforpFjpMzxGoF6mUlW4II0jzclw0d_WRONdqtpnX9nk_uwPSVXHvUy6sg71QLf.jpg
  2. Ferris A Fixture

    Nice start
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  3. Warren SMITH A Fixture

    Great work on the scarf, and the colour will stand out against the green of the parka.. (y)
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  4. -=König=- Active Member

    Many thanks Ferris And Warren Smith.
    Yes, with a scarf he is a good target for a sniper :rolleyes:
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  5. -=König=- Active Member

    Today was the time to sit over the miniature.

  6. Nap Moderator

    Hi Peter

    Nice to see you working on this ,liking the leatherwork on pouches

    Hard to believe the scale thought it was 1/16th ! ....benchtime well spent

    Look forward to seeing more

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  7. -=König=- Active Member

    Hello Kevin
    Many thanks. Paint whenever possible;)
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  8. Steve Brodie PlanetFigure Supporter

    coming along nicely
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  9. -=König=- Active Member

    Thanks Steve.
  10. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    You are pegging it spot on, keep rollin.
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  11. -=König=- Active Member

    Thank you Steve.
  12. -=König=- Active Member

    The first one is ready!

    P.S. Left a flask story on a dry bag, and 100% it is ready :whistle:

    цц2.jpg цц3.jpg
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  13. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    He looks like a young pup, great job!
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  14. -=König=- Active Member

    Many thanks Steve.
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  15. Nap Moderator


    Agree there ...like us eh Steve ...lol

    Lovely result on the figure , do like the highlights

    Look forward to seeing the next one ......wonder how many are planned ?

    Happy benchtime

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  16. -=König=- Active Member

    Hello Kevin

    Thank you ;) I plan two figures as they are in the set.
    I would like to finish faster. Since new miniatures have come and my hands are itching for them just horror :) I will try not to give slack when painting these figures. So that the picture itself does not fall.
    While a little bit began to prepare the stand. He painted and covered with a stain with varnish.
    imgonline-com-ua-Resize-cq79q4ieSZeXoP0.jpg уу3.jpg
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  17. -=König=- Active Member

    Designed a stand. He made blanks of grass bunches.
    imgonline-com-ua-Resize-a5jxQ0LxzeZpW.jpg imgonline-com-ua-Resize-gLpx7m2oDd9.jpg imgonline-com-ua-Resize-ZnuM25d4X4imHb8.jpg imgonline-com-ua-Resize-PgOIvdF2of7Z.jpg
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  18. -=König=- Active Member

    Without wasting time, he began to paint the second fighter in vain.

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  19. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    Well, tell "him" he's doing a fine job! 2nd figure start-up is looking great!
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  20. -=König=- Active Member

    Thank Steve
    Here, compared to the previous figure, I really spent more time, as much as 4 hours for painting the face.
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