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Review "French Mary" from Nick Majerus

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Aug 25, 2021.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Thought I would take a look at a interesting release from American modeller Nick Majerus , well respected in our hobby's community and a PF member
    Nick first announced this whilst in the process of a house move so all credit for his dedication ...link here: https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/coming-soon-french-mary-acw.312675/

    image (1).jpeg

    The subject is a ACW female hero named Mary Tepe but known as "French Mary" due to her origin , who acted as a Vivandiere in the famous union regiment the 114th Pennsylvania being involved in 13 battles including Fredericksburg where she was wounded and awarded a silver cup and Chancellorville at which her skirt was decimated by bullets and the plain wood whisky barrel smashed after which she was awarded the famous Kearney Cross (see pictures)

    Her uniform was based around the actual regiments and included a Navy shell jacket , red piping , red or white blouse and skirt in a navy blue with red hoops also worn was a pair of red trouser "a la Zouave"

    A later newspaper report stated that the new barrel was decorated by each section being painted in a red , white and blue ...on one end a eagle (presumably the US version) and on the other the wording "French Mary", 114th Pennsylvania

    As a weapon she carried a Remington 44 pistol

    She survived the entire war after which she suffered not only from her wounds but also a abusive marriage , she filed for divorce ( almost unheard of at the time ) but didn't follow this up , refused a military pension as well resulting in 1901 the desperate act of taking her own life by drinking a poison

    Her grave was located in 1988 and a headstone put up..........this is tended by a lady called CINDY McSHANE who you see here at the grave....... for more details including excellent videos visit the website mary.tepe@uniongenerals.org

    image (3).jpeg

    image.jpeg mary_tepe_vivandiere-209x300.jpg H2078-L167545136.jpg KC1-1.jpg Mary Remington 44.jpg FM3.jpg lsj 2mmm.jpg lsj 2ppp.jpg

    Ladies served in many armies here is a couple of books you might find of interest , Osprey were apparently planning a ACW book in the elite series but I haven't seen it yet

    51SJ-Yslx1L._SY445_SX342_QL70_ML2_.jpg 9781472841933_25.jpg 1163941.jpg

    Details of the release

    Title: French Mary

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Light cream resin

    Number of Pieces: 10

    Sculptor 3D Master by Italian Maxim Maximus

    Casting: Nick Majerus

    The 3D master image

    French Mary ACW1.jpeg

    Here we have Nicks painted version

    IMG_3781 (2).JPG

    Parts were packed in a small box with foam chippings, the smaller parts in a resealable bag ,

    IMG_3792 (2).JPG

    Parts consist of the torso , 2 arms , head , bonnet, 2 straps, holster, the barrel , the pouring spout/tap , no base is included



    Torso...clean off excess resin and fill small air holes underneath , fine casting line to sand off at sides
    Arms...Excess resin from rear of sleeves , flashing on hand
    Head...Sand off top
    Bonnet....Clean up edge of feather and then fit bonnet to head
    Barrel....Remove casting excess and fit
    Straps/Tap....Fit into place
    Holster...Remove casting excess and fit

    General Comments

    Some might like to reduce the straps in thickness or replace them

    The overall piece IMO has quite soft casting , all area's are there but I feel there could be sharper definition overall with the exception of the bonnet which has good texture work

    When I do my version I will work on the hair a bit more and probably fill the eyes in with putty as they are not full

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets look at the resin


    Wearing the open jacket with the decoration on each sides , the shaping is good , the edging has buttons running down on each side , the shirt is showing underneath again with buttons leading up to a small collar , epaulettes are on each side again with buttons one at the top the other are the lower edge

    Across the left shoulder is the strap for the keg , some might wish to replace this or at least thin it back where itis over the shirt

    On the right lower front there is a small hole this is to fit the keg into using the fine cast on post ......I would suggest you actually pin this

    At the waist she wears the sash as did the men she served over this the belt with a eagle buckle , I would have liked more definition on this but painting should bring it out

    The left side shows the Kearney Cross and the small cross she is seen wearing , both are well shaped and sharp in definition

    As I said IMO the creases and folds look a little soft considering its 3D

    You will need to drill a suitable fitment hole to base up the bust



    Overall the head does look like the subject but careful painting is needed to bring everything out , I will fill the eyes on my version and detail up the hair itself


    The bonnet is a straw effect and has some nice details on the surfaces ,, around the brims a ribbon with a couple of nice bows , additional decoration is in the shape of a full feather ...again painting will bring out the details, when in position it will add to the sculpt ...bringing Mary to life

    DSCN1825.JPG DSCN1826.JPG DSCN1827.JPG


    Both are bent at the elbow when in position the right holds the strap for the keg , fitment to the shoulders is good with only a small amount of filler needed

    The cuffs have the trefoil piping with the left hand being clentched together , fingers are good with the nails being shown

    DSCN1819.JPG DSCN1820.JPG DSCN1821.JPG

    DSCN1822.JPG DSCN1823.JPG DSCN1824.JPG


    The keg is a good shape with the sections showing well , the cross banding will need a bit of sanding , on each end there is a locating hole for the strap ends , with a additional hole underneath one for the fitment of the actual tap

    Beware the carpet monster the tap is small and will be easily lost !!!!

    The straps are thick in scale and do IMO need reducing , I will probably replace them on my version

    Once in place the keg looks really good and with the painting options will certainly be a focal point

    The holster is a good shape with a small amount of filler needed on the top of the flap , iside the weapon handle shows

    DSCN1832.JPG DSCN1831.JPG DSCN1833.JPG

    DSCN1830.JPG DSCN1829.JPG

    Final Thoughts

    A really good subject and one that will be popular especially with the American modellers, details are a little soft in area's but painting will bring out what is there and you will have with a bit of work which is all part of the fun of the hobby a distinctive display piece


    Thanks to Nick for the review piece , perhaps we might see others that served like Mary ., and a thanks from me to you all for looking in

    For more information on this and to contact Nick :

    Email to :sheetmetalguy43@gmail.com

    You can message here on PF as well as contacting via Social Media

    Happy benchtime and modelling

  3. bucsfan21 Well-Known Member

    Nap, Thanks for your thorough review of the bust. I appreciate your efforts! (y) Nick does an outstanding job casting. As modelers, we can improve each and every kit given our attention to adding detail and painting ability. Feel like Nick gave we painters a colorful subject! It is up to us to make improvements whether thru sharpening detail or in our painting style!

    Terry Martin-Member of the Atlanta Military Miniature Figure Society of Atlanta, GA:)
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  4. Scott Sheltz Well-Known Member

    Great review - interesting subject. Looking forward to a painted version
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  5. Henk A Fixture

    Good review Kev.
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  6. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys

    Thank you for the comments ....I have a few things planned when I paint my version

    Happy benchtime

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  7. bucsfan21 Well-Known Member

    Got My casting of French Mary! Kudos to Nick!(y)

    Terry Martin-Member of the Atlanta Military Figure Society of Atlanta, GA
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