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First horse

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by amherbert, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. amherbert Member


    I have been working on an Airfix Lifeguard for a little while. I've modified the shabraque and saddle to better fit the horse using a lot of sanding and a little milliput. I added leather items with putty or paper (thanks to advice from you lot).

    The horse is supposed to be a bay.
    I haven't done anything but lay on a base coat of burnt umber, sepia and a bit of sienna, then highlighted and shaded that. I added a black and sepia mix for the mane, tail and 'socks'. I did a bit of blending with the dark color.

    I have two pics, and any comments, feedback, suggestions, are welcomed. I'm a big boy, be mean if it's required.

    I plan to add some white (a star or something) to the face between the eyes. I'm not sure how to do the eyes, I know very little white if any should show. I don't know how to best paint the muzzle and skin in other areas. And I haven't painted the hooves, saddle or leatherwork yet.


  2. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Andy, I would pass this onto Anders as he owns at least one horse that I know of, and seems knowledgable about the subject.~Gary
  3. KeithP Active Member



  4. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    I really like the shadows and highlights you have done Andy. I know almost nothing about horses, so i can't really help you here. Keep it up man, you are doing great.
  5. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Andy!

    The pictures are a ad dark, but from what I can see it looks spot on so far! Remember since it is a bay, the hoofs will be black (more of a gray really), unless you put a white 'sock' on him, then he could have a light hoof.

    As for the eyes, paint them brown, highlight a little with lighter brown, add the pupil and then paint pure white catchlights and put a couple of coats of future on them. Don't paint any whites, the pose is way to casual for the horse to be bug eyed (although I know some horses that I ride frequently always have the psycho horse eye look on them. Appaloosas also seam to have more whites in their eyes then most horses)

    Keep it up!
  6. amherbert Member

    Thanks guys!!


    I know the pics are dark. I used natural light only because I didn't want any color shifts. It was fairly sunny, but too cold to go outdoors to take the pics!

    And thanks for you help. I opted for no white socks, given the story that the hooves are more brittle on white-socked Bays. I figured my guard cavalryman would only get the best! So I guess I don't have that much work to do on the hooves.

    And I'll try what you suggested for the eyes. I have used some black on them to distinguish the eyes, and I'll try adding a lighter ring for the iris. I guess what I read about the whites of the horse's eyes was correct! You only see the whites when they're excited/nervous/scared.

    What do you suggest for the lips and muzzle? I bought a big used book on horses, and that's been a guide for the colors so far. I'm really not sure about the mouth.

    It's fun to do something different, and the contrast with the red-coated rider will be interesting.

  7. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Andy!

    As a former Farrier (Horse Shoer) I know about the hoofs and their structures! The white hoof's are not any more brittle, as matter of fact, probably less brittle then black hoofs, they are just a lot softer.

    As for the muzzle, here is a couple of shots of my horse, she is what I like to call a true bay, black mane & tail, 4 black hoofs and no markings (although horses with white socks are still Bay, but to me they are not TRUE bays :) )


  8. Guy A Fixture

    Super painting of the horse Andy. As a former owner of horses, you are right on the mark. Ander's pictures should help you in the final touches. I look forward to seeing your next step.
  9. amherbert Member

    Hi Anders and Guy

    That's a great help!

    And thanks for the kind words. Now to find the time to get more painting done...
    I have fifty papers to mark soon, and a nice fat pile of finals...


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