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Completed Critique German wwII officer - 70mm Fortes

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by rafaelega, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. rafaelega Active Member

    Hi all,

    Too much time from my last project. Attached you can find the german WWII officer almost finished. Hope you like it.

    I´ll try to include more pics later this evening

    All comments will be wellcome

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  2. Diegoff A Fixture

    Good work, Rafa!
    ¡Lo has decorado a tope! ;)
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  3. jerry Member

    Really nice job Rafa, compliments.

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  4. rafaelega Active Member

    Hi all. thanks a lot for you kind comments. As I promissed I attach some new pics...

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  5. rafaelega Active Member

    I wish to add some information about the person I tried to represent here. I copied all the awards from the Hauptmann d. R Walter Hofmeister and he is represented in the figure as Oberleutenant.
    Some info about this wellknown german soldier taken from WAF forum:

    Some info about the original owner:

    Born: 28.05.1910, Bielefeld, Germany
    Died: 28.01.1944, Skittka, Ukraine

    11.03.1940 4./Inf. Ers. Batl. 22
    12.06.1940 (2./M.G) K.J.R. 541
    06.08.1940 4./Inf. Ers. Batl. 22
    14.10.1940 4./I.R. 22
    01.01.1943 I./Fusl. Rgt. 22

    01.10.1941 Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz
    13.11.1941 Eiserne Kreuz II. Klasse
    28.12.1941 Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber
    04.07.1942 Sonderabz. für das Niederkämpfen von Panzerkampfwagen durch Einzelkämpfer
    14.07.1942 Eiserne Kreuz I. Klasse
    01.08.1942 Winterschlacht Im Osten
    29.01.1943 Verwundetenabzeichen in Silber
    30.07.1943 Nahkampfspange I. Stufe

    01.03.1941 Gefreiter
    01.06.1942 Unteroffizier
    01.12.1942 Feldwebel O. A
    01.01.1943 Leutnant d. R
    01.11.1943 Oberleutnant d. R
    09.05.1944 Hauptmann d. R (posthumt)

    I used some material from my WWII collection in order to copy the colors. Attached you can find a pic of one of the tunics of Walter Heifmester and some of my objects used .

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  6. legaleagle New Member

    Maybe I'll be wrong, but the figure represent an infantry officier adc in the very first times of the war.
    Heifmeister was promoted officier in january 1943, when the tunic and trousers perhaps where not in use, and perhaps he was not bearing the shoulder device...
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  7. rafaelega Active Member

    Hi. Thanks a lot for your kind comments Legaleagle.
    Maybe I also can be wrong but according my information the old type jacket still was in use until the end of the war. The German army allow it depending on the individuals rank or position and also the officer can buy the tunic privately (because that there are many different types of tunics and colors). In this case the oficial is a general or high staff person adjuntant because it wears the German Officer Silver Dress Aiguillette . He was Assistant Batallion Adjutant in I./Infanterie-Regiment 22 dated at 23.04.1943-18.05.1943

    Attached you can find two original pics of Hofmeister. The Little one shows a very similar uniform like I painted, with all the awards on it.

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  8. Filipe Well-Known Member

    Great job and great inspiration to start mine. :happy:
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  9. legaleagle New Member

    I' ve ever thought that a good documentation is the base for good modelling.
    I'm glad you have find an alternative way to depict what was intended to be an early war offcier, and I'll try to follow your way with mine...
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  10. rafaelega Active Member

    Final pics

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