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WIP Critique Ghengis Khan - 90mm Pegaso - The Horse

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Guy, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    Its been several years since I posted a step by step. With all the photography of the reviews I do the last thing I want to do when I actually get time to paint is pick up a camera. I did take photos of each step I am at with Pegaso's 90mm Ghengis Khan figure.

    I have long been a Mongol fan and read most everything I can find on the Mongol subject. When this kit was first released I knew I had to have it. I finally picked one up from Red Lancers and the long slow project began.

    I always have a mounted figure in progress "on the side" being worked on while I am also doing single foot figures and busts. I have about 8 figures / busts in progress and this one classic, Ghengis.

    I first started doing research on the Mongols by looking for images, preferably color through Google and saving them to my desktop file for later reference when I started my copy. I also save to this file any painted version that may appear on the internet and found in show galleries. Over the years I have accumulated about a dozen different versions of this beautiful miniature.

    I first start by researching the horse and start the assmebly of the horse in the meantime.

    Horse reference photograhs
    I used

    A horse 03.jpg

    A horse 01.jpg

    A horse 02.jpg

    A horse 04.jpg

    A horse 04a.jpg

    A horse 04b.jpg

    Above are various photos I pulled off the internet showing the short Mongol horse in various positions. All the colors were what I wanted my horse to be. A Khaki top with white underbelly and nose.

    A horse 05.JPG

    A horse 06.JPG

    The top photo above shows the horse epoxyed together and placed into my Dremel D Vise for drilling up into the hoofs of the horse to insert and epoxy brass rod for later mounting to a work base and then to its permanent base.

    Ghengis 01.JPG

    Ghengis 02.JPG

    Ghengis 03.JPG

    Ghengis 04.JPG

    Above you see the Floquil Khaki base color with 2 coats. The front portion of the horse has begun to be blended and shaded using Red Brown Floquil and white.

    Ghengis 05.JPG

    Ghengis 06.JPG

    Ghengis 07.JPG

    Above you see the rear portion of the horse in the beginning stages of blending and shading using the same colors as above. The beauty of working with enamels is I did the front portion one night and the rear portion another night without having to do all the horse at once as I would have if I had used oils.

    [ to be continued ]

  2. Guy A Fixture

    The Khaki color of the horse is done first with the belly and nose done afterwards. The following steps show the 1st several dry-brushing in the khaki with subsequesnt dry-brushings becomming lighter and lighter until the last one is done with pure white just feathering the surface with the brush.

    Ghengis 08.JPG

    Ghengis 09.JPG

    Ghengis 10.JPG

    Ghengis 11.JPG

    Ghengis 12.JPG

    Ghengis 13.JPG

    Now I start blending and shading the underbelly and the nose. Each leg will have white on the back of the leg flowing into the khaki color. The base color for the nose and belly is the Floquil Primer gray. I shaded it with dark gray and white and set it aside to dry.

    Ghengis 14.jpg

    Ghengis 14a.jpg

    Ghengis 15.jpg

    Ghengis 16.jpg

    Ghengis 17.jpg

    After the blending and shading has dried I use a small flat wide brush to carefully dry-brush white over the blended areas to feather the edges where the dark gray meets the white of the shading.

    Ghengis 18.jpg

    Ghengis 19.JPG

    Ghengis 20.JPG

    Ghengis 21.JPG

    [ to be continued ]

  3. Guy A Fixture

    After dry-brushing the nose and underbelly as well as the back of the legs I also dry-brushed lightly over the eye area as my reference photos showed the white in this area as well.

    Ghengis 22.JPG

    Ghengis 23.JPG

    Ghengis 24.JPG

    The next time I find time to add to this sbs I will be showing the painting of the saddle and bridle as well as the tail. He is actually now sitting on the finished base ready for the groundwork.........but another night I will get caught up with where I am actually at now.

    [ to be continued ]
  4. Christos Well-Known Member

    Good start my friend, looking forwrd to see next steps!
  5. jimias A Fixture

    Guy it keeps getting better and better with each step. Keep us posted.
  6. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    it is a real thrill to see some one of your experience share how you do your work ups.

    I'd say skill, except you go all humble on us!

    Still, an inspiration for some of us who dont have as many hours at the bench as you do!


  7. el cid New Member

    Great tutorial Guy. And again, thank you so much for sharing all of your Mongrol reference with me on that project I completed last year.
  8. megroot A Fixture

    Great start Guy,
    I'm glad that you find your way to the brushes again.

  9. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks guys for the feedback. I'll post some more steps this evening to try to get caught up with where he is now.
  10. trooper Member

    Great painting Guy. One question, did you consider using oils for the highlights and shadows, much like your process of painting flesh tones? James
  11. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks James. I have tried that before on previous horses and did not like the outcome as much as this technique.
  12. rej Well-Known Member

    Great start Guy........you beat me to this one :eek: maybe next year I'll start mine :)

    Will follow this as best as I can ;)

    Ray ;)
  13. Michael Tse Active Member

    This is a labour of love. immensely impressive.
  14. mil-mart A Fixture

    Guy, excellent start, will follow this SBS with interest. Many thanks for sharing. Cheers Ken
  15. John Bowery A Fixture

    Great SBS and the horse looks great in real life.
  16. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Great start Guy will watch this one with interest.

    Cheers David
  17. housecarl A Fixture

    Glad that you've found the time to do some painting, in between all your great reviews. Very hand SBS, will come in useful if I ever get the courage to paint a horse.
  18. Meehan34 A Fixture

    Looking good Guy. Glad to see you are back at it and very glad to see you out and about at the Tulsa show.
  19. Steve Well-Known Member

    Ahhh, the much fabled but never seen Ghengis Khan gets his paint. Great nag, amigo.--
  20. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks guys for the feedback. Much appreciated.

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