German infantry progress no. 3

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Mongo Mel, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Mongo Mel Active Member

    I've also got this one just about completed. Just need to do some work on the eyes.

    More pictures...

    My Webpage

    25 thru 28 are the latest pictures.

    Again, I'd appreciate any comments and constructive criticisms you have for me.



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  2. KeithP Active Member


    Looks good to me. Especially the camo pants. Well done.

    One "constructive" comment for you. :) The field gray tunic seems a bit shiny compared to the rest of the fig. That may be an effect of the photo or the paint may not yet be completely dry.

  3. Mongo Mel Active Member

    Hi Keith,
    Yeah, it looks too shiny in person too. I've sprayed it with several coats of krylon clear matt now and I can't get it to flatten out. It's a new flat paint for me so I don't know if it's me or the paint. I'm shaking it wel and spraying with light mist coats. I may have to find another clear matt to try. Any suggestions? I usually use Floquil flat but I can't get my hands on any right now.
    Thanks fot the comments. I appreciate it.
  4. KeithP Active Member


    With the exception of the Floquil RR prime, I don't like to spray anything on my figures.

    I have used the Model Master brand acrylic flat. It's brush on though.

    I see some floquil flat mentioned on the Testors site. May be you can order direct?

  5. Pete_H New Member

    The camo looks really good - way to go! If I may, I'd suggest darkening the shadows in the armpit area and outline the belts & pockets (the edge along the tunic) a bit more.
    As for the shinyness, it's the krylon flat you're using. I tried using it a couple of times and had the same problem as you. I went back to using Poly-Scale flat finish, which is pretty much extinct nowadays; I still 1/2 bottle left, which I save for use when it's absolutely necessary. I then started using Vallejo's flat finish, and it works pretty good. The cool thing about the Vallejo matt is that you can control how flat you want the finish by simply deciding how many coats you want to brush on - typically, you'll get a dead flat finish after 3 light coats.
    I disagree about the Iron Cross. First, the 2nd.class ribbon isn't sculpted onto the tunic, so why mess with it. Second, not everybody in the SS got the Iron Cross - for all we know, this guy could be a freshly-trained conscript. With regards to the helmet's SS insignia, it's not absolutely necessary. By this stage of the war, the German Army as a whole was pretty much recycling and scavenging whatever field equipment they could find. Hence, this helmet could've been around already, thus losing its insignia somewhere along the line (it was nothing more than a decal anyway).

    Hope this helps ...
  6. Mongo Mel Active Member

    Hi guys,
    I need to get this figure flat soon so I can get it to Jeff at 180 Productions so I don't think I have time to order some. But thanks for the link. If I can't find any locally, I'll use that info to get some.

    Grey and Pete...
    I thought about trying to paint the insignia on the helmet but I doubt that I could pull it off well enough to look good. And since Jeff is going to photograpg this for his box art, I felt beter leaving it off. Big thanks to you Pete for giving me a good excuese for doing so :lol: .
    As for the Iorn Cross, since it wasn't molded in, I decided not to paint one on. Were I doing it for myself I'd probably have tried to add it.
    Thanks again for all your help guys. It's very much appreciated.

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