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Following the thread - Sculpt a Confederate Medic

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Kevin D., Feb 16, 2006.

  1. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Tor, Just start a thread on your Vbench. If this were not being done as a Step-by-Step that's where I would have placed. I'm happy to see that there are atleast a few of you (that we know of) that are giving sculpting a try.~Gary
  2. Kevin D. Well-Known Member

    Hi Tor,

    Thanks! This should turn out interesting, one way or the other! ;)


    I had a few days away with work and now, while looking at the head, I decided that my impressions as I left were correct. I just did not like the proportions.

    The following pics show that I took a step back and increased the back of the skull, opened up the eye sockets, and adjusted the the jawline. The head is baking as I type this.

    I decided to pull out SeeMore to look at proportions. SeeMore (if I may briefly digress) came to me by way of a Poker Game. Five couples that partied together when younger (with my wife and I) decided we would not let our friendship slip away over time. SO, over the last 25 years we have slowed from partying to meeting faithfully for dinner once per month despite now living in cities about a hundred miles apart. Over the years, kids came along and are now young adults.
    At our last holiday gathering, the young pups started egging us men on about playing poker and how "hot" they (the young ones were at the game).

    Long story short... don't mess with a bunch of "old" guys that have been playing poker longer than you have been alive. :lol:

    I took my winnings and bought SeeMore and some tools and sculpting DVD's that I wanted!

    Apologies for the digression.... lets look at some pics and please, suggestions are wanted!!
  3. Kevin D. Well-Known Member

    I added 3mm to the back of the skull to make my measurements 15mmX15mmX12mm. (Height X Length nose to occipital X width temple to temple).

    I remeasured the half way point to locate the end of the jaw and future ear placement.

    I extended the jaw to that half way point.
  4. Kevin D. Well-Known Member

    I then reworked the front of the jaw and opened the left orbit. Not the best shot but discernable.
  5. Kevin D. Well-Known Member

    I still did not like the jawline. This proportions of jaw vs. skull just don't look right to me. Maybe its just my eyes but after stoping the jaw at the half way point, the jaw still seems short.
  6. Kevin D. Well-Known Member

    Although I may end up trimming some off, I lengthened the jawbone in the next 2 pics.
  7. Kevin D. Well-Known Member

    opposite side...
  8. Kevin D. Well-Known Member

    Reshaped and about to bake....
  9. Kevin D. Well-Known Member

    I should mention that the last picture is out of focus and actually, the eye sockets are much more "in balance" than the picture suggests.
  10. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Kevin, Much better. Your efforts are paying off for sure.~Gary

    PS, Have not forgotten about the diluent. :)
  11. TorMag Member


    Can I make a suggestion. I looks like you are using super sculpey right? I would suggest when getting a box of Super Sculpey mixing in one package white premo and half package of black. This in the end will give you a a grey sculpey that is slightly stronger and less prone to cracking and it will due away with translucency of the Super Sculpey. You will be able to see more of the flaws in your sculpt and the pictures will come out with more detail.


    PS Looking cool, would love to get a whole bunch of measurements off of Seemore.
  12. garyjd Well-Known Member

    The small packages of Sculpey III are great for getting a good color that makes it easier to see tool marks. If you mix 1 package of white and 1 of black it comes out to a medium gray, which is what I'm using for the 120mm sbs figure.~Gary
  13. Kevin D. Well-Known Member


    Excellent guys! I just picked up some small loop tools at Michael's yesterday and so, will head back over there and see what they have for a good mix!

    Gary, what do you think of the jawbone. Looking at it again, I think I need to find a midpoint between the two pictures (the one before and after my last addition to the jaw.

    Tor, at first glance it looks like SeeMore is exactly 10 times the 120mm scale. Let me know if I can send any measurements. Also, check Ebay for one of these... makes a great paperweight! :lol:

    Later guys,

  14. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Kevin, I think it looks good. Getting the foundation of a figure, i.e. armature right the first time around is essential. The figure is going to look bad no matter how good of a job you did on the rest.~Gary
  15. qulfon New Member

    I think you should change material. Material which you used to sculpt that head (I really don't know what it is) don't show all details of sculpt and have bad conistence and properties, try to sculpt head in other material (try to use milliput white, and try more grind and cut shape of the skull and then add a thin layer of skin and other elements. Look at gordy post about sculpting pirate head.


  16. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Martin, Kevin is just starting out sculpting and is using sculpey for this head. Though it may not be a material that is used by many, it allows the sculptor to spend an unlimited amount of time working the material without having the short working time that most, if not all putties have. It would however benefit him to use a color(s) other than what he's using, if not to see his work better.~Gary
  17. Kevin D. Well-Known Member

    Hi... thanks for your comments! I've tried using Magic Sculp before but for now I am staying in the very forgiving sculpey material. Its non-drying characteristics are handy for working and re-working and re-working and re-working and.... well, you get my drift. :lol:

    I've put the sculpting the head link in my documents for later use as I expand my skills, thanks!!


    A few more pics. Boy will I be glad when the head is done (if it turns out). I'm anxious to build the armature and try my hand at the rest of the SBS.

    The first three shots are cleaning up the skull once again to get it to my satisfaction before putting on the face.

    I did change over to Sculpey III. I think it is harder to work with and I really see the need for a diluent now.

    The next several shots are working the chin, starting the eyes, creating the cheek bones and starting the cheeks as well as increasing the size of the nose.

    I bumped the lower lip while working another part of the face. I'll fix that on the next go round.
  18. Kevin D. Well-Known Member

    cleaned up left side
  19. Kevin D. Well-Known Member

    cleaned up right side
  20. Kevin D. Well-Known Member

    start eyes, lower lip and chin

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