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Review Goblin Guard from "Rogans Heroes"

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Folks

    Its always good to introduce a new company to you and to look at a release so before I review lets have a little about :

    Rogans Logo.png
    Based in Ireland run entirely by Eoin Rogan who has a background of tabletop miniatures and computer games and was setup in 2017 to create resin models using various scales ranging from 28mm tabletop to 120mm and 1/16th

    All processes are carried out by Eoin from 3D sculpting and casting to boxing and despatch to customers

    Various subjects are on the website ranging from Horror/Sci-fi and Fantasy to Military

    Currently all releases are in 1/16th scale with plans to use other scales in the future

    The release I will share today is a fantasy piece namely GOBLIN GUARD


    Details are here:

    Title: Goblin Guard

    Reference: RH006

    Scale: 1/16th

    Material: Dark Gray Resin

    No of parts: 10

    Sculptor/Casting/ : Eoin Rogan

    Box Art: N/A

    Rogan has gone for a robust cardboard packing box , more than suitable for the use and a good thing to store bits and bobs on the bench when your modelling , obviously the box is 100% recyclable .

    Rogan Goblin Guard 001.jpg

    On opening the box I was greeted with bubblewrap bag in which I found all the parts nicely held together

    Parts consist of upper torso ,head, 2 arms , 2 legs, a pole arm type weapon , sword and a base.

    Rogan Goblin Guard 002.jpg


    I looked long and hard at all the pieces with my optivisor and I'm happy to say all I could see was a micro fine casting line where the mould was separated and I mean micro on the torso and the head with the remaining pieces having very small casting points that just needed sanding back .

    The engineering of the pieces is well thought out in particular the fit of the pieces using accurate cutouts , I could see no area's where you might need to use filler

    General comments

    • A nice start after opening the box
    • Good casting
    • No Air bubbles
    • Minimal Prep
    • a FUN piece to have on the bench
    In this part I will look at the torso , arms and legs


    Looking at this made me chuckle and think of the well known Disney film Shrek as our subject has a rather well endowed stomach that creeps over the belt

    He has armour plate on front and back with buckle and strap details well done , I like the way they sit on his upper torso , round the neck we see a cord on which there is a small skull and bones .

    Under the armour there's a mail shirt , ragged at the edges which is a nice touch ...perhaps the definition is not as clean as in other releases but saying that it could also be painted to represent a textured cloth with the mail being brought to life by washes and careful drybrushing.

    Around the expanse of his waist a thick belt straining to control things .....a bit like the Disney character...lol 00000000.jpg

    On the belt we have a large round piece with a pattern on it ...a little more definition might be nice here , on the left we have the sword attachment and working round he has what looks like a "grenade" hooked into the belt,or perhaps it's a moneybag filled with goblin groats [SIZE]

    What is very noticeable is the care taken at the fitment points shoulders/neck in addition to the underside where the legs fit cleanly

    Rogan Goblin Guard 007.jpg Rogan Goblin Guard 003.jpg Rogan Goblin Guard 004.jpg

    Rogan Goblin Guard 006.jpg Rogan Goblin Guard 008.jpg Rogan Goblin Guard 005.jpg


    These are armored at the shoulders on both sides , sharp undercuts , fitting very well into the cutouts , the left sits well onto the hilt of the sword when in position .

    The sleeves of the mail peek out from under the armour ...ragged and torn , under this the clothing sleeve again torn leading to a leather wristband (on the left only ) and then to the hand itself , good work on the fingers ..like the addition of pointed nails

    Rogan Goblin Guard 018.jpg Rogan Goblin Guard 019.jpg

    The right arm is bent at the elbow , no hand ( this is cast onto the weapon he holds

    Rogan Goblin Guard 016.jpg Rogan Goblin Guard 017.jpg


    Short in length as befits the gnome again nicely ragged at the lower edges , under this there is a "sock" which has stitches on either side ..or is his flesh sown together ...you could paint as either.

    On the feet we have a fine pair of sectioned armour , nicely defined with good buckles .

    Fit to the torso is easy with the edges being well shaped to sit correctly ...again good engineering from Eoin .

    Rogan Goblin Guard 020.jpg Rogan Goblin Guard 021.jpg

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap Forum Moderator

    On now to the remaining pieces of resin


    This is where the character really comes to life , love the shaping a rather rotund looking fellow for sure , little piggy eyes , lost almost under the helmet brim but accessible to paint , the nose is bent when looking from the side , with with viscious looking teeth protruding upwards from the sides of his mouth ......not the best looking bloke !!!

    Popping out from the sides are his pointed ears working their way under the helmet ...a nice idea

    The helmet is wide brimmed with a band around the middle the centre rising to a point , it was good to see this was not damaged in the packing as well , again straining to keep things in place there is a pair of chin cords , nicely worked .

    Fit to the torso presents no problems

    Rogan Goblin Guard 014.jpg Rogan Goblin Guard 009.jpg Rogan Goblin Guard 010.jpg

    Rogan Goblin Guard 013.jpg Rogan Goblin Guard 012.jpg Rogan Goblin Guard 011.jpg
    Rogan Goblin Guard 015.jpg


    Our hero carries 2 a rather sharp looking sword held in place by strapping ...good undercuts on these , there is no scabbard so this allows the battered edges of the blade ...this goblin likes fighting .

    The other weapon consists of 2 parts the staff with a skull at the top on which fits a lethal looking blade , cutting edges all over , the fit is easy to the skull by means of a cutout

    The skull is angled well with 2 small horns at the top , all held in place by a rope across the nose and out the eye sockets , hanging down at the back , the skull itself is sown together in places

    Cast onto the shaft is the other hand fingers gripping tightly , and again we have those pointed and sharp looking finger nails

    Rogan Goblin Guard 022.jpg Rogan Goblin Guard 024.jpg Rogan Goblin Guard 023.jpg Rogan Goblin Guard 026.jpg Rogan Goblin Guard 025.jpg


    Simple but more than enough for a standalone , you could always put groundwork on it as well , cutouts are in place to take the feet .

    For me I see this goblin in a arched doorway at the top of stairs ...just an idea !

    Rogan Goblin Guard 027.jpg

    Lets have some pictures from the website


    Final Thoughts

    A fun piece and my first look at a Rogan's Heroes piece , very good casting and engineering , some details a little soft but a great character face , overall a very good impression from a new company I look forward to sharing others with you soon

    A THANK YOU to Eoin for also supporting Planet Figures FOTM

    For more information please contact by e mail to:


    or go to the website www.rogans--heroes.com

    Or Message by PM here on PF

    There is also these links to look at





    Rogan Viking 003.jpg

    Thanks to Rogans Heroes for the review piece and for you all for looking in

    Happy benchtime to one and all

  3. DaddyO A Fixture

    Nice to see something a little offbeat and this ticks the 'very nice' box too. (y)
    Possibly one for the future (once the ranks of the current stockpile have slimmed down a bit) and I look forward to seeing what else is in the pipeline
    (Nice review as ever K)
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  4. Babelfish A Fixture

    Rogan's Heroes definitely deserve a plug because Eoin's figures are very well sculpted and cast. Fantastic prices as well - I'm hard pressed to think of another company that offers such good value for money. The range is only small at present but I for one hope to see more releases from RH in the future.

    Here's a working link (there's no apostrophe Kev!)


    - Steve
    Nap likes this.
  5. Nap Forum Moderator


    Cheers Steve ...you spotted it ...lol ..it was early !?

    You are quite correct about the value about €18 for the single figures with €6 shipping

    Small range as you said but let's hope releases continue ..maybe a bust or two

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  6. grasshopper Guest

    Very fine review
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  7. grasshopper Guest

    Certainly seems a clean cast with good though by the sculptor to assembly ..there are numerous ingredients to a successful result..subject or concept, sculpt, design for casting and assembly, casting quality including material, and the packaging, shipping...to me the box art rendering is ancillary..at least to my purchase decision...I’d buy this one ..if only I didn’t seem to have offended the mail system gods in UK...nap knows!
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