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Flats does anyone still do those?

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Comic-Club, Nov 22, 2023.

  1. Comic-Club Member

    Hi Guys, I am not really a big participant here. Thats because mainly my scale is Garage Kit (1/6) so I am not really in minis.
    But I made as curiosity some Flats, out of resin. and I wonder if therre are still people painting this kind of kits.

    I produced a few Batman, to change from the Napoleon and Civil War.

    And I did some modern Soldier.Of course they are bigger than those old tiny metal Flats.

    The Batman Flats are 50mm in diameter of the Logo or Moon.

    The Military are 75mm high, not the scale, but the real high .....Would love to hear some comment about those.

    The Flats are painted by Roland König (Germany)

    One military Flat I did in my usual 75mm high but also one in bigger, just to see how it turned out. The smaller one i did produce, the bigger don't know. title Ain't Heavy

    Then I have 2 portraits of modern soldier in Afghanistan , an Indian, kneeling soldier and a Military Symbol

    Thanks for giving me a few comments

    Click on for larger images as appropriate


    87341050-9CF2-4E61-AE40-CC1CA95CB5E6.jpeg 146670E7-2B26-45C0-B2F3-52AB84807D1A.jpeg 1392DFC8-7469-4570-9E23-B63F8D1000B4.jpeg C7C7037C-A575-4CEA-A36B-26283129323A.jpeg 768364BF-1B32-48BD-9287-2A88F85C8567.jpeg 1678BE94-DE45-4BF4-9C1B-12A535208E1F.jpeg 29CEF698-71F1-4400-A789-8DC2B17BB370.jpeg

    02C1A970-1BCE-4BB0-B844-5AF3FA310160.jpeg 236E65D2-F792-4882-A736-7DE251A6569B.jpeg
    0E18293A-FC68-4228-B349-0B7DA74CD7C6.jpeg FA524CF5-EF6D-40A0-8958-851C9C279DB9.jpeg 257F08FC-7D38-4698-BECF-39B95CBBD5FF.jpeg 87417A3A-3B84-4AD4-BDCD-5B9A702CEED5.jpeg
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  2. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    These are excellent but perhaps more demi ronde than flat? Are they cast or 3d printed? Do you market them yet?

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  3. Rob A Fixture

    Those are great, especially the Medic vignette piece. They are "Demi Ronde" rather than flats and there is certainly a market for them. I have a couple of pieces from Centurion Miniatures who do some beautiful pieces in both "Demi" and "Quartier" Ronde.


    There are also a growing number of 3D printed "Reliefs" (as the 3D crowd call them) on sites like CGTrader and MyMiniFactory.

    I think if you have a hunt about you will find other people making pieces in this style.
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  4. Billy Dickinson PlanetFigure Supporter

    Wow.. those are pretty impressive..bas-relief I think is the term. Love the 3d effect sculpting….
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  5. Blind Pew A Fixture

    These are bas-reliefs as opposed to flats. I think the difference is that these are contoured. They're good as well and look a challenge to paint.
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  6. Steve headley A Fixture

    Very nice indeed love the medic vignette, they are very well done indeed there will be a market for them that’s for sure.


    TFB Miniatures Team
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  7. Briggsy A Fixture

    As has been said above there is a market out there for them, though some of the "flat figure" old guard can be a bit snobbish about non traditional flats. What you have produced is really very good indeed, especially the Batman figures which will appeal to the non military painters.

    Cheers Simon
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  8. Nap Moderator

    Good to see you posting and I agree all are commercial , particularly like the medic pairing

    Nice to see both military and non being shown .....the batman will certainly be fun to paint

    Thanks for sharing

  9. theBaron A Fixture

    Nicely finished, CC! And I wouldn't worry overmuch about the designation. They show your skill, and that's what's important.

    As others have mentioned, there are people who like this style, and traditional flats, as well as fully-round figures, too. I've got some flats in my stash but haven't gotten too far on painting them. I originally wanted to paint them in oils, "like the Germans do", but I turned more to my 54mm figures and also casting.

    Actually, I wouldn't say that most Planeteers are in "minis", either. I guess it depends on what you consider a mini. From my perspective, 1/72 scale or 30mm is where that starts. But there's no limit, whether on size/scale, or subject, or media. Paraphrasing a modeling site editor said years ago about scale modeling, paint what you like, the way you like!

    I look forward to seeing more of your work, both in these pieces, and in your 1/6 figures. I've got a small stash of anime and sci-fi figures, myself.

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  10. Comic-Club Member

    Tecumsea Yes I commercialise them, all are 15 Euro/piece (except the symbol Relief is only 13€) plus shipping (depending on the location.)
    theBaron for me everthing smaller than 1/12 is "Mini" :)
    I made these just to try... and I love them. will see on a next Con if they do sell. Thanks Guys for the nice words.

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