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Finished Macromannic Warriors Vignette

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Guy, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    This morning I put the finishing touches on a 2 figure Vignette. The front figure is an OOP Seil 75mm and the rear is a Pegaso 75mm figure. Both were sculpted by the talented Yury Serevryakov. The Base is a Ken Thomas Base. The figure was commissioned by a collector.

    Fin Marc 01.JPG

    Fin Marc 02.JPG

    Fin Marc 03.JPG

    Fin Marc 04.JPG

    Fin Marc 06.JPG

    Fin Marc 11.JPG

    These figures were started early last spring. It may seem like I am cranking out the figures but the top of my desk is starting to look bare as a lot of in-progress figures are being completed.

    All comments welcomed.

  2. Steve Well-Known Member

    Great work, Guy. Good matching of figures that work well together--
  3. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    Great project Guy
  4. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Guy, these guys worked out perfectly together. The feeling of them both looking out across the cliff is just great. Nicely done!

    Jay H.
  5. Guy A Fixture

    Steve ~ Matthew ~ Jay

    Thanks for the feedback. When I saw Seil's companion figure come out I just knew these had to go together. Especially by the same sculptor.
  6. jim1215 Active Member

    guy, outstanding as always , what did you use for the rock crevice , did you sculpt it , or hydrocal , real rock , just curious ? i have read your two exercices in groundwork and i see that you always come up with some great looking terrain , i was just wondering what you used here . thanks and great work . jim
  7. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks Jim for the kind words.

    The base started out as below with the rock portion actually being part of the original base.

    Thomas Burl Small 3 inch.jpg

    The above base is the actual one I used for this vignette. I took a dark gray enamel and carefully painted the rock / cliff face and then after drying followed with a black wash of enamel. The black wash goes down deeper than the painting of gray and gives the rock more ddepth. After the black wash dries I begin dry-brushing with a small flat end brush accross the edges with a light gray. The final dry-brushing to similate snow is with white paint.

    Below are two more of this type of base I bought from Ken Thomas this past summer. The below bases are 2X2 and are for single foot figures.

    Burl 2x2.jpg

    So as you see, my cliff faced base is actually the wood.....of the base.....painted.

    Hope this helped Jim.
  8. bagijiny Well-Known Member

    so great~~!!! I love this vignette~~!!! :)

  9. mario Active Member

    Hello Guy

    I loved your work .
    I agree with jay,this figures worked out perfectly together.

    Warm regards my friend

  10. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks Kim and Mario...........I appreciate your feedback and your kind words.
  11. jim1215 Active Member

    thanks for the reply , it is just stunning , i would never have thought that was the base , so the top you used like cellu-clay and just sculpted ? how you achieve the rock is amazing , there is a 90mm viking you painted in your gallery by minature alliance , and the rock build up is awesome , i have been trying to achieve a similar effect for my viking kits , as this is my favorite period . either way the groundwork is just as impressive as the painting . thanks guy ! will always be on the look out for your most recent gallery pics . thks jim
  12. Guy A Fixture

    Jim, the rocks above the base line are actually the metal bases that came with the figures. I liked them so much and they added rocks above the base top that I epoxyed them to the top and used sculptamold to blend them into the rest of the base. So actually....I did no sculpting.......just used what was there. Below is a photo of the Seil figure fastened to the stock metal base and fastened again to the wood base.

    Marcomannic 05.JPG

    On the other side you can see the top of the Pegaso white metal base incorporated into the sculptamold and blended into meeting with the Seil Base.

  13. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member

    Hey Guy,

    This looks really cool, I really like the guy with the spear.

  14. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks Joe. I wish he were still available. He wasn't released for very long before Seil closed.
  15. Mark S Guest

    A great result, Guy.
    I've been looking forward to seeing this one since you mentioned it some time ago.You've done a beautiful job.
    I like the way the red ties both figures together.
  16. Christos Well-Known Member

    Very good painting my friend,I like the base also!!!!!!!!!
  17. megroot A Fixture

    You created a most lifelike scene. Great work with this two extremelly matching figures. Painting of both is great. The use of the base is excellent.

  18. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Guy

    Very nicely done mate, very well composed and the ground work is very well suited to both figures, I had never thought of putting the two together.........


  19. Tommi A Fixture

    Hello Guy, this really looks nice now it is finished so much different from the in progress pictures you sent me, the base really sets the scene as well as the colours you have used,
    A real beauty
  20. dimgall Active Member

    nice work my friend!!

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