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Greetings all!

Discussion in 'Welcome aboard' started by NikTheSHNIK, Apr 14, 2021.

  1. NikTheSHNIK New Member


    New member here, bought here by my dad a contributor @TonyL

    Started in the hobby mid 90's - we built and painted a Spitfire, Hurricane, BF 190 and Tornado GR-1. We were living in Qatar at the time and was something father and son could do together.

    Next hobby i remember is being bought some Elven Silver helms on holiday in Cornwall and really making a mess of building and painting. Then my pops and I started a model of HMS Victory.

    That experience put us off the hobby for decades.

    Mid-00's pops got back into hobby painting some figures for a while.

    I got back into the hobby painting 40K after getting involved in Warhammer 40K lore reading Horus Heresy around 2016. Painted an Ork army and a few other figures based off what I had an interest in at the time.

    Currently on a sabbatical from hobby after working from home for the last 13 months. Painting at my desk has been the last thing on my mind for 15 months. Hopefully will get back into it with my wips included in picture below when i get the motivation.

    Me getting back in the hobby got my pops back into it. He's been painting again for 6 months and is doing amazingly with his historical mini's.

    Photo's of my wips and some of my fav models I've painted attached! IMG_20210415_001639.jpg IMG_20210415_002134.jpg
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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Nick


    Great to have you with us ....share the PF word , all are very welcome to join ...get your father to join !

    Do ask any questions someone will know

    Lots of different sections to look at including traditional and 3 D sculpting , competitions , WIP's , References , Painting techniques and so much more

    There are threads in Welcome Aboard about how to do things including posting pics on PF but feel free to message me always happy to help

    We have V Bench for WIP's as well https://www.planetfigure.com/forums/vbench-works-in-progress.35/ ) , and also a Completed part

    There's also Painting techniques where you will find much about Acrylics

    ALL figures are welcome and of course Vignettes & Diorama ( we run friendly competitions if you wish as well , one called FOTM where there are 3 classes to choose in which to enter )

    Look forward to seeing your modelling no matter what you paint ..its all about having fun

    Happy bench-time

    Nap ( Moderator/Admin )
  3. theBaron A Fixture

    Welcome to the Planet, Nik! Those are some nicely painted gaming figures.

    There's a lot of cross-pollination now between these areas of the broader hobby of painting miniatures. For a while, I think fans of each genre weren't really aware of each other, generally, but we're reaching out and coming together. Because at the end of the day, whether it's a Napoleonic hussar (which I'm sick of, by the way), an orc, or a MaK armored fighting suit, the skills and the techniques are shared by us all. It's the same in scale modeling-whatever the subject, the techniques are shared, and everyone should be able to appreciate the piece for its qualities.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work! Any plans to put together an entire Warhammer unit? I've seen some sets done up and exhibited, and the sheer number in any given display is impressive in its own right.

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  4. Airkid PlanetFigure Supporter

    Welcome Nik! Well said Brad - the hobby in a nutshell(y)

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  5. Mirofsoft A Fixture


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