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WIP First real attempt.

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Jay74747, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Jay74747 Member

    Hi all.
    I’ve ‘dabbled’ before but I’d like to know when sculpting is it ok to only finish the full figure off if it’s on show, I ask as some of the figures I’m sculpting it would be hard to see the feet, Bur if you looked hard enough you could.
    I’m worked no on Washington Crossing the Delaware in 120mm.
    Any advice would be greatly received.
    Many thanks in anticipation
    Jay B712BA59-0192-4921-9DAE-75C919273806.jpeg BEAE8509-6E5A-4BDE-80C7-C8383C78F572.jpeg
  2. Andreas K. Member

    I like the Idea and will follow this with Intrest , and if i can help i will do so .
    Looks good so far .
    Have a nice day
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  3. Jay74747 Member

    Thanks Andreas, I will post as I go.
  4. Jay74747 Member

    A few more photos.

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  5. Oda A Fixture

    A fantastic idea and so far it looks like you've got it all under your control.This should turn out great.What scale are you working on?

  6. Jay74747 Member

    Thanks Andreas
  7. Jay74747 Member

    Oda, I'm working in 120mm size.
    I'm new to this but I also have another on the go but it's in hold as I don't like the background

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  8. Oda A Fixture

    That is also fantastic!!!!!What an authentic idea.Make sure to keep us posted on both.I must say that you are very,very good beginner or not.I really like your ideas and how you turn them into reality.

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  9. Scotty Well-Known Member

    These are excellent, will it be the famous painting of Washington crossing the Delaware? I think it's up to yourself how much you sculpt but you'll know and it may play on your mind later if you don't do it to the best of your ability, I know it would bug me. I look forward to seeing these finished, I love those old photos of the guys building the New York skyscrapers.
    Best of luck with your sculpts,

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  10. Jay74747 Member

    Yes Scotty, I’m trying to produce something along the lines of the ‘Washington Crossing the Delaware ‘ painting. I’ve read that the painting has factual errors within but I’ve decided to try and replicate something as close as I can. The NY Skyscrapers was not planned it just seamed to come together. As I have already said I’m not happy with the background that’s why it’s on hold but this Delaware piece is my first attempt proper at sculpting.
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  11. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    This is some undertaking in 120mm, following with much interest.
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  12. 1969 A Fixture

    Nice work Jay, interesting project and looks like it is coming together well. As for the feet it's down to you if you can live with it, I know a lot of modellers will complete parts even if they are never to be seen just so they know they are there but it is a individual choice.
    Did you scratchbuild the boat ?

    Looks like you have made good use of the 120mm heads !

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  13. Scotty Well-Known Member


    I looked at the painting after seeing yours, apparently the flag is wrong for the date, it should be the red and white bars with the old union flag in the top right, sorry I can't remember what it's called and the boats were different but if you're depicting the painting that doesn't matter does it? It will be impressive. Are the heads from ReeDees?
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  14. Jay74747 Member

    Steve, yes your heads are supberb, please start casting hands in the same scale!!!
    The boat I built out of coffee stirrers and seems to match in scale too.
    I appreciate the service from you too, from order to collecting normally take a week from you, I have waited over two months for some orders as it arrives by the boat!
    Standby for more orders from me.
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  15. Jay74747 Member

    Scotty, yes that's what I found, flag wrong and different boat but I think I will go for the iconic picture just incase somebody gets offended!
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  16. Matt McGrath Member

    I think you're off to a good start. Looks like the basic anatomy is sound.
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  17. Dan Morton A Fixture

    This is your first sculpting and/or diorama project and you willingly took on the task of making a dozen* 120mm figures, all based on a famous painting of an historical event? :eek: If I were wearing a hat, I'd doff it to recognize your intestinal fortitude and what must be a sizable work ethic. Sizable - like Texas or Alaska. ;)

    All kidding aside, I'm very impressed and will be following.

    The most I ever completed was the line of eight casualties of the 55th Lancs division in Gassed. I've concluded I was delusional when I started that one.

    * I counted 12 shown in the painting by Leutze. IMO Leutze intentionally painted Washington and the standard bearer a little taller and more heroically proportioned vs. the other ten soldiers in the boat. Do you agree? Just curious - using 1/15th or 1/16th scale, have you worked out the 1:1 heights of the figures?
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  18. Jay74747 Member

    Hi Dan. Many thanks for the reply. Yes I agree Leutze painted Washington and the standard bearer higher to provide a focal point and also provide passion when viewed.
    I’m keeping all the figures in the 120mm-1/16 scale as I don’t want to end up with miss-proportioned figures as I think they will spoil the final piece.
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  19. Dan Morton A Fixture

    ..."I don’t want to end up with miss-proportioned figures as I think they will spoil the final piece."
    No offense but I don't think this is a foregone conclusion. It's just something you have to deal with.

    All the best,


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  20. Jay74747 Member

    First figure finished only 10 more to go..

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