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For information on "Il Volto del commando" news

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Zastrow.cuirassier, Dec 28, 2020.

  1. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    Latest news about Piersergio ALLEVI's brand: "Il volto del commando"
    54 mm Resin
    Sculpture : Piersergio ALLEVI, Boxart by Danilo CARTACCI

    The other miniatures are no longer available.

    For information and order :
  2. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    What a shame that those of us who don't or can't use Facebook will not be able to buy these fine pieces. I am able to just about see messages, but have no technical ability to go further.......:notworthy: Ah, well , I'll stick to buying figures from the plentiful sites that are simple to navigate.

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  3. Richard Baxter A Fixture

    You can buy them by e-mailing Piersergio direct at allevi.ps@gmail.com. No need to use Facebook.
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  4. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks, Richard, I'll give it a try (y)

  5. grasshopper A Fixture

    Does anyone have images of the pieces or just the box art renditions? Metal, resin?
  6. Richard Baxter A Fixture

    The figures are cast in white metal, quality is excellent.
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  7. grasshopper A Fixture

    Thanks...went thru his fb page..interesting gentleman. Am thinking to give off resin for a while as developed bad allergy and respirator won’t help.
  8. grasshopper A Fixture

    Sent him fb message to see if he has courier option. Otw is who know when to receive
  9. housecarl Moderator

    My insane view of Facebook.
    Choose Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and a thousand others ways to spew your bile across people you’ve never met.
    Choose updating your profile, tell the world what you had for breakfast and hope that someone, somewhere cares.
    Choose looking up old flames, desperate to believe that you don’t look as bad as they do.
    Choose live-blogging, from your first wank ‘til your last breath; human interaction reduced to nothing more than data.
    Choose Planet Figure, buy stuff and try to paint and hopefully enjoy it.
    Then moan when you buy more.
    Anyway, I loved painting it at the time.
    Live long my fellow enthusiasts.:nailbiting:(y)
  10. grasshopper A Fixture

    So, you just dated yourself..
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  11. clrsgt A Fixture

    I tried to email Allevi once and received no reply.
  12. grasshopper A Fixture

    A fact of small makers...it’s impossible to really know the quality: cartucci could make a broom handle look wonderful
  13. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

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  14. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

  15. grasshopper A Fixture

    Thank you ever so much: it’s Poste Militaire of old, scaled down...your review approach is exactly as I look for: you paid for it so if you are biased, at least you’ve earned that right; it’s intended not so much to hype the piece as to offer a potential buyer as much information as possible. I really do appreciate this...sending email as well as chasing on FB...for what it’s worth, there remains a place for traditional metal ..sculpte a la main...merci bien..
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  16. Steve Edwards Active Member

    Don't hesitate to add these figures to your collection. They are superb, so good in fact that you hesitate to paint them. My paintbrush skills are well short of Danilo Cartacci but even my inadequate efforts look pretty good. The first three, the foot figures, are metal 1/30 scale and are very good, clean castings. They are easily as good as Pegaso quality. The horse figure, for Col. Balabio, is a mixture of grey resin and white metal parts. The horse and figure are resin and the base, the sword and a few other parts (one of which I can not mention in polite company) are metal. It's an excellent combination, the horse is not as heavy as metal horses but is anchored by the weight of the metal base. The sword arm is metal which pleases old fashioned metal polishers such as myself. I detest resin swords, far too flimsy and never look right. I would rate the resin castings as being as good as Troop54.

    They are all Limited Edition. It looks like all the foot figures are sold out, however they do appear on Ebay from time to time. The horse figures are available. To buy, you should email Piersergio at the mailbox mentioned above. He's a really helpful guy and you can write to him in English. You pay through PayPal. The price to the UK is 65 Euros including postage. I am waiting for the postman to deliver Col. Casteldini, a late Christmas present to myself.
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  17. grasshopper A Fixture

    Thankyou so much..I’ve enjoyed some of Miguel Bravo Jimenez ..these look even more interesting..I totally agree re resin..am fighting dust allergies and disintegrating bits with two Scientific Models pieces that arrived Christmas Eve. So many details that can be done in printing, shouldn’t...better white metal, etch...wire..
  18. Ronaldo A Fixture

    Just about fekin sums it all up Carl :D
  19. Ronaldo A Fixture

    I have tried to buy a couple of these but payment is by Paypal who have shut me out for some unknown reason .
    Communication seems to have gotten harder since we forgot how to talk , right now blocked out of virgian media TV and cant get any tangible response
    even fro scamistan
  20. grasshopper A Fixture

    Dig into it..I relate to the frustration.

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