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German uniforms 1939-1945

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by pava, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. pava Member

  2. pava Member

    Can someone Identify this camouflage uniforms, or put some more pictures of them.
    They seem very nice, and I would like to paint them on my figures.
  3. LVM Active Member

    I think there is no rule ... In fact there were many companies which made the german uniforms. And all do not use identical colours, so there is not one feldgrau but several. Here a pic I found on internet.

    For the camo I think this is this one :


  4. Aveleira A Fixture


    Dominik, with the risk of being a bit unaccurate I can say to you that in the beggining the uniforms were more in tones of grey, when the wermarcht was the finest of the german army. When the SS started to become the elite force you would see more uniforms ot these types. Also you have to pay attention to the time of the year you are placing your figures. However in the late war there wasn't much attention to this...and you could find some man mixing different thypes of camouflage. If you see photos about the battle of normandy you can find lot's of these mixes...
    But you should search more. . .try the osprey books about it. . .

  5. Grenh3 New Member

    From your photos it appears that the first figure is wearing the later version of the Waffen SS camo smock in blurred edge with the spring summer side showing/ with "Dot" or "Pea" pattern camo pants/trousers. The bottom figure also appears to be wearing the later version of the reversible camo smock in the either Oakleaf A/B with the summer/spring side showing, and a helmet cover in what appears to be plane tree with the summer/spring side showing. Hope this helps.
  6. Dr Force Well-Known Member

    There is no definitive colour for field grey or any Wehrmacht uniform for that matter. As already stated they were produced using a variety of different dyes so anything from a light grey with a hint of green to olive green just about covers it . I have the brilliant reference book called Soldaten and the tunics/trousers shown are far more green than they are grey. I am currently working on a large Normandy diorama and the uniforms were mixed at this late stage of the war. So you had tunics hat were grey with green trousers or pea dot camo and plain grey trousers etc.

    I tend not to get to hung up on absolute perfected colours or historical accuracy to the point where you fear actually putting the paint on to your figure.


  7. pava Member

    Thank you guys, you have helped a lot.
  8. Osebor PlanetFigure Supporter

    Also you must take account of the ample use of items from the annexed or conquered countries: Austrian, Czech, Italian, Dutch... An extreme example could be the utilization of British battledress uniforms by the Ubootwaffe.

    I've got a book which shows, on a single page, five different feldgrau shades!

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