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WIP Gallipoli pair,75mm

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by amcairns, May 26, 2013.

  1. amcairns A Fixture

    Hello All,
    A Rolf Harris tune came to mind while building this pair"Did you think I would leave you..."is part of the chorus.
    Phil Walden is helping me out in interpreting a well known photo of a Soldier carrying his wounded mate to safety.
    With the pose set ,the hands were the next thing to place.I might yet alter the wounded fellows left hand by turning it more into view.
    Comments welcome.

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  2. alamac Well-Known Member

    Looking good Andy
  3. MCPWilk A Fixture

    The Rolf Harris song was about an uncle who served in WWI. I assume this is what you are trying to recreate: http://www.flickriver.com/photos/damopabe/3067095734/. Britains Ltd do 'Simpson and Murphy', Private Simpson and his donkey. That might also look good in a larger scale.

    Good luck with this one.

  4. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Good work Andy,
    it's taking great shape. I like this a lot,. very well done Mate.
    It is just a small thing and I hope you don't mind me saying. The wounded guys left arm woud be more suited to being over the carriers right shoulder. This way the carrier has the total weight distributed across both shoulders.
    All the very best,

  5. Ventress Well-Known Member

    Nice set, look forward to the finshed item!
  6. Mark S Guest

    This is clearly going to be an excellent piece, looking good.
  7. amcairns A Fixture

    Alan,Mark,Ventress,Keith and Mike,
    Thanks for the comments on the work so far.Im trying to keep true to the photo posted by Mike and needed some discussion with Phil over the idea.The wounded fellow has what looks like a bandage around his upper left leg .
    The particular hold is the firemanns hold I,ve given the carrier plus the fact that the rifle sling around his neck on the left side with the rifle on the right side.
    The rifle has been made and will add to next progress pics.
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  8. SerjeantWildgoose Member

    Andy, the wounded bloke's left arm is wrong. It needs to be the other side of the carrier's head and neck to form a stable carrying position. This would allow the carrier to bring his own left hand between the wounded bloke's legs and across his own chest to grasp the wounded bloke's left hand. This frees up both right hands for holding the weapons, but perhaps more important, stops the wounded bloke sliding off.
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  9. JABERWOCKY Member

    nice work andy , looking forward to seeing the finished pair..
    best wishes
  10. amcairns A Fixture

    If you look at the flickriver pic from Mike above.The left arm of the wounded fellow seems to wrap around the carriers neck also on the left side.I think this is because the rifle cuts diagonally across both figures the head of the wounded guy would be behind the bayonet edge(I hope).
    I hear what you say Sergeant but im trying to be true to the image at the same time being practical.
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  11. NickM Well-Known Member

    Hi Andy, this set is going to be a beauty, I can see! Can't wait to see how they progress.
  12. Fantastic sculpt!!!!!!
  13. Scotty Well-Known Member

    Excellent sculpt Andy, presumably he's picked his mate up under fire and isn't that bothered how comfortable it is. Well done converting this to 3D.
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  14. Funky50 Guest

    The song two little boys actually predates Rolf Harris by at least 60 years as my Gran used to tell me my Great Grandfather (her father)used to sing it at his reunions and he was a Boer war and Sudan war veteran who was in South Africa and at the battle of Omdurman with the Grenadier Guards I think it dates back to 1902 in origin...when Rolf Harris released it I Think he was not as aware of his 2 uncles history as he is now after he did a program for Rememberance day when he retraced thier footsteps in France and found out how one of them was killed and that was fairly recently......
  15. Funky50 Guest

    Again there is a statue in Australia commemorating this event ...called Cobber'sWhich was based on the cry that went up to an Aussie soldier who was carrying wounded men from the battlefield by his wounded comrades at the battle of Fromelles...Don't forget me Cobber
  16. kiwi45 Active Member

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  17. Funky50 Guest

  18. Mark S Guest

    The song would never have had a resurgence anywhere in the world if it wasn't for another Australian story teller and keeper of song Ted Egan. He introduced Rolf Harris to that song and in fact most of the folk songs Rolf Harris had success with. The song was written by Theodore Morse in 1902 as reference to the American Civil War. It's understandably resurfaced during many subsequent conflicts.....Ted Egan kept it safe along with hundreds of other songs he keeps from wandering off.
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  19. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Hi Andy an ambitious sculpt given the resource photo mate. Reckon Les's Fromelles photo would be a good reference point too as it looks to come from a similiar source.

    Know what the other guys mean with regards correct Fireman's lift having been trained to do it.
    Suspect thought the Gallipoli rescue guy is comatosed & not supporting his weight as in training, or carrying the rifles as he could do if still awake.

    Good luck on this one.

  20. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi Andy,

    I love this project and I'm following with interest. Can you share the photo you are using as the inspiration for your sculpt?

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