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  1. SEMPERFIDELIS68 Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys!
    In Semper Fidelis we have taken a turn towards the medieval world, less uniforms and yes more varied clothes and epic warriors, like this Gallowglas, a worthy representative of those Irish and Scottish warriors who dominated the north of the British Isles a few centuries ago.
    Modeled by Antonio Guadix in 70mm. and painted this time by Carlos Tobes.
    I hope you like it.

    Available in:

    1.jpg 2 copia.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg A2 GALLOWGLASS.jpg 0-5.jpg
  2. Oda A Fixture

    One more gorgeous release for this great brand.

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  3. SEMPERFIDELIS68 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Oda my friend!
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  4. Babelfish A Fixture

    Lovely figure beautifully painted. Good to see SF back on the scene again and releasing new pieces.

    - Steve
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  5. SEMPERFIDELIS68 Well-Known Member


    Thanks Steve! I need almost two years to be able to function normally again, I hope this time is the final one. Thank you all for the welcome.
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  6. Reptor A Fixture

    Another great release by Semper ! This is a very beautiful miniz ! Thank for the news ;) (y):love::love:
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  7. SEMPERFIDELIS68 Well-Known Member


    Thanks Oda!
    Today come your order!
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  8. eddie_C96 Member

    Out of curiosity, what inspired this curious mix of armor and weapons?
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  9. SEMPERFIDELIS68 Well-Known Member

    Actually what has been tried to do is a compilation of the most common weapons, the long and heavy sword that was used with two hands
    and the other shorter one for hand-to-hand combat, the shield is from the period and an evolution of this it was used by the Highlanders until the Jacobite wars.
    The most "creative" license is that of the use of the brigandine, the leather armor that was used at that time on the fabrics of clothing.
    The Gallowglass did not wear a uniform as such, but they did wear various elements that characterized them,
    such as the long tunic that is almost always yellow, which can be seen in the artistic representations that exist of them.
    All in all, this is still a miniature ...

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  10. SEMPERFIDELIS68 Well-Known Member

    Brigandine example aaca929bccc79adddcf40939f006d101.jpg
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  11. eddie_C96 Member

    Well, I do not want to critisze your work - it is nicely sculpted and painted, but I would like to bring some thoughts on the historical aspect:

    1) The guy has a three-layer protectinon for the torso, but his arms and legs are virtually unprotected except for one armored gauntlet, despite the main weapon being a two handes sword
    2) It is pretty uncommon for a foot warrior to have a brigandine over a mail hawberk over a gambeson over some regular clothes
    3) The brigandine has the armor plates on the inside of the fabric and not the other way round.
    4) The Barbuta-type helmet was mainly Italian and not very common outside of Southern Europe. Irish Lough Henney is quite different pattern
    5) I do not understand the defensive function of the mail collar (?) - it is not attached to the barbuta, nor to the brigadine.
    6) The two-handed sword is of Irish claymore pattern but the short sword+targe look Scottish, though the shorter sword proportoions do not seem historical
    7) I doubt anyone would carry both these sords and a tage at the same time as they are not complementary, a dirk would have been more useful
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  12. SEMPERFIDELIS68 Well-Known Member

    All your comments are very accurate.
    But I cannot tell you the story of this figure here, it would be like talking about a son who is not mine.
    Anyway, how well I told you at the end of the previous comment, I want to think "it's just a figure."
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  13. eddie_C96 Member

  14. Reptor A Fixture

    Yop, i'm not Oda :D But that's okay, I like Oda ;)
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  15. Nap A Fixture


    Absolutely agree there Steve look forward to seeing more from SF

    Great painting on this here as well

    Thanks for sharing

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