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  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all

    A little while ago in March Hugo from RP Models announced a 75mm set release of a action at the battle of Aboukir in 1799 details here:

    As RP like to offer something for all modellers there are 2 busts that have been released one of Murat and the other his turkish enemy Mustafa .....I will be looking at Murat in this write up


    The release is based on the action in Egypt between the 2 combatants Pascha Mustafa and Murat where its said Murat cut off his enemy's finger

    Based on these pictures for the inspiration for the project :


    m.jpg mmmmmmm.jpg
    zzzzz.JPG zzzzzz.JPG mmmmmmmm.jpg

    here are some reference pictures for the features of Murat

    m11111.jpg m1111.jpg

    m1.jpg m111.jpg

    Books are of course readily available , would recommend the first in particular

    mmmm.jpg mmmmm.jpg

    zzzzz.jpg zzzzzz.jpg

    Details of the release

    Title: General Murat ( Napoleon's Wars series )

    Reference: HRP-B-3-0002

    Scale: 1/12th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts: 7 plus insert

    Sculptor: 3D

    Casting YS Castings ( Yiannis )

    Box Art: N/A

    As we have seen in previous releases from RP , parts are in a distinctive box with a picture on the top of the piece, inside there is a mass of bubble wrap keeping the resin parts nice and safe

    RP Murat 001.jpg RP Murat 024.jpg

    There is on the side mentions some "fellow" ..... but most importantly a thank you to all members on PF and recognition for all the help that IVO PREDA gave RP during the research ....a veritable ocean of a BIG THANKS to Ivo

    RP Murat 003.jpg
    RP Murat 002.jpg

    Parts consist of the main torso and head, 2 arms , bicorne , hand and sword blade and sword knot

    • Torso...Remove excess post underneath , sand off casting lines on his left lower side under arm position and on left shoulder
    • Arms...Casting lines on both at rear , small excess resin under open gauntlets and fit arms
    • Bicorne...Casting lines underneath and running up front edge , small post to remove from tassel
    • Blade...Remove from mount and fit into position on separate hand
    • Hand...Remove flashing and fit to right arm
    • Sword knot...Slight clean up and fit on handle cast with hand
    General comments
    • The prep sounds more than but all is not beyond any modeller to deal with and as usual I am looking under a optivisor
    • Fit of parts is good with minimal filler needed ..if any at all
    • This piece works well as a stand alone but even better with the Mustafa
    Continued in next post


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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets rumble with the resin
    (Click on pictures for a larger image)


    As you can see the head is already on the torso turned sharply to the right

    The face itself is very good indeed with teeth in full view, grinding together giving much action to the features , definition of the teeth are well done with the chin pushed downwards against the collar, the jowls are prominant , the forehead slightly pushing the eyebrows down

    Eye work is good with the shaping being as needed can tell Hugo and the RP team know their human body

    One distinctive thing about Murat is his hair and facial hair, very curly and pouring over the collar , the fronds of hair are nicely shown , the sideboards are another area that is good with texture

    The top of the head is shaped to take the bicorne cleanly

    Wearing the undress of his rank we see delicately sculpted lace running down the front and folded down collar , underneath the coat there is more detail which also continues on the neck collar

    In this scale the oak leaves are spot on , not over sculpted , I for one will paint with my trusty optivisor !!!

    The clothing is very very finely textured with soft folds all over , on his right shoulder at the rear these are more prominant , perhaps a little too much , but I am sure this has been checked as the shoulder itself is raised with the arm action

    The shoulders on both sides have very good fitment points for the arms

    Underneath there is a small angled post , I would suggest you remove and fit a brass rod to display

    RP Murat 007.jpg RP Murat 008.jpg RP Murat 005.jpg
    RP Murat 004.jpg RP Murat 006.jpg RP Murat 009.jpg


    Both are angled , the right is holding the sword , the left reins ( these will need to be added )

    Boths have good folds in the right positioning and with a fine texture again

    The full gauntlet is cast only on the left the other is cut at the wrist ready to fit the hand with sword handle

    Around the edging of the gauntlets the oak leaves continue ...again not over worked and fully in scale

    Fit to the torso is easy with a slight filler and sanding at the join needed

    RP Murat 012.jpg RP Murat 011.jpg RP Murat 010.jpg


    A good shape with nice tassel work front and rear running along the edges on both sides the detailed oak leaves continues , perhaps the edging looks a little tick but that is my my opinion only

    There is not a rosette on the bicorne or retaining strap , seen like this in illustrations but simple to add if you so wish

    Flowing out from the top are a veritable cascade of ornate feathers all with good definition

    RP Murat 013.jpg RP Murat 015.jpg

    RP Murat 014.jpg RP Murat 016.jpg


    A well sculpted and cast piece , the hand is gripping the sword handle , gloved fingers definition , around the wrist the sword not is in position

    The actual sword handle is very good leading into a open mouthed animal as per references

    RP Murat 018.jpg RP Murat 019.jpg RP Murat 020.jpg

    Sword Knot

    Good shaping on this with a drop "olive" shaped end , this fits onto the cast strap on the hand will be a delicate job so if you choose not tyo use this then its a easy enough job to replace with a putty version

    RP Murat 022.jpg

    Sword Blade

    Again a nice shaping to this and its got a cutting edge , the actual length is plain so you could paint ( ie: blued ) as a presentation sword as in the illustrations , Murats swords were very ornate ...and expensive

    If after removing from the former its is not straight , apply a heat source ...a hairdryer or warm water or even rub the blade in the fingers ...these will sort it out

    Fitting will like the sword knot be a delicate operation , you will IMO be able to pin ...but carefully

    RP Murat 021.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    Its good to see a Napoleonic release and one that's from the early period , a good subject matter , casting is good , a few bits to deal with but nothing major

    A good display piece but even better with the turkish enemy that was released alongside this his opponent ......

    Mustafa which I will be looking at this very soon

    RP Mustafa 001.jpg

    As with all of RP releases the customer is the main priority (y) and the RP team are alawys there to listen and help if you have any concerns or idea's :)


    For more details contact:

    RP Murat 023.jpg

    or you can contact Hugo via this site PM's

    Thank you for looking in on this little write up hope you found it of use and interest

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  3. kevininpdx Active Member

    Are they making this in 54mm too?
    Edit. Found the answer. 75 and 120.
  4. Nap A Fixture


    That's correct 1/12th bust, 75 and 120 full mounted figures

  5. grasshopper Well-Known Member

    Animation looks great...the face looks rather generic gnashing teeth stuff tho..and cleaning some of the tiny bits looks risky ..nice

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