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Review Georges Guynemer from Dolman Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Dec 6, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    What betteer way to spend a afternoon than to be able to share piece that have been put onto a kickstarter from Dolman Miniatures
    Here's the Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dolman-miniatures/ww1-characters?ref=android_project_share

    There are several pieces that will be available in various scales including both 1/10th and 1/12th and head options via the kickstarter, I will be looking at the bust version ofa subject who is possibly the most well known and most famous french aviator in WW1



    Lets have some references that Eduardo from Dolman used in the research of this piece and I will add some from me as well later

    G-medals 2.JPG
    _20200203_220034.JPG french-aiguilette-gold-14-18.jpg P1000817.jpg P1000817.jpg lf.jpg 003_Guynemer_veste.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Time for some books


    a.jpeg aa.jpg aaa.jpg



    The actual Spad plane he flew

    aaaaaaaa.jpg aaaaaaa.jpg
    aaaaaa.jpg aaaa.jpg aaaaaaaaa.jpg


    Great site not only for Guynemer but other pilots http://www.cieldegloire.com/004_guynemer_g.php

    The insignia is of course the famous Flying Stork the "Escardrille des Cigognes , current squadrons carry on the name with pride



    Details of the release:

    Title: WW1 French Pilot Georges Guynemer

    Ref : N/A

    Scale: 1/10th

    No of Pieces: 2 ( extra head on my copy )

    Material: Lt Gray Resin

    Sculpting: 3D

    Casting: In house

    Box Art: N/A on review

    My copy was cast pre kickstarter but the details will be exactly the same , 2 scales available in the bust version 1/10th and 1/12th with full figure version also available

    By supporting the kickstarter you will get the opportunity to get additional items

    My copy was received in the same clear flip over container with pieces in bags and surrounded by bubble wrap

    The parts consisted of torso and 2 heads , no base is included

    Do9lman Gueyneur 001.jpg


    With only a couple of piece this wasn't going to be too much to think about and consisted of:
    • Remopve excess resin and cast line from underneath torso
    • Slight sanding around the lower edges
    • Drill hole to fit a base post into place
    • Sand away casting line at rear of kepi , the same applys to just the head version
    • Fit head
    That's it ...very little..a good start

    Continued in next post


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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Lets fly with the resin


    Now you might have a idea I rather like working with medals;) ....well your right (y) ...and I am glad to say I am not unhappy on this release

    Georges wears a chest full of awards but I hasten to add there are some missing as the sculpt has been inspired by the main header picture

    Our subject wears the uniform in that picture , the high collar is depicted with good edging and sharp wings on each side

    The epaulettes are well undercut and sharply defined with the buttons being well shaped

    The uniform edges are very good not only down the centre but also around the pockets , the flaps are lifted slightly at the edging ...a nice touch

    Across the right shoulder is a cross belt again as seen in the reference, the sculpting is really good with clean edges , the right epaulette is slightly proud with the belt going under it , the end of the belt is shaped at is lifted slightly where it would have been put on , buckle details are good above as well

    Folds and creases present no issue

    On the right arm are service chevrons with the aviation service armband on the left with the winged propeller in all its glory

    The cords are hanging and sitting well onto the chest , running up to the left shoulder and under the epaulette ...no problems with the casting on any of the cords , at the rear and leading to the lower left is the braided part ....very well done

    The medals .....all clearly identifiable and very cleanly done , the casting quality has paid off well , on the review item there was tiny part of a sword missing on a medal..but easy enough to sift with putty , the ribbons are cut correctly and again well cast ...all of which means painting will be a lot easier

    Above the medals we see the squadron stork badge again easily seen and easy enough to paint

    On the left side above the pocket is the pilots badge ...another good detail well done

    Do9lman Gueyneur 002.jpg
    Do9lman Gueyneur 010.jpg

    Do9lman Gueyneur 003.jpg

    Do9lman Gueyneur 006.jpg

    Do9lman Gueyneur 004.jpg Do9lman Gueyneur 005.jpg Do9lman Gueyneur 009.jpg Dolman Gueyner under.jpg


    I was sent 2 heads so have the choice which to use , one with kepi , the other bareheaded as in the main reference

    Firstly has the very young look of the subject been captured ...certainly has in my opinion when looking at both , the work on the facial features is very god indeed nice work on the ears , eyes are a good clean shape, mouth is tightly closed again close to the reference, the work on the hair is of a well kept and smart man , surface work on the textures is not overdone

    Looking at the kepi first its good to see although there was a casting line at the back this was easily dealt with and no casting line went through the intricate details around the edging

    The peak could have been damaged in transit but wasn't due to the good packing , its the right shape and scale thickness , the strap above not over scaled either ...this is what we should expect with 3D sculpting

    Looking at the cording on the top ...spot on both with the central design and around the edge

    The other head is the same but no kepi ...and shows off the hair well

    The choice is yours ...me being me I will use the kepi

    Fit to the neck area is easy and he looks to his left ( there is a cutout on the collar to allow for this )

    Do9lman Gueyneur 014.jpg Do9lman Gueyneur 012.jpg

    Do9lman Gueyneur 013.jpg Do9lman Gueyneur 011.jpg

    Do9lman Gueyneur 019.jpg Do9lman Gueyneur 017.jpg

    Do9lman Gueyneur 018.jpg Do9lman Gueyneur 016.jpg

    So there you have it , its been an interesting piece to look at with a lot of researching into not only the subject but learning lots about these very brave men

    Final Thoughts

    Of course I am going to say I really like this , its a good release and one that will look great painted up , details are really sharply cast and with no major prep issues to do ...what are you waiting for ...have a look at the kickstarter and see whats happening

    Purchasing this from Dolman was easy and shipping was fast and with good communication as well


    Dolmans website is : www.dolmanminiatures.com

    They also have a social media page of course

    and also a member of Planet Figure



    Thanks for looking in

    Happy benchtime

  4. Airkid PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice work. It's a job to say it looks like Guynemer just from the grey resin, so IMO it will need a careful paint job to get him right, with his dark, gallic, almost boyish looks. The eyes will be the key to it. You're the man for that Kev!

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  5. Nap A Fixture


    Very true Phil , a careful paint on those eyes

    Thanks for looking

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  6. Chiariello Member

    Hi I can say that despite the bust is set in an era of history that does not attract me much, but the beauty of the drawing and the very detailed details invites you to take it and make it. Surely you need to have an excellent command with the brush and the colors to honor that a piece of this caliber deserves. Greetings to all :notworthy:
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  7. KenBoyle PlanetFigure Supporter

    Fantastic review Nap! I don't do busts very often, but the wealth of info in your review alone, makes me interested. :)

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  8. Steve Edwards Active Member

    Can anyone help us non-French speakers pronounce Georges Guynemer's second name correctly?

    We can manage the Georges. But the second name causes some difficulty.

    I've heard a Youtuber pronouce it as "Ghee-Namer" (Ghee as in Indian clarified butter, and Namer as in someone who names things) with the emphasis on the Namer bit. It didn't sound right.

    The only other pronounciation I've heard is "Gin-Mare" (That's a soft "G", not as in Gin, the drink, but as in the "gin" part of the word "begin". Mare as in female horse) The emphasis is on the N and the "Mare" bit falls away.

    Any ideas?
  9. sd0324 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Wow. That's one hell of a review with tons of references built in. That must have taken a while. Nice work and I'm sure the manufacturer appreciates it like we do.

  10. Nap A Fixture


    Thank you Steve appreciate your comment ...it's a well sculpted and detailed piece


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