French hussar of an elite company

Discussion in 'Completed Figures' started by Evgeny Dravskikh, May 22, 2020.

  1. Evgeny Dravskikh Well-Known Member

    French hussar of an elite company. 1812
    Manufacturer: Medieval Forge Miniatures.
    Sculptor: Alexander Safonov.
    Scale: 1/10
    The figure is painted as a boxard for Medieval Forge Miniatures
    Actually the second bust, painted by me for being in this amazing hobby. The thing is generally not very simple for me, which is noticeable in principle :D But nowhere to go - you have to try and achieve a result.:) Speaking of attempts. I tried to portray the elite hussar of the 9th regiment of the Great Army. Since Napoleonics is not my strongest side, I searched for it, and found on the Internet as many as 6 options for the shades of their mente. Of course, the 7th was finally drawn in the photo :D :D

    Traditionally, I will be categorically happy with all constructive comments, suggestions and wishes.

    P.S. Base is temporary. I haven’t decided on a constant yet :)

    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG 6.JPG
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  2. MoboSchreuder A Fixture

    Beautiful paintwork

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  3. Edorta A Fixture

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  4. malc PlanetFigure Supporter

    Really good work...beautiful paint

    Colours suit this bust very well.

    Flesh tones make the character look cold as you would expect in 1812 advance and more so retreat.

    Interested in how you achieve your braid.
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  5. Chrisr PlanetFigure Supporter

    Absolutely brilliant. The detail is superb. Well done. Only wish I could paint as well as you.
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  6. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Evegny

    Always good to see your artwork and a bust as well

    So many variations in uniform colours and dyes ...yours looks good , like the fleshtones

    Is it possible to explain/ show how you did the braid

    Thanks for sharing

    Happy benchtime

    Stay safe

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  7. Evgeny Dravskikh Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much friends for such nice and motivating comments! :)
    About the braid - there is nothing complicated. Everything is smooth on the sculpture, so you can draw any pattern you want. For the base I used a mixture of warm brown and gold. Then I applied the drawing with the same mixture with the addition of a large amount of goldbrown (used vallejo 70877). Then I repeated the lines (but in a smaller proportion, to give volume) with a mixture of yellow, light yellow with the addition of gold (old gold from vallejio (70878)). For the final highlights, a lot of ivory was added to this mixture.
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  8. Medieval Forge Miniatures A Fixture

    ЖЕНЯ !!!СУПЕР!!!!(y)
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  9. YDGIN Active Member

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  10. Bournouna Active Member

    ЖЕНЯ !!!СУПЕР!!!!(y)

    You can say that again!! Agree completely.
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