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Finished:Werner Voss

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by rej, May 10, 2009.

  1. Black Army Well-Known Member

    Excellent paintwork Ray!


  2. Ah my friend I am seeing that all production is reday and you are getting the brushes wet again ... Like this chap, awaiting the plane to see the vignette combined ...

    Bravo ... and for Sammy the Field Grey for each WW1 chap might be different depending the status and family he comes from, a pilot and a srtormtrooper surely would not have teh same piece of material ... so there is no fast rule about the colour! Some uniforms were tailormade [especially those who benefited withh decent PR] and other had to make do with what the army provided ...

  3. unknown01 New Member

    Amazing completion.
    I liked the feel of a material of the uniform and a facial expression very much.
    I congratulate completion.
  4. ray caruana Member

    Well done Ray. Can't wait to see it in the flesh Wednesdaynight. I just hope nothing keeps me working till late!

    BTW, I need to talk about the mixes you used for Napoleon. I started working on Perry Miniatures Napoleon's staff in 30mm.
  5. Elaphus Active Member

    Hello Ray,

    fantastic painting, absolutly fantastic.

    Specialy i like the color of the uniform, great !!!


  6. slaj Well-Known Member

    Nice painting Ray. Hope to see it Wednesday. i'm sure it's even better in the flesH

  7. rej Well-Known Member

    Mike, thanks for your "EASY" problem solving solution :D love it :D

    Jason, Andy, Balazs, Ivan, Mitsutaka, Ray, Karsten, and Stephen, thank you all for your kind words.......

    To my club mates Ivan, Ray, and Stephen......yes God Willing you'll see it this Wed and as Stephen remarked, its MUCH better in the flesh because as I said to Sam, the whole figure caught too much unwanted light like all the pics I take :(

    Ray ;)
  8. ModelCellar A Fixture

    Hi Ray,

    Very VERY NICE!! It's always cool to see our figures finished ...and satisfying to see someone enjoying them too! I can't wait to see it with the airplane. You must show pics when that is completed. Ya know, someone over at Aerodrome.com did this figure last year and put it by the Roden 1/32 Albatros. They then did a 'walk around' video (I think the whole thing was on a turntable? ...it was really awesome! I can't find the link at the moment, but if I do I'll add it.

    Thanks for your kind words about the casting. I do all the casting myself and take pride in what I put in the box. I always try to sprue the piece so that there are no casting plugs and that detail is not compromised by the sprues (vs. those companies that sprue a camo-netted helmet from the top of the helmet??? well when you cut the sprue off and sand it down it's smooth - a smooth spot on the top of a cammo helmet doesn't look good!? - I don't know how companies get away with that kind of stuff). Anyway, I'm glad you like the casting too =).

  9. ModelCellar A Fixture

  10. megroot A Fixture

  11. rej Well-Known Member

    Paul, a double thanks to you for your overly praise and for providing the link for the video, which as Marc sadly noted is now gone :(

    I've just registered over there and will post Werner Voss soon............maybe I'll plead with them to reserruct the said video :eek: ?

    Ray ;)
  12. "Tarakaman" New Member

    Looks great!!!
  13. rej Well-Known Member

    Thanks for looking and your kindness Matthew........

    Ray ;)
  14. ModelCellar A Fixture

    video Gone?!?!? ARGH!!!!!!!! I didn't realize it when I posted the link...

    Ok, well, I'm sending an email to my 'point man' on several WWI modeling sites to see if he knows where it went, how to get to it, OR possibly get it posted here for all to see. It's a truly outstanding build ...of the airplane! The figure adds a nice touch, but YOU'VE GOT TO SEE THE AIRPLANE!

    It's good that you registered over there. If you are into WWI airplane modeling, that model forum is just incredible! There are soooo many unbelievable builds over there that just knock your socks off. You must check them out and scroll through the threads.

  15. rej Well-Known Member

    Thanks Paul, that would be really great as now you got me so curious to view it, and I think it would be of general interest to most if not all of us............

    Ray ;)
  16. ModelCellar A Fixture


    OK, here is a different thread on Aerodrome. This one is the second such "walk around video' of Voss's Triplane and our Voss figure - again, incredible work/build on the airplane. The Albatros is seen in the background.


    Scroll down the thread, in it you will find my question regarding an earlier video of the Albatros build (UNBELIEVABLE). In response the original Albatros walk around was posted.

    I just viewed both so have a look before they disappear again somehow.


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