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First bust ... almost done, need critique

Discussion in 'Just starting...' started by Russ, May 25, 2022.

  1. Russ Active Member

    Hey, all -

    I've been building 1/72 planes and tanks for years, but recently I've been working on my first bust, the Young Miniatures Roman Cavalry Officer 180 B.C. I apologize for the picture quality, but my photo setup isn't ready yet. I hope these are good enough for some pointed critique (including photo tips for busts and figures).

    I still have a bit of weathering and shading to do, but I consider this one ~95% done. I've learned a LOT, but I know there are "areas of opportunity for improvement". The colors are mostly Mission Models acrylics, with Tamiya Gold Leaf, a little dab of oil paint, and a coat of Scale 75 Inktense Crimson on the cloak.

    The kit stand was not what I wanted, so I sourced one from Etsy (not yet permanently attached yet). The marble effect is my first attempt.

    SO - any constructive criticisms are welcome, including how I can better present future offerings for review. Thanks in advance for any help!

    Roman CavOff1.jpg Roman CavOff2.jpg Roman CavOff3.jpg Roman CavOff4.jpg
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  2. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    It is difficult to critique (which I had doing anyway) from fairly small pictures and as an oil painter I am not able to offer advice on acrylics. From what I can see it is just a question of practice at blending and trying to eliminate any obvious transitions whether using Acrylic or oils, it just comes with time and following painters on youtube or demos at shows.

    Overall for a first bust it is a really nice job, the face is a little dark and maybe some extra highlights would bring out the contours of the face. However if you were looking for an off the battlefield dark and dirty look then it is fine.

    Hope that helps!?

    It always pays to look at your work and ask yourself the question, how could I have improved it?

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  3. Russ Active Member

    Thanks, Keith. I'll try to take and post some better pics; the face is actually quite light in my opinion, but it doesn't show as such in these views.
  4. 1969 A Fixture

    I think for your first bust you have done a great job, any flaws are sure to show up in these large scales but you have handled it nicely. If I were a better painter I might be able to offer some critique but I will leave that to the more talented painters on the site.
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  5. Russ Active Member

    Better (brighter) pics. I need to play with my bounce boards and diffusers.

    Roman Off1.jpg RomOff2.jpg RomOff3.jpg

    RomOff4.jpg IMG_2396.JPG
  6. Nap Moderator

    Hi Russ

    Catching up a bit with things here on PF , not the easiest of busts imo so well done for going for it , red is difficult to get right and we all have different ways , you can see the way your going on this , think about highs/ shadows placement

    Personally not keen inks this is a high ranking officer so the armour looks right ....perhaps washes over the areas and details

    Once you get the final bits sorted look forward to pics

    Good points raised above , with Acrylics it's all about building up the colours , I always use distilled water , never tap and use a blending medium ( Windsor and Newton but there are others available) this helps in blending

    Suggest after you've washed and primed , base it up , I use brass 5/6mm Rod , cover base with cling film and white paper tape

    You can also shine a light either above or at a angle to show where the highs and shadows are

    Another option is to spray with black and then from above with white to show highs

    There's lots of great threads in the Painting forum



    Hope this helps

    Happy benchtime

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