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First sbs - part 2 - gallipoli

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Brad S, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. Brad S Member

    Here is some more progress on the gallipoli figure. Trying to do a sbs has kept me motivated. I have finished his pants and his shirt. I am kind of discouraged now, I found a couple of pictures of the actual uniform and the color is kind of a greyish brown color. So now I dont know what to do. I thought I had the right colors. Anyway, Here is what I have so far.

    The pants are based in raw sienna, shadows increasing with aplications of earth brown and highlight increasing with naples yellow.

    The shirt is based in a flesh color, with shadows increasing in wood brown and later a touch of blue, and highlights with increases of naples yellow and later a touch of white.

    All Paints are acrlics of Andrea, Jo sonja, and Vallejo. The boots, socks and ammo belt and not even close to being finished.

    I hope you enjoy.

    Brad Spelts

  2. megroot A Fixture


    For me it looks good. I specially like the skintone.
    The looks OK. Beware that not every picture let us seen the right colors.

  3. PHIL WALDEN Member

    Hi Brad.its tough painting a uniform when the bloke is wearing what he could lay his hands on. In period of battle ANZAC troops where in a very gaunt state, due to deli belly and exhaustion; the heat was opressive and dirty fleas, flys, rats etc etc.. Cut down trouses of a heavy khaki cloth of a greenish brown all the way through to light sand colour and of a light wait, even grey colour. Shirts would have been a faded light khaki sand, in general white singlets sleves cut off short, when one says white I mean DIRTY colour , sweat stained grease, all their clothing was like this, as was the slouch hat, all linning was pulled out badges and puggaree got rid of, cut down the retension of heat and all where VERY battered.. His amo bando went from alight tan leather throughto a dark black brown with blackend brass studs. Often even the sling was removed from the weapon while the bayonet stayed attached. The watter bottle for the light horseman differed in style from that of the infantry, khaki cloth cover L/Horse leather strapes, infantry light sand webbing. Boots roughed up old tan leather socks khaki, black grey maroon etc.but in this period of the fighting evry thing was dirty.....
    enjoy him Phil.......
  4. Brad S Member

    Marc - Thank you for your increasing words of cofidence.

    Phil - Oh man! I knew I should have asked first on this forum about before proceeding with the figure. The actual box art has a denim looking color to his shirt, which I started to replicate, but had problems, and then decided that the blue color might not be correct. Thanks so much for your info.

    Brad Spelts
  5. Guy A Fixture

    Looks great Brad.............I'll follow your sbs closely as I just picked up this figure.
  6. bosko b Member

    Hi Brad,

    I am not at all familiar with the subject so I can only comment painting and I must say I like what I see, especially the back side of the shirt looks nice. Keep it up!


  7. Brad S Member

    Guy - Thanks for the reply. It is a nice figure. Only I thought the hair didn't have much definition and thought it would be wiped out after I applied the primer. So I did resculpt the hair with some milliput. Also broke the rifle sling ( which I always seem to do) and made a new one out of scrap plastic and buckles from historex. The resin seems to be a little softer than what I have had in the past. To me, it carved easily and also nicked easliy.

    Luka - Thank you for your words of encouragement. I might define the pants a little more.

    Brad Spelts
  8. PHIL WALDEN Member

    Morning Brad..about his hair, a No1 hair cut was the norm,lice mate... A collarless pale blue grey shirt was worn by the Brits. without pockets buttoned down to mid chest...dont despair cobber all will come out in the wash..

    looking forward to his progress Phil...
  9. Brad S Member

    Evening Phil - Thanks again. I shall not despair. Grease, flies, rats, lice. Man, I'm glad its not me. So blue/grey was Brit. I couldn't get my blue and grey paint to cooperate, so non Brit it is.

    Brad Spelts

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