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French Armies of the Thirty Years War - Book Review

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Guy, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    Author: Stephane Thion
    Publisher: Little Round Top Editions , LRT
    Number of Pages: 173
    Fully Illustrated
    ISBN – 978-2-917747-01-8
    Size: 8 ½ X 11 inches

    photo 1 cover.JPG

    Stephane Thion and Jean-Paul Dana have been good friends for years.
    They both love miniatures and history. Jean-Paul Dana’s skills are more on painting
    of historical figures while Stephane Thion’s skills are more focused in war-game figures. Last year they decided to form a publishing company and this review is about their first release, “French Armies of the Thirty Years War”.

    Their Company is called LRT Editions (Little Round Top).
    And the bust shadow in the ring is Chamberlain from the American Civil War.

    This is my first book review and I gave it much thought as to how I wanted to present the book in my photographic review style I have used for the last 226 figure reviews. I will start out by telling you more about the book itself. It is printed in sturdy quality paper in the 8 ½ X 11 inch format bound in soft cover. The book is beautifully illustrated throughout and all photographic credits and copyrights are listed in the back section of the book.


    Context : The Thirty Years War

    This section goes into the Thirty Years War from the origins of the war to the end of the Swedish Period.

    It also covers the entrance of France into the war.

    photo 3 CONTENTS.JPG photo 2 iNTRO.JPG

    photo 5 context the war.JPG

    photo 4 Intro full page.JPG photo 8 france before.JPG

    The French Army Before The War [1617-1634]

    This section covers the Dutch School and the French Infantry from 1617 to 1634. It also goes into the French Cavalry from 1617 to 1634. Another section covers the Artillery from 1617 to 1648 with illustrations on the French Artillery pieces used.

    This section also covers the Command figures as well as On Campaign.

    photo 7 France in war.JPG photo 9 fr inf.JPG

    photo 10 fr inf.JPG

    The French Army in the Thirty Years War

    This section covers the French Infantry and Cavalry from 1617 to 1648 as well as the French Artillery in the same period. It also covers the figures in command, the Swedish influence while on Campaign. This section is also covered with full page and double page photographs of uniforms and famous paintings from the period.

    Uniforms and Colours

    This section is hugely illustrated with the uniforms and flags of the Thirty Years War period of time.

    photo 11 weapons.JPG photo 12 weapons.JPG

    photo 13 weapons.JPG

    photo 14 fr army.JPG photo 15 fr army.JPG

    [ continued in next post ]
  2. Guy A Fixture

    photo 16 Command.JPG photo 17 Uniforms.JPG

    photo 18 unif colors.JPG photo 19 operations.JPG


    This is a beautiful section in its own right with a chronological listing of events as they took place during The Thirty years War starting with the assassination of Concini on April 24, 1617 to the Battle of Zusmarchausen on May 17, 1648 to the Treaty of Westphalia on October 24, 1648.

    Appendix II
    Eyewitness Accounts

    This has to be my favorite section with eyewitness accounts by Cardinal Richelieu and Marechal de Besompierre. The Battle of Rocroi is also given an eyewitness view by several persons. Many eyewitness accounts of other battles are given making this quite an extensive chapter and fascinating to read.

    photo 20 appendix.JPG photo 21 eyewitness.JPG

    Appendix III
    Sculpt and Paint Figurines from the Period of the Thirty Years War
    By Luca Piergentili and Jean-paul Dana

    An excellent section about the sculpting process and painting process of the Bust of Richelieu.

    photo 22 sculpt paint.JPG

    photo 23 sculpt Rich.JPG photo 24 paint rich.JPG

    Bibliography & Acknowledgements & Photographic Copyrights.

    Here we have the complete Bibliography and listing of the photographic copyrights by page.

    photo 25 back cover.JPG

    In the 35 years I have been painting historical miniatures I have accumulated bookcase after bookcase of reference books on every major period of history. This book replaces all the books I would use to cover the Thirty Years War. It is complete with more photographic reference than I have seen in any book on the subject. Highly recommended for any history fan or historical miniature painter.

    Coming Soon
    Little Round Top Editions

    photo 26 commimg soon.jpg

    Little Round Top Editions
    Click here

  3. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the in-depth review Guy. These books look fantastic. Lots of color, great layout and design and quality papers. I'll certainly have to look into a few of these!

    Jay H.
  4. garyjd Well-Known Member

    That looks like a great book. I'd buy it for the paintings alone. A lot of the figure studies shown were painted by Meissonier. Cool stuff. ~Gary
  5. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks Guy,
    I was thinking buying or not buying.
    You pushed me over the line with this revieuw.

  6. Bad91Fellow Member

    Very nice one! i hope i'll get one in france this summer! one the "coming-soon-pic" is a book about the canadian militia. very interesting, too!
  7. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks guys. This is a fantastic book loaded with some famous paintings of the period. Great reference for painting.
  8. vergilius New Member

    supperb review of an amazing book
    thanks !
  9. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    I have this on the ever increasing list of must buys, what terrific reference.

  10. Condottiere New Member

    How is the English translation? Any significant translation errors?
  11. Guy A Fixture

    I saw no translation errors. It was very well done and translated.
  12. Condottiere New Member


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