Green Killing Machine

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  1. Metal Extremo Well-Known Member

    "Woods are source of life. Elves have been caring for them for millennia, warning the rest of the races about the importance and value of the woods, but despite our efforts they continue to mistreat and make disappear the plants, trees and animals tor favor their... how these fools call to it...? Civilization. Progress. Modernity.I call it trash. Rubbish. Garbage. Breaking the harmony of the earth with water and air, burning the woods to build horrifying structures, to live in as beasts. Looting the natural recurses, polluting the air with black smokes and the stinky smells of their dwells... til all is death arround them.
    Humans, dwarfs, halflings, all of you are so harmful as orcs, drows or gnomes. Worse than trolls. Our ancestors couldn't understand your madness. They tried, in vain. The woods are dying, murdered by you. Where is justice? Where is punishment? Some of us are tired, and now you gonna learn in the only way possible. Paying for centuries of abuse. With your dwells burned and your possessions destroyed. Because here is justice. Here is Punishment. Here. In me.
    Do you like machines full of nuts and bolts, feeded with coal? I'm the last machine. Full of blades and magic. Feeded with your blood. You created me. The Green Killing Machine"

    The reflection of the green on the blade. Is not very clear. I can't make the photo better

    Do you want a green killing machine?

    Back to the bench. This bust is from Oda models, a brand i didn't know. I watched this bust and others in a contest and couldn't resist to buy it. Great product, and great price. A 1:12 bust in 20€. Four pieces to be ensambled. High quality resin, a good casting. Very good for me, and a lot of interesting stuff in their website to be adquired in the future.

    In this bust my history is twisted. This elf is an avenger, proclaimed avenger by himshelf, and full of hate an anger against anyone who is not an elf. Under the mask of a nature defensor there is a racist hidden, willing to use the sword and the magic to impose his ideas and race disguised as justice with a nice sermon. He can advise you. He can lead you. He can eliminate you smiling. Because he has the truth, and his truth is the only one. Yes, a politician in armor. This bust is son of the coronovirus crisis, and maybe all the time confined with liers at tv, newspapers and radio aliened me too much.

    In the painting, the first was obtained something very... i don't know the word in english. Maybe fanciful?. Exists this word or i kick the dictionary one more time? Something shocking at first sight, out of all historical order. I was looking for a sunny flesh of a person living in open landscapes, out of civilization, houses or caves. The predominant colour must be green, in representation of his "care for nature" and here i had the key to travel to fantasyland; but with a lot of quantities of blue, representing indefference and contempt to the other forms of intelligent life. Blue and purple are very useful to give an arcane touch to the armor and cape, the witcher-warrior i had in my mind. And a blue hair is a good for to instal my bust in fantasyland forever.
    I love cold colours, but they never predominate in my miniatures and i want change it. Here and in the previous one were very used, and i like the achieved with them.

    A friend who watched photos of this bust said me that the first thing in his head was an arrogant warlord riding a a green dragon annihilating a dwell with fire and magic without any felling. Just because it was necessary for his targets. Yeah, is what a potilitician would do if he had a dragon, so i'm happy with the first impression.

    Everybody is free to express the opinion in my threats.

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  2. Metal Extremo Well-Known Member

    Shit, this was for finished figures. Could some moderator move it.
    Sorry :dead:
  3. franck edet A Fixture

    wow ! love it and the story behind :)
  4. MoboSchreuder A Fixture

    Beautiful paintwork


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