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Finished:Werner Voss

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by rej, May 10, 2009.

  1. rej Well-Known Member

    I have done my part :D and its finished as you can see :D now let's see if my bro can do his part and fly that Albatross DIII :D

    Speaking of the Albatross........Mike Good was dead right when he said that the Fokker DRI is significantly SMALLER than the Albatross.........it was MY MISTAKE and I quoted my brother wrong when I said that he provided me with the dimensions...........well he did provide me with the RIGHT dimensions, I conjured them all wrong in my mind :eek: (nearing 46yrs I'm afraid :eek: :( ) just look at the dimensions and judge for yourself how could I mixed it up (has to be me :( ) Mike my sincere apologies for that :eek: and again thanks so much for further wetting our apetites with that suggestion re "all black Albatross of von Schleich"

    Albatross DIII..... 1:32nd.... Wingspan..........27.5cm Fuselage............ 21.5cm
    Fokker Dr1......... 1:32nd.... Wingspan..........22.5cm Fuselage............ 17.5cm

    The only thing I was right about was the doubts re the face on Voss's Fokker cowling, that is, the colour, and an issue like that runs high and risky amongst the aircraft buffs at our club :D however it is also my bro's wish to have Voss with the Albatross and Richtofen with the Fokker.........

    Anyway, I'm sure that all that had to be written/said re this Werner Voss sculpting and casting had been written/said, but written/said or not, I MUST add that its a GEM, and if Paul's casting did Mike's sculpture justice, hope my paint splashing wasn't so bad on both!

    Ray ;)

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  2. daniel Well-Known Member


    Fantastic job Ray like always wonderful paint ... o)

    All best

  3. bonehead A Fixture

    Nice job Ray!

    The markings on Voss' Albatross are indeed handsome and the figure will look a treat with that aircraft. As for the "controversy" regarding the color of the cowling on Voss' triplane, I have always believed this to be a bit of a red herring (yellow herring?). My personal opinion is his triplane had a dark green cowling, the same as most all triplanes that left the factory. The white face would hardly show up against the yellow anyway. Please post photos of Voss with the Albatross when you are able.

    I look forward to seeing Manfred and Moritz posed with the triplane as well. The dog will be included with the individual kit of Manfred. It would be a shame to show him without his "best friend"!


  4. Christos Well-Known Member

    Very good painting.Looking forward to see the plane and the figure together!!!
  5. Christosjager A Fixture

    Very fine work so far Ray!!
  6. Kirtles Well-Known Member

  7. pmfs A Fixture

    Hello Ray,

    Its absoluting fantastic.

    Regards from Portugal
  8. Aterz Active Member

    Fantastic painting.... no doubt! :)

    regards from Italy
  9. gothicgeek A Fixture

    that has come out great!

    very impressive :)

  10. megroot A Fixture

    You did a excellent job on Werner Vos
    Here is a link to help you for putting the right colors of Voss DR 1. It was a silvery blue when he was shot down.
    For all the discussions about the plane etc here at the aerodrome are guys who are doing nothing then studying and reconstruct the WW 1 battle's in the sky.

    I hope you can do your advantage with it, at least your brother should be interested in that internet site.

  11. DEL A Fixture

    Simply fabulous.
  12. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Ray

    Hows it going mate, I can see the brushes are working just fine. This is a wonderful figure, you have painted it beautifully, its a very cleanly painted figure, terrific shading.

  13. Sam Active Member

    Very Good mate...especially the Field Grey uniform...I know how hard it is to get the right colour :( but yours is a cracker :)

    On to the second figure then :) mine will be Owain Glyndowyr you will finish it before me cause mine has a lot of work :( but GOD WILLS IT....:D:D

    Qis li ittini l-mix tal-Feld Grau :D

    Warmest Regards,

    Samwel Vella =]
  14. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member

    Hey buddy,

    Very nicley done! I look forward to seeing the finished project.

    All the best my friend,

  15. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Fantastic painting Ray, cant wait to see it with the plane.

    Cheers David
  16. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Beautifully painted Ray! Looking forward to seeing him with his plane!

    Jay H.
  17. rej Well-Known Member

    Daniel, Mike, Chris, Christos, Steve, Pedro, Andrea, Mark, Marc, Derek, Dave, Samwel, Joe, David and Jay.......thank you all for your kind words......much appreciated!

    Mike, the only problem re Andrea's Manfred (which I already have) and his Moritz is that I don't like Moritz (poor dog) as presented in the kit, and to purchase ModelCellar's Manfred would present me with a dilemma of two Manfreds :( anyway will see when the time comes and will consult my brother as well..........I will definitely post photos of Voss posed with his Albatross.........

    Marc, that's a very interesting site you sent, and the likeness that Mike captured of Werner Voss is really lifelike, both in the 1:48th/1:32nd kits and also in the bust that he sculpted for the same company.......I made my bro and the "aircraft nuts" (Mike Good's quote) at my club, aware of this wonderful site...........

    Dave, its going quite ok mate, hope its the same with you and yours.......ama I can't wait for Euro to see you all and meet up again, I really wish that it will be at least a month late, so I can finish what I've started, but will do my utmost to get them all done :)

    Sam, the Field Grey is not so "greenish" in reality.......it turned out a tad more greenish than it really is........might have to change my lighting setup for shooting pics, or else re adjust them accordingly.......the mix for the Field Grey was provided by Stephen and forgot to thank him for it.......hope he won't resign from the club :D :D :D thanks a lot mate :p
    Mix was this........ Base-4parts AC1 plus 1part Black....... HL-AC59 plus Base......LL-Black plus Base........

    Joe, my good buddy, its been a while since we caught up with each other.....IM me anytime and hope kids and better half are doing just fine..........

    Warm Regards to All.........

    Ray ;)
  18. bonehead A Fixture

    Yes, the Andrea dog is quite poor. It is the reason I sculpted Moritz several years ago as I at one time intended to paint the Andrea Richthofen. But I eventually became dissatisfied with their Richthofen as well. I figured I could do better, it just took me several years to get around to it. I will let others decide whether I succeeded. But I can say that I will not be painting the Andrea Richthofen now.

    Regarding the "extra" Richthofen dilemma, do the second one with one of his Albatros' and maybe his brother Lothar as well. There, problem solved!

  19. JGREEN A Fixture

    Nice work! Very clean with smooth, subtle transitions.

  20. amcairns A Fixture

    I really like your technique on the figure,excellent stuff.

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