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Greetings from germany

Discussion in 'Welcome aboard' started by FlaBtl (Sfl) 606, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. FlaBtl (Sfl) 606 Member

    Hello mates!

    Im the new guy from germany. Located in Nürnberg (city of the famous MAN Tankfactory).
    The main hobby is 1:16 RC tanking but you there you need some nice figures ^^ so there is the main interest in 1:16 / 1200mm figures (especially german DAK ones).

    My main goal is to gain some skills in modifying figures to make them suitable and unique for the tanks and also for any kind of guns etc.
    Second goal is to get some skill in painting the figures (im very very bad :whistle:)

    I hope I could introduce my self a bit to you guys and have a good time!
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  2. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi there

    A BIG WELCOME to PF good to have you here with us

    Sounds good what your interests are especially where you live

    Do ask anything some one will be only too happy to help

    Any questions feel free to message me

    Look forward to seeing your posts


    Intrigued about your user name ?
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  3. FlaBtl (Sfl) 606 Member

    Thank you Mate!

    My user name should be the last unit my grandad was with the dak back in the days after my resarch.
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  4. Babelfish A Fixture

    Willkommen an Bord und viel Spaß hier!

    Cool user name.

    - Steve
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  5. Chris Oldfield Active Member

    Self-Propelled Flak Battalion 606 - I like that....a lot!
    You're very welcome here, Patrick.

    Chris O.
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  6. rossbach PlanetFigure Supporter

    Herzlich wilkommen und viel vergnügen! Ich hoffe Du findest hier was Du suchst.:)

    Einen schönen Gruß nach Nürnberg.

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  7. theBaron A Fixture

    Servus, Patrick! Wilkommen ins Forum! Welcome!

    If you're a builder of 1/16 armor, you should check out East Coast Armory, http://eastcoastarmory.com/ The young man who runs that business scratch-builds 1/16 armor and supplies parts to other builders. I have seen some of his models at a local IPMS show, and they are fantastic.

    I look forward to seeing your work, too!

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  8. FlaBtl (Sfl) 606 Member

    Vielen Dank Kameraden.
    I hope that I can build a few things the next time during my holiday. @Brad thanks for the link I already know this guy but 1:6 is little bit to big for me :unsure: 1:16 is a very handsome scale especially for a good range of figures.
    I already have a question: when can I post a figure search on the marketplace? Wanted to post my search for some special ones but its saying I have servant permission. Thanks for helping me.
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  9. theBaron A Fixture

    Hmm-I thought he was producing complete models in 1/16, too. He's advertised parts in that scale. I apologize for the confusion!

    Regarding trading, if I remember our Hausregeln correctly, you'll need to make a minimum number of posts before you can post in the marketplace section.

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  10. FlaBtl (Sfl) 606 Member

    Tanks for the answer I found some of the rules my selfe. Just need some time to get used to this forum.
  11. malc PlanetFigure Supporter

    Welcome, sure you will find all you need on PF.
  12. PanzerIV Member

    Welcome Patrick, I come here for the same reasons as you as I am also a RC tanker wanting to improve my figure painting. You will find what you are looking for here.

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  13. Mirofsoft A Fixture

  14. Ned Ricks Active Member

    Patrick, Wilkommen ins Forum! Welcome!

    You will find very helpful folks here. You have only to ask to receive a lot of good tips.
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  15. FlaBtl (Sfl) 606 Member

    Thanks mates! The last parts for my actual project are at the customs... Will keep you updated.

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