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Review Fox Jupiter, Mr Lee's Minis.

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by franck edet, Aug 21, 2020.

  1. franck edet A Fixture

    Hello my Friends,

    let's talk about this great bust by MLM ... i pre-ordered it when it was announced, CV19 got in the process and ... my bust was lost somewhere between UK post and Canada Post ... Kyle was aware of the situation and there was no hesitation : he kindly sent me another bust, which arrived finally, Many many thanks again Kyle, you've proven that you really take care of your customers !


    On to the kit :

    it arrived packed in the classical MLM plastic box, along with a sticker and a handwritten dedicated postcard (once again : super friendly service !) there's no risk of lost or broken part !

    Once opening the box the parts are kept in the usual zipbags.

    Casting :

    everything is really up to today's standards : no bubbles, minimal cleaning, each and every detail is really "popping" which will allow an easy placement of your colours !
    building is made easy (i really mean it !) by the help of perfect molded plugs which helps a lot in order to align correctly the 2 hands with the gun.


    Anatomy :

    what a pleasure to have a normal female ... you know : not one almost naked or with oversized attributes, she looks like a real female warrior, the face is perfect with a kind of tired but strong expression. personnally i wouldn't look for trouble with her !
    The hair are finely detailed and look absolutely natural !


    Build :

    This was done in a snap after cutting some little pouring plugs which is totally normal

    Nitpicking :

    just because this is sci-fi doesn't mean you can forget operational life, this is here that the sculptor shows his lack of knowledge (or research) ... there is one thing that really bother me here : there is a kind of comm-unit on her ... right shoulder, this will interfere a lot with the fact of shouldering the gun correctly, 2nd point : the 2 mag-pouches are ... probably levitating as no holding system is to be seen. And finally there's a kind of "strap" on her right shoulder coming from nowhere and going to ... nowhere : strange.

    as I said this is just nitpicking probably due to the fact that my son being in the forces i have some rather good hints about how a warrior will equip himself for combat :)

    I will modify my exemple in order to correct those points, something rather easy as this is a resin kit :)

    Conclusion :

    an excellent piece from MLM with a lot of variations possible for the painter as this is Sci-Fi, i highly recommend it, even with its little problems (which are rather easy to adress)

    003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg
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  2. grasshopper A Fixture

    Good one indeed
  3. Forté A Fixture

    Not sure the concept artist (Ibrahim) or sculptor (Joao) have much combat xp really. Very much artistic license and style. But you're spot on for looking like a normal woman that yet another pin up. Her face sculpt is certainly more grumpy vet than Instagram influencer.

    Still surprised just how well the sculptor did the cuts on that range of busts.
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  4. franck edet A Fixture

    hello Steve,

    please take my points as constructive criticism : this kit is a real jewel and I can't wait to start mine this week-end. I will publish a WIP thread as usual here :)
    For the moment i have unglued the parts in order to be able to do the mods i want to :)

    cheers :)
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  5. Forté A Fixture

    Of course. Reviews are always subjective depending on the reviewers point of view. I find it interesting seeing what others look for and mention.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Always good to see individuals versions.
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  6. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Franck

    Many thanks for taking the tine to do the review in a constructive and honest way

    Plenty of options as Sci-fi and as you say good to see a " normal" woman

    BIG SHOUT OUT to Mr Lee's ...well done Kyle

    Hope we see a painted version from you

    Happy benchtime

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