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Flat At Euromilitaire

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by RFL, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. RFL Active Member


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  2. Helm A Fixture

  3. geaugan Member

    It is not a "traditional" flat. It is a cut-out painted by an obviously very talented artist.
  4. DEL A Fixture

    I saw this and although I thought it was, as you say, a painting that had been cut to shape I dismissed the thought assuming that it would not have been judged unless it fufilled the criteria of a flat figure.
    Presumably I have misinterpreted what constitutes a flat 'figure'.
    I have to say this gives me some concern, whilst it's a brilliant illustration / painting, for me thats just what it is...it's a painting on a surface that has had no modelling, a sort of decoupage. Can't get my head or is it my predjudicies around that.
  5. geaugan Member

    There have been many discussions over this very issue on the BFFS. Some people are "purists" who feel that a flat has to be engraved in slate and then poured from a mould. But, then what do you do with the more recent brood of resin cast "flats." Painted cuts out have beem around for quite awhile. Ron Rudat did some georgeus stuff years ago and they were in MFCA competition. Some of Rick Taylor's (Canada) phenomenal work was done on slugs cut-out by his brother or BIL.
  6. DEL A Fixture

    Fair point it just doesn't 'feel' right to me. The resin casts are exactly that, casts of a sculpted original so no issue there. I wonder how the AFV boys would feel about a flat cut out of a T34....it's the Modelling bit in Military / Fantasy Modelling...we are painting a modelled / sculpted surface. If this style was taken to it's logical conclusion why bother with the cut out aspect, if you're good enough simply submit a painting.
  7. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Hello Del
    I must admit I shar your feeling about this. Years ago 1974-75, I was in a club in Belgium and one of the member just showed that : decouped sheet of metall painted with great talent . This was a good show for us ; how to paint a pavese, a shield or a flag .
    We were admirative but I never classified this as Mil Modelling . See our friend Zermina who paint figures first + a superb talent for painting miniatures on flags, pavese, clothing, horse caparison etc
    Perhaps, to be fully accepted , he could paint a fantasy fig. with a flag and whatever he wish on it .
  8. Gijs Member

    This one is painted by Jean-Pierre Duthileul, the president from "Les Cannoniers" from Lille (France). I like it very much.
  9. DEL A Fixture

    It is genuinely beautifully painted but I stand by my earlier points.
  10. Einion Well-Known Member

    Unless the rules in Euro for the flat categories have been changed I don't think it should have been judged because it didn't fulfil one of the requirements.

    I don't think work like this should be allowed in any flat competition, partly for traditional reasons, but also these days because of the potential for skullduggery.

  11. Don Well-Known Member

    but also these days because of the potential for skullduggery. Just love the Skullduggery Einion.

    I also saw this figure and if I remember correctly he had another I thought even better but never for the life of me did I think it should be entered as a "Flat".
    Wonderful painting indeed, but to me not a flat.


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