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French Hussar of an Elite Company

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Magnus, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. Magnus Active Member

    I just started painting this bust of a French Hussar of an Elite Company from Medieval Forge Miniatures.
    Before going to far I just wanted to check that I'm on the right track for the uniform colors. I wanted to make him from the 7th regiment since I felt it would look good with a really dark pelisse.
    Napoleonic's is not my expertise and I have googled what I can find, but it's jungle :D
    For exemple I had a hard time finding references of the belt and chains as well as the shako.
    So, any help would be highly appreciated so I know I'm on the right way, thanks!


  2. DaddyO A Fixture

    I'm no expert Magnus, but the green might be a touch dark. :unsure:
    That said I really like the look so far (the damaged eye is fabulous) so I'd leave it :)

    Officers in particular had several variations of cords/laces/chains etc. Although there were regulations some regiments held onto old stuff that they liked or added other bits (Classic case is the fur head dress that was unofficially adopted by many officers) Individual colonels also had their own ideas. . . .

    Loving it so far

    ps - take a look at the sword blade which appears a bit bent in the bottom picture
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  3. pmfs A Fixture


    Nice touch on the blind eye!

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  4. khollar Well-Known Member

    Lovely work on this so far, Magnus. I really like what you’re doing with this one.

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  5. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very nice work, very nice painting so far.
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  6. arj A Fixture

    Very nice work.
    I've sent you a PM.

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  7. Zim PlanetFigure Supporter

    No idea on the uniform but the face and eye is superb
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  8. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Magnificent. Totally superb.
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  9. Evgeny Dravskikh Well-Known Member

    Wonderful work with light!(y) I also painted this bust, but my face turned out less expressive.
    The base for the color of the uniform is correct. Now need to lighten
    But you have to keep in mind - in a shako, a hussar is obtained not of an elite company, but of a central company. Accordingly, the fur of the collar of mentic should be black.
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  10. NeilW A Fixture

    Nice work.

    Overkill of refs below (mainly Jouineau H&C 7 plus Knotel and Rousellot).

    Agree with Evgeny that the fur should be black and that elite usually wore a colpak with a red plume. I can't find anything like the shoulder strap in my refs (troopers wore plain white) though officers often wore a red buttoned covering over theirs (clearly seen on Knotel's elite officer below).

    The green does seem quite dark but will serve as a base.

    Huss1.JPG Huss3a.JPG Huss3b.JPG Huss5.JPG Huss2.JPG Huss4.JPG Huss6.JPG Huss7.JPG Huss8.JPG Huss9.JPG Huss10.JPG Huss11.JPG Huss12.JPG HussK1.JPG HussK2.JPG HussK3.JPG HussR1.JPG
  11. Borek A Fixture

    It looks really great, amazing work so far. The blind eye is scary and very well done. The face looks great. Hold it!

    Cheers Borek :)
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  12. NeilW A Fixture

    Just an add on ref the cartridge belt: officers certainly wore fancier, often red/gold belts as per your version.

    Indeed, the first Knotel above show such a belt and there's an example (not 7th) below.

    HussK1.JPG BD4.JPG

    However, it seems that there was little standardisation and that various red/black/white versions existed.
    Huss16.JPG Huss15.JPG Huss17.JPG Huss18.JPG

    I had assumed that yours was a trooper: BUT, if you mean him as an officer than the red/gold belt and brown fur may be OK (according to Rousellot... though he'd still wear a colpak).
  13. Medieval Forge Miniatures A Fixture

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  14. Djoubri M Well-Known Member

    Yes beautiful work !
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  15. Magnus Active Member

    Thank you very much guys, you have been very helpful, appreciate it a lot!
    And Evgeny, you did an amazing version, very beautiful work!
    I made some more progress, this is what it's looking at, at the moment. IMG_5189.jpg
  16. malc Well-Known Member

    Looking great.

    As for the green you could do some highlighting in a slightly lighter shade of your green and I think it would look spot on and not distract from what is shaping into a great bust.
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  17. NeilW A Fixture

    Agree about the green needing some lifting (I can't remember who posted it but this colour chart is invaluable (though which of the 3 greens the 7th would be I don't know... but most refs do show a dark shade):
    colours french.jpg

    Useful link from someone grappling with the same problems:

    PS: Jouineau's H&C No9 does cover regiments for 1813-15 and Waterloo as below (I only have it in French).
    Huss19.JPG Huss19b.JPG

    PPS: why not do the 5th... you'll find a bit of research here:
    http://frederic.berjaud.free.fr/Hussards 05/05eHussards.htm

    (and you thought I was anal :wtf: )
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  18. NeilW A Fixture

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  19. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I just love this,the scars are brilliant
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  20. Slowpainter Member

    Fantastic job and the work on the eye is tremendous
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