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WIP Great Uncle Walter

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Jazz, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Jazz A Fixture

    I have been wanting to make a bust of my Great Uncle Walter for a long time now and even started to make my own bust from Super Sculpy, but as I am not an accomplished sculpter it ended up in the bin. My Uncle was in the 2nd Battalion of the Grenadier Guards and was part of the British Expeditionary Force in WW1. Unfortunately he was killed early on in the war at the Battle of the Aisne on 16th September 1914.
    I was very pleased to see Youngs new WW1 bust released and thought it would make a brilliant Uncle Walter however tin helmets were not worn by the British Army until after Walter died so that had to go.
    I discussed this recently with my good friend Housecarl at the Sutton Coldfield show and he also was going to paint this bust and he very kindly offered to sculpt me a field cap which I am sure you will agree looks brilliant. (Thanks again Carl) I received the cap and the bust on the same day and immediately went to work on it.
    I dont have any photos of Walter so his face is very much artistic licence but I originally wasnt going to give him a moustache. Upon looking at this his face seemed quite young and Walter was 31 when he died so I added a tash to make him look that little bit older than the younger recruits. Carl also reassured me that moustaches were very much the norm for the Army at that time, indeed there was a regulation about the wearing of one.
    I had to carefully shave off the helmet chinstrap and remove the triangular badges on the sleeves and the Lance Corporal stripes as Walter was only ranked as a Guardsman. I have also used milliput to add the Grenadier Guards red shoulder flashes. It will be fun painting the lettering!
    Aside from these alterations I shall be using all other parts from the kit which include a rifle and a shovel. The Battle of the Aisne was the first time trenches were dug in WW1 so the spade will be very suitable on this bust.
    I of course will put pictures of the finished bust on PF when completed.
    Please feel free to comment.

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  2. tonydawe A Fixture

    Wow, now that's a WW1 looking face. Great work to both you and Carl for converting this bust into something unique and very personal.

    I'm looking forward to following your painting progress.
  3. Andrew Craft Well-Known Member

    Great conversion, looking forward to seeing it painted.

  4. Don Well-Known Member

    Jazz just had a look and then blown it up for a much better look. You and Mark have done a grand job with the figure and the cap. Look forward to more progress on this super figure.
    Your Great Uncle Walter would have been proud of you.

  5. Nap A Fixture

    John ,
    Nice work mate , a truely WW1 face as Tony posted , thsi is going to look really gre't wait to see this close up

    Nice work Carl on the cap .....can we have some more pics of this ..........what about a badge ...did Uncle Walter serve in the Boer War as a youg soldier ...medal ribbons !

    Keep posting

  6. Jazz A Fixture

    Thanks for your comments guys. Don, it was Carl not Mark who made the cap but we know what you mean.
  7. Jazz A Fixture

    Thanks for your comment Nap. Walter wasnt in the Boer war so unfortunately no medals. He joined in 1911. Incidentely his younger brother, who had left the army before WW1 re enlisted in the Royal Marines Light Infantry a week after Walter was killed. This brother, John, survived the war and went on to join the Metropolitan Police rising to Inspector and serving in the Royal protection team looking after Queen Mary.
    I have put some pics on as requested. As you can see, Carls cap is really good and the capbadge has come out very nice.

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  8. Don Well-Known Member

    Sorry Jazz and Carl, was so interested in the figure conversion I didnt read all the words. Still a cracking job and still think Walter would be proud of the figure.

  9. mil-mart A Fixture

    John a nice tribute to your Great Uncle Walter and nice work on the tache. Carl's done an excellent job on the cap and perhaps now Youngs might of wished they had offered the choice of headgear.
    Looking forward to the painting.
    Cheers Ken
  10. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Jazz ,

    Great stuff , this is going to look great painted up , I agree with Mil-Marts comment ref a choice of headgear from Young .

    What no medals ...never mind a fitting tribute to Uncle Walter and a great modelling project .

    If I might comment from the pics the shoulder flashes look a little too proud ..wheres the writing :eek:

    How about another conversion with a Marine LI cap ...great pair...ok its only a suggestion !!!!

    thumbnail q.jpg thumbnail.jpg
  11. Tarracus A Fixture

    Excellent conversion! (Housecarl is becoming a real barber master:D) Will look great when finished(y)

  12. Mark S Guest

    Very nice work fellas, great looking piece.
  13. housecarl A Fixture

    Looks well John, and I'm glad it fitted.
  14. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    John....now that's an 'old contemptible' if ever I've seen one. Kudos to you and Carl. Superb

    Kevin...am I right in assuming the RMLI cap looks the same as the 'despised' Broderick cap? :)
    Mike Stevens likes this.

    Great job and the cap makes it a different model altogether. I agree that your changes have changed the overall "look" of his face for the better. I like the fact that you are doing a salute to your great uncle. Seems that more and more people are picking up an interest in the Great War and in family history as the centenary approaches....or is it something else that is driving that interest I wonder?

    Also, I would be tempted to leave the spade off for the Aisne in 1914. The guys who went over the top on July 1, 1916 were fully laden to allow them to consolidate the german trenches and I think this was a very "first day of the Somme" thing. I'm not sure that a Tommy in action in 1914 would have been lugging a shovel here and there (they would have had wagons for that). Just a thought.

  16. Richie A Fixture

    Hi John,
    There has been some great WW1 model releases lately and deservedly so, that conversion stands up there with them. Brilliant job and a nice homage to your uncle, making this one your own. Look forward to seeing this one move along and get painted.
  17. billyturnip A Fixture

    Great stuff, love it!

  18. billyturnip A Fixture

    Just noticed, you need to remove the company insignia from the back of his tunic beneath the collar. ;)

  19. Jazz A Fixture

    Roger, thanks for that mate. I didnt know about that insignia. I shall remove it before painting starts.
  20. Ferris A Fixture

    Oh wow, excellent cooperation between you and Carl! The cap looks perfect.
    He really does look WW1! Much more so than the original bust.

    crf likes this.

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