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Furry companions...

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Airkid, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. Airkid A Fixture

    I notice there are quite a few avatars depicting dogs on here, which led me to wonder how many of us share our homes with one or more critters. We have a dog who often spends his afternoons curled up in my workshop (which explains the hairs on my figures:eek:) Here he is:

    His name is Matti - he's an eight year old Swedish Vallhund and we've had him from a pup.
    He is a total character, and we wouldn't be without him.
    Anyone else out there have four legged family members??

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  2. Chris Oldfield A Fixture

    My Bichon Frise Millie, who's 11 years old & lies on the stairs or under my bench whilst I'm modelling. IMG_0514.JPG
    Still having a problem getting images to appear the right way up!
    That's why I rarely post photos......:mad:
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  3. Moonraker Active Member

    Polly cat
    She drinks my clean painting water! 96AF32E3-0506-4637-B658-6B27BFA220EB.jpeg
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  4. sd0324 PlanetFigure Supporter

    This is Coco the Wonder Dog. She is a Jack Russell terrorist who keeps me very good company.

    Attached Files:

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  5. Babelfish A Fixture

    My old avatar was my last dog Morris, but now I just have the babelfish.

    We have two dogs and four cats.

    Dudley & Nigel


    Tyrian & Sansa

    Sansa & Tyrian July 2020.jpg

    Coco & Columbo (sons of Tyrian & Sansa)


    - Steve
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  6. Wayneb A Fixture

    Dogs are better than people...........
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  7. valiant A Fixture

    My two modelling companions, Bonnie and Bruno....(y) IMG_20190826_220047572_BURST000_COVER.jpg
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  8. fogie A Fixture

    Here are our two Springers.....

    Meg and Rose.jpg

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  9. Dolf Well-Known Member

    Well, sad to say but in general I can't disagree with that statement... :( I'll just include all non-human animals, not just dogs. I currently have just one dog, but I've also had cats and birds, and other animal species, and they all are, in general, better than people, in general. Luckily (for the good people) there are some exceptions to this sad kind of rule...

    Anyway, my faithful companion since 2013 (she was born in January that year, and I got her in early April, so still a pup), who just turned 8 years old this last January, is Snowy, a white female German Spitz, standard size.

    Here she is for her 8th birthday "party" (I buy a candle with a number on it every year, and light it on a kind of madeleine, while singing Happy Birthday, it became a kind of tradition on her birthday every year), last January :

    IMG_2726 copy.jpg

    One more, of the last time we were able to go run and play on the beach (which she loves, and now misses as much as I do), in late January 2020, right before the world changed last year:

    IMG_2158 copy.jpg

    And a couple more, same beach where we used to go on a regular basis, back in 2019, and in 2018, when life was not perfect, but at least we had some freedoms, including freedom of movement, which highly likely the world will never see again...

    IMG_1567 copy.jpg

    IMG_1085 copy.jpg

    Animals (non-human ones) are our best friends! No human that I'm aware of is capable of such unconditional love. Animals never lie, and unfortunately that is something most humans can't do!

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  10. billyturnip A Fixture


    On the left is our dog Grace with her little friend Minnie, my daughters dog.
    Grace's Dad is a Red Fox Lab and her Mother a Rottweiler/Border Collie X.
    Minnie is a Poodle, Golden Retriever X and is soon going to live in Cyprus. We're going to miss that little pain in the backside.

    Grace as a puppy...

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  11. fogie A Fixture

    Looks to me like our guilty secret is out....we're not really a bunch of
    hard-arsed militarists tearing shreds out of each other over our skills
    with a paintbrush. Instead we're rather a sentimental lot of old softies
    who clearly love animals. Long may it continue........:joyful:

  12. Graham A Fixture

    Sadly, I have lost my two beloved companions. Ben, the chocolate lab passed a few years back. He was the gentlest giant who gave the best bear hugs. He brought up Kim, the white lab, to be just as gentle and loving. We lost Kim at the start of the first lockdown.

    They may have gone back to each other over the rainbow but the wonderful memories they gave us will be with us forever:)

  13. Moonraker Active Member

    Really sorry to hear that Graham. I know exactly how you feel because I lost my old tabby on Christmas Day this year.....he had a truly noble soul....unless you were a mouse or shrew!

    Attached Files:

  14. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

  15. Dolf Well-Known Member

    "Vitja... Miaooow!"

    Beautiful eyes! I miss my cats :(

    And she clearly is a real mouse hunter :D

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  16. Airkid A Fixture

    Amen to that Mike.(y)
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  17. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Guinness, My faithful mate-never lets me out of his sight. Border Collie x Lurcher.

    He never needs a lead but I wear one round my neck when we go out in case we meet the bin men........People joke who is taking who for the walk?.....LOL 40397_102465019812095_7962946_n.jpg View attachment 412289
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  18. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Guinness was a rescue dog at 18 months old when we took him on, he has been forever grateful and never puts a foot wrong.

    He's now a 13.5 year old boy who loves IMG_20201227_150056403.jpg his bed.
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  19. Airkid A Fixture

    A comfortable life with lots of love is all they want, eh?

  20. Dolf Well-Known Member

    "Sadly, I have lost my two beloved companions."

    Sorry to hear that Graham. I know the feeling, I've lost so many of my best four legged and two winged friends during my life that I would have lost track if the wonderful memories they gave me, that unconditional love that only animals are able to give, would not remain in my heart forever!

    The last one I lost was another female dog, a mix of Yorkshire Terrier and some other breed I don't know (I rescued her when she was, apparently, two years old, in 2008). She passed from visceral leishmaniasis, which is provoked by the bite of a mosquito (despite she used an anti-parasites collar), a common problem in all Mediterranean countries, fortunately not that much in Central and Northern Europe.
    Anyway, when I say I love all animals, all parasites (mosquitos, fleas, ticks, etc) and a couple other non-friendly animals are an exception to that...

    It was a hard fight against the damn disease for 7 years (detected in 2010, she passed in 2017), but this is a fatal disease, there's nothing science can do to save them...

    I find it deeply unfair that our best friends have such a short life span compared to ours...

    Here she is, my Princesa (in 2016) :

    IMG_0879 copy.jpg

    In 2015, together with a younger Snowy and my girlfriend's German Spitz, Fofinha, that already passed in 2018, at the age of 16 years old (which is quite a long life for the breed) :

    IMG_0842 copy.jpg

    And in 2013, right after I came live where I'm living now:

    IMG_0278 copy.jpg


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