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Galapagos Miniatures News

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Ju-Won Jung, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Ju-Won Jung Active Member

    Hi everyone~

    This is Galapagos Miniatures's new original statue.
    It's a hunter walking somewhere in the snow field.
    I will come back to you after I finish painting the box-art soon.
    I hope you like it :)

    Title- Oikeus ' The Righteous '
    Scale- 1:10 Bust
    Parts- 15
    Material- Resin
    Sculpted by Ju-Won Jung

    Always welcome any contact about product.
    Thank you~


    Oikeus (9).jpg

    Oikeus (1).jpg

    Oikeus (6).jpg

    Oikeus (2).jpg

    Oikeus (3).jpg

    Oikeus (4).jpg

    Thank you for your time :)
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  2. Jimbo A Fixture

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  3. bagelman1952 Well-Known Member

    I like the piece. My only thought is that a hunter would be unlikely to use a "blunderbuss" type weapon. They are strictly close range with a massive spread of shot.
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  4. grasshopper A Fixture

    Ken is right..the piece is neither fantasy nor historical. The blunderbuss thing looks goofy...
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  5. Ju-Won Jung Active Member

    Thank you for your feedback.
    It is a realm of fantasy, but it also makes use of historical objects.
    The gun isn't nice, but I'll try to paint it to look cool :)
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  6. MuzaferVaapov Active Member

    Amazing work!!! Great sculpt! Is it supersculpey?
  7. TERRYSOMME1916 A Fixture

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this one will certainly divide opinion but personally I like it purely from the point of the excellent sculpting and I have absolutely no doubt that this will be a cracker when painted, with so many different textures to challenge the painter, its also one of those subjects that does not require any historical accuracy when painting so it could provide a nice break away from trying to get those uniforms etc exactly right.
    In the hands of the right painter that blunderbuss will look great.
  8. kagemusha A Fixture

    Personally....I think this has hidden potential for reworking certain aspects...the 'blunderbuss' being the obvious....and will give the painter a lot of fun with the textures.

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  9. MrBMB A Fixture

    I like it!!
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  10. megroot A Fixture

    Looks great to me.

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  11. Jimbo A Fixture

    A long rifle could always be added on his shoulder, if you can find somewhere to fit it in of course... I myself like the blunderbuss, just the job for seeing off them pesky injun's at close range, so looks like this is yet another one on the wish list to add to the grey army(y)
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  12. grasshopper A Fixture

    I think Ron points out something broadly important ..pieces that have potential or demand some creative input from the painter...he’s right on this one..to my first glance it’s neither fish nor fowl, but could be taken either way
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  13. grasshopper A Fixture

    The one clear error in proportion ..the claws vs head. Black bears don’t have claws that big, griz have big heads..snowshoes are small for size of the guy..
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  14. bagelman1952 Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's a polar bear and the guy has dainty feet. I did say in my initial post that I liked it. It is a very nice sculpt. I was just observing that I wasn't sure if it was real, fantasy or even steampunk. Because of the blunderbus/axe thingy the description of a hunter somewhere did not fit. In my humble opininion simply changing said weapon for a nice musket would make all the difference.
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  15. Reptor A Fixture

    New Amazing work!!! Great sculpt! (y):love:
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  16. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    ... walking on the snow ....:D
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  17. Helm A Fixture

    I like it, like others not a huge fan of the gun. That aside it's a very nice piece and least it's different again, like the rest of the range.
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  18. DEL A Fixture

    I like it. It's very clearly not an historical piece, it's fantasy edging towards steampunk so proportions of the equipment etc don't really cause me any concern. The blunderbus axe works fine and adds a bit of quirky interest.
    Brings to mind Philip Pullman's Norther Lights.
    What does matter, given that the subject is human is facial anatomy and this is bang on.
    Take it as it is or rework it to suit your own taste either way you get a great sculpt with loads of fun for the painter.
  19. Ju-Won Jung Active Member

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and comments~
    It will help me to do better work.
    Have a good weekends :)

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  20. Ju-Won Jung Active Member

    That's right. I use it and epoxy putty :)

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