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First Figure

Discussion in 'Just starting...' started by pete nottingham, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. pete nottingham New Member

    Hi guys, I've just joined the forum, I've been modelling on and off for a few years now doing planes, trains and AFVs, just recently I've been suffering "modellers block" but I seem to be drawn more and more to the thought of doing a figure, all my life I've been interested in medieval history between 1000 and 1500 AD, so I thought I would have a go at some medieval figures, as this is a new venture for me I was hoping I could rely on you guys for some help, I had thought about getting a set of Italeri Historical figures to start with, not I hasten to add, for their detail but to practice my painting on.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi Peter,

    Welcome to Planet Figure and the wonderful world of figure modelling. You'll find all the help, advice and encouragement you could wish for here.

    For your first figure, I suggest you start off with something cheap and cheerful and use it to practice your painting skills. Italieri sounds just right to me. As you gain confidence and improve your skills then you can "graduate" in quality and price to the more advanced style of models.

    Also, get yourself a few good figure modelling books that demonstrate the "How to" techniques used by top painters and have lots of pretty pictures to inspire and educate you.

    Good luck and please share some progress pics with us so we can provide you with constructive criticism, give you encouragement and enjoy watching you develop as a figure modeller.
  3. Maglar Member

    Welcome Pete and it should be fun. Figure painting has a wee bit curve but you'll amaze yourself with some simple techniques. I'm a fellow aircrafter also, and it is nice making great looking figures for dios and pilots and such just following the basics. base color, highlight and shade.. but if you plan on "bigger" scales you'll need to know a lot more!

  4. housecarl Moderator

    I'll echo what everybody else has said, welcome. There's an endless resource of talent/knowledge to be found here, all you need to do is ask. I do enough of it!
    Asking that is, just enjoy what you do.
  5. jcichon Active Member

    Being what I consider a novice painter myself, if your considering using oils I urge you to watch Mongo Mels video on Historicus Forma.
    http://www.hfmodeling.com, look under painting and click on his oil painting video. You wont be sorry thats for sure.
    This video really helped me with oils and I couldnt have done it with out this video!!! If your using acrylics....well I cant help you there!! Italieri figures are great, along with DML or Tamyia, cheap, reasonably easy to assemble and clean though lacking in any personality IMO but its what I think we all started out on. THis site, along with Timelinesforum are two places I vist daily and get great advice on painting figures. Good luck!
  6. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Pete

    If you are used to using acrylics on your AFV’s then stick to them, some techniques used for AFV’s can come in handy with figures, you are just moving onto new colours thats all. Can I make a suggestion if you are not used to using painting techniques that involve close blending, I would move to figures without flesh showing first (chain mail, plate armour and materials, leathers) to get used to using the painting techniques, this will help build your confidence, faces especially are difficult to make look right, but I do agree that practice makes perfect, but jumping in at the deep end may put you off slightly...........

    one last thing - never give up, we all make mistakes, your next figure will always be better than the last...

  7. moore Active Member

    Hi Pete,

    I echo everyone's response.

    I am farily new to painting figures also. It was hard in the beginning for me to "just paint",
    but Dave and everyone is right.. practice, practice, and keep moving on and painting.
    I have a good club here in Atlanta, GA. The guys have been really good to me.
    I started out painting a Taimya figure. I did it in acrylics... but I eventually moved
    over to oils. Dave is right.. the next figure will be better than the last. There are
    times when one figure could prove a bit more difficult and may not turn out the best,
    but I learned from that and kept moving on. The moving on at times is a bit difficult
    for me... but I am getting there.

    This is a great forum, everyone is very helpful.

    Looking forward to seeing your work.

    Welcome !

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