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Review Galapagos Miniatures presents Oikeus

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all ,

    Today we will be travelling to a world of fantasy of a nomad warrior in pursuit of righteousness ......

    in the inhospitable waste land of the north , frozen for most of the travelling year .......

    full of danger both human and animal.....wearing animal skins and furs with primitive snow protection for his all seeing eyes and a weapon that carries the image of Qirin.

    he was so dedicated he became known as "The White Avenger"

    With a background story like that it could be a release from only one company , it is of course:


    Previous releases have been:

    00000.jpg 000000.jpg 0000000.jpg 00000000.jpg 000000000.jpg 0000000000.png 00000000000.png 000000000000.jpg 0000000000000.jpg

    With review links here:










    This latest release was announced here:





    Lets have some reference pictures for you:

    YYYY.jpg YYYYY.jpg
    Y.jpg Y00.jpg Y0.jpg shows the size of the paw compared to human hands
    ZZ.jpg ZZZ.jpg ZZZZ.jpg ZZZZZ.jpg ZZZZZZ.jpg ZZZZZZZ.jpg

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap A Fixture

    Details of the release:

    Title :Oikeus The Rightneous

    Reference: GP-B008

    Scale: 1/10th

    Parts: 14 resin plus a story card

    Material :Light Lavender gray Resin

    Sculptor: Ju-Won Jung

    Box Art: Ju-Won Jung

    Casting: Ju-Won Jung

    Concept and production: Team Galapagos

    Story idea developed and written by : Yolanda

    • As always from Galapagos from the viewing of the unopened box which has a pull off clear covering to the opening you know you are going to be in for a treat .
    • The high quality of the picture on the box in high resolution colour printing really shows off the subject.
    • The actual box is of an equally high quality
    • Contents are protected by 3 foam layers with cutouts for the base and the main chunk of resin.
    • Smaller contents are held safely in a seal lock bag
    • A storycard with concept artwork by Ju-Won on one side , the other has Yolanda's story
    • Inside the box we also have a message from Ju-Won "OPEN YOUR OWN WORLD"
    Galapagos Oiken 001.jpg Galapagos Oiken 002.jpg
    Galapagos Oiken 003.jpg Galapagos Oiken 004.jpg

    Parts consist of Main torso, hat, 2 snow shoes, 1 x animal paw, , animal teeth, 3 x powder apostles , 3 parts to the weapon ( barrel, stock and under axe ), a cooking utensil , pipe and finally the base plus of course the story card (see above)

    Galapagos Oiken 005.jpg


    Main Torso...Very fine casting line on the right arm, 2 x casting excess on underneath to remove

    Hat... Casting plug to take away underneath

    Paw...Excess resin piece to cut away under edge , slight filling when in place

    Snow shoes...Excess resin from lower edge to cut away and then fit

    Apostles...Small casting remnant to cut away on lower and then fit

    Teeth...Remove small casting post and fit in place

    Stock...Slight sanding to remove excess resin and then fit ( suggest pinning)

    Barrel...as with stock

    Axe ...Carefully remove excess and fit to underneath of barrel

    Cooking pan....Excess to take away on lower edge and fit

    Pipe...small post to remove and then fit to figure

    Base...Slight sanding around lower edge and then pin in place

    General comments
    • I use an optivisor to go over review item so pick as much as possible up
    • Minimal prep with the overall casting very good indeed
    • Lots of details stuff to look at and work on
    I will look at the largest piece ...Main Torso, and it certainly is a big piece of resin , enhanced by the fact that he is well wrapped up against the harsh weather carrying various items he needs and for more warmth he has a polar bear skin over his shoulders , his head nestles slightly into the clothing turned to his left looking downwards in a pensive and thoughtful mood , his right arm cradles the weapon .

    Starting with the head he is fully bearded , long hair tucked into the inside of the animal skin , facial features are strong and well defined , as expected the eyes are well shaped and clean with no distorted shape , nose and cheek work are the same , the mouth is slightly opened to take the pipe ..his sole relaxation on his travels..all of these details will make painting a joy

    The animal skin is well textured with the details on the head being well shown , painting will bring this out as we see in the box art , on the underside of the mouth theare is an indentation to fit the teeth ..carefully !!!

    The jacket is slightly opened with the fur of the skin tied in the middle , the undercuts and shaping of this opening material is very good and it sits away from the main body .

    Moving down to the waist the belt is pulling the material into the body and we see his true waist size , above the belt the clothing bellows out making it look like he has paunch !! The belt itself , is well done with an edging , a good buckle and blet end with the balt looped under and over the centre...nice bit of interest.

    Across his body we see 2 straps , the larger has very ornate buckle on it and carry's the ammunition apostles and a larger bag underneath the right arm ( this has a fur textured showing ) , the end of the belt is held close to the body by a smaller belt and a bag , this has nice definition at the seams showing well done stitching .

    Showing on both sides are his straps for the backpack he carry's the one on the right has a"D" ring hanging down as well .

    The left hand and cuff is well protected by a skin glove , excellent textures and a good fur lining which blossoms out at the top.

    The seams of the jacket has been sculpted on both sleeves showing that this was made from various sized skins.

    At the rear there is the blanket rolls , pouches and bags all sculpted to form the "backpack"

    Galapagos Oiken 006.jpg Galapagos Oiken 010.jpg Galapagos Oiken 007.jpg Galapagos Oiken 008.jpg Galapagos Oiken 009.jpg Galapagos Oiken 011.jpg Galapagos Oiken 012.jpg Galapagos Oiken 013.jpg Galapagos Oiken 014.jpg Galapagos Oiken 015.jpg Galapagos Oiken 016.jpg Galapagos Oiken 017.jpg Galapagos Oiken 018.jpg Galapagos Oiken 019.jpg
    Galapagos Oiken 020.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Now to the remainder of the pieces


    A well shaped fur covered hat with the sides pulled up and held central on the top , very good texture work equal to that of the main animal , around the lower edge we see a strap which pulls in the snow goggles at the front , these are a good shape with just slits for the eyes to see through , helping prevent snow blindness ...they are very similar to those in the review references used in the older days by eskimo's etc.

    Fit of the hat is good to the head itself with only a tiny bit of filling needed in some area's

    Galapagos Oiken 021.jpg Galapagos Oiken 023.jpg Galapagos Oiken 022.jpg
    Galapagos Oiken 024.jpg

    Animal Paw

    This is well sculpted with particularly large and lethal looking claws , it looks oversize for some but compared to the human hand in the picture at the beginning , scale looks good ...and these animals are very large and very imposing.

    Fit is easy by a small circle's of resin matching a cutout on the torso ...you could if you choose leave this off and slightly rework the fur on the torso ..but IMO a shame not to use it ...but be careful of those claws.

    Galapagos Oiken 025.jpg Galapagos Oiken 026.jpg

    Snow Shoes

    You get 2 of these , not full scale size but no matter as the make up of these is excellent with all the cording and ties being very well done , knots are shown these really add interest to his equipment , fit is no issue to the rear ( refer to the pictures if you need)

    Galapagos Oiken 028.jpg Galapagos Oiken 029.jpg Galapagos Oiken 030.jpg


    3 of these are provided all are separate and all are loosely based on 17th century items , good work on the shape and design , fitment is into a small hole for each under the bigger belt he has.


    A small piece ...easily lost ( yes guess who was fighting the carpet monster!!) , 2 larger ones and several smaller inbetween have been sculpted.

    Galapagos Oiken 031.jpg


    The barrel is a blunderbus in style and really does look the business , I am impressed with the casting of the inside at the muzzle end ...well shaped and well cast , underneath the barrel we have a hand grip with a dragon design , chinese in style , this appears on both sides .

    Fit is to a flat area at the elbow bend ..I would certainly pin all 3 elements of the weapon

    The stock is very wide and has been wrapped in strips of cloth for grip and comfort I am sure , I like the way the edges of these have been treated , the end has a metal but plates on it , slightly shaped with 2 rivets .

    The axe is certainly steampunk in look , shaped well with a good blade and a engraved design on it with it fitting underneath the barrel , , if you can pin this as well ..or you could leav off and rework the small area left on the barrel .

    Galapagos Oiken 032.jpg Galapagos Oiken 034.jpg Galapagos Oiken 035.jpg Galapagos Oiken 036.jpg

    Pan and Pipe

    The pipe is a nice addition , no doubt hand made by our man , nice testures on this , fits into a cutout on the right of the mouth and in place does look good.

    The Pan or rather a frying pan ...is one of my favourite parts just looks so right , hand made again with the handle wrapped in bindings , in the middle we have the entire contents of his cutlery drw ...a spoon and afork , nestled nicely into the pan itself ...again I would suggest pinning

    Galapagos Oiken 038.jpg Galapagos Oiken 039.jpg


    A angled piece well shaped and suitable with a good cutout on the underside of the torso ...if you use this pin it !!!

    Galapagos Oiken 040.jpg

    Final thoughts

    Galapagos releases are always welcome and something different , casting and presentation are some of the best I have seen , painting will be challenging but very enjoyable and I have no doubt you will love every second of having this on the bench


    You could also contact Ju Won by e mail


    Why not visit the website:


    Or by PM on this forum


    Thanks to you all for looking in and thanks to Galapagos for the review piece

    Finally before I finish lets enjoy some more views of the box artwork

    xxxx.jpg xx.jpg xxx.jpg

    Happy modelling

  4. bagelman1952 Well-Known Member

    Superb piece of sculpting.
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  5. Jimbo A Fixture

    Superb review Kev of a superb looking bust:)
    Well done mate(y)
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  6. clrsgt A Fixture

    A great looking bust for the fantasy gang.
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  7. DaddyO A Fixture

    Cheers Kev
    Who knows I might even be tempted . . . .:eek: (Even if I'm not I love the paintwork on the sealskin? jacket)

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  8. WehrWolf Member

    great bust and beautiful painting(y) love it!

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