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Review For Honour, Robot Rocket Miniatures, 1/10th bust

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by franck edet, Sep 10, 2022.

  1. franck edet A Fixture

    Hello Gents,

    I received this bust from Robot Rocket 2 or 3 weeks ago and i thought it needed a review (even more in those times when we learn about many artisans closing out !)


    in the lasts years Robot Rocket developed a collaboration with CA Sculpts (Charles Agius) which is growing on, think of Ko-Hanna etc. This series is based on traditional Samurai ambiance mixed with android features, a kind of dystopic world in itself. All those products are very well received and some of them have been highly featured on well respected websites and shows.

    here I will speak about "For Honour" a 1/10th scale bust, but not the usual one ! the bust is part of a whole scenery creating a one of a kind feeling. I'll be clear : this one is not for the beginner in our hobby as it needs some practice in planning, assembling, and painting.

    so here we go, at first you receive a very sturdy box, quite on the luxury side with lacquer finish on the company logo over matte black :


    once opened you see immediately that the packaging took care of the parts, very good foam protection and ... a nice "postcard" of the model


    then you get to the parts (each part was carefully packaged, i opened the bubble bags for the picture !)


    now let's go to the parts :
    firts you have a whole "scenery" that will make the Bust "pop" like no other. there' a base and a kind of traditional japanese round window. Robot Rocket says the base is a plinth but in my opinion it will need a beautiful wood base under it. the "window" is a painting challenge in itself with the blooming cherry tree's branch coming around the left side, here some classical mold lines removing will be needed, which is quite normal with such a piece. (on mine there's no wrap to notice).
    plugs have been thought in order to secure a good assembly. the flowers on the tree branch are perfectly representing cherry flowers.


    then we get to the bust in itself, splitted in 2 parts : 1:bust and 2:hands over the Katana.
    here i don't see any mold lines to take care of, no flash neither (maybe just a little bit in some places but nothing necessiting more than a little scrub). fitting seems without any problem.
    the katana is a true bang of a Sculpt, the blade, the scabbard, everything is saying "samurai" in this. The hands are sculpted with it and show a real nice detailing.


    and then the bust in itself :
    such a Beauty ! she has her eyes closed, like in a deep thought, hair is flowing around her like in a light breeze, making some cherry flowers falling on her, some details on her are clearly showing her as an android, she's definitely not human, but she's so delicate in the same time. after a careful examination : i didn't see any line or flash to take care of.

    006.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg

    she's wearing a very nice kimono with lots of opportunities for the painter, could it be unicolored or with a lot of freehand embroideries. Folds are flowing very naturally, following the global hair direction.

    I feel so glad to have this gem here at home ! i just can't wait to start working on her.
    speaking of painting her : obviously you'll need to work on subassemblies, like : scenery, bust, katana, before putting all them together :)

    on another point : Robot Rocket released her counterpart named "For Glory" which is a male Android Samurai but with the same poetry in it which i will order very soon !
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  2. craigyboy Member

    Good review,
    i've got this piece also, what a great concept ! the cast quality is very good with a small amount of clean up to do, and as you said lots of opportunities for the painters to explore.
    i've also ordered the male version "for glory", the two together will look excellent.
    well done rocket robot!
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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Franck

    Not my thing but that's a lovely sculpt and the casting looks excellent , nice presentation as well

    Look forward to seeing your version

    Thanks for sharing

  4. grasshopper A Fixture

    I agree re makers closing- Mr Lee is done ..having closing sale
  5. yellowcat A Fixture

    Nice review!

    Sculpting is great, casting is fine and packaging is superb but a little pricey though. The round window looks delicate and fragile. I wish the round window and the katana to be casted in white metal.
    Speaking of the katana, it has a straight blade rather than a curve blade. It looks more like a Chokutō (直刀): A straight, single-edged sword that existed prior to the 10th century or may be a Ninjato (but too long for a Ninjato). I also noticed the katana with hands have a lot of flash.
    Looking forward to your WIP.

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  6. franck edet A Fixture

    hello mate, thanks for the words :)

    on my piece the flash on hands and katana is minimal, just some very light flash here and there to take care of, which i will do today as it is a rainy Sunday here in Quebec ;)

    cheers !

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