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Figurines Isuue 61

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by bert, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. bert New Member

    Just received Figurines #61 (December - January issue)

    Here is the content:

    Euromilitaire Fokestone 2004
    St Vincent 2004

    Beginners corner
    Horse Carapason and kight banner (sp?) - Painting the saddle and making a banner with lead foil ... to be continued.

    An article on plastic figurines sold with "Café Martin" in the 50's.

    -Napoleon Light Infantry 1804 - 1815
    -Flags of the Ancient Régime (2nd part) Louis XV regimental flags

    Conversions and Scratchbuilds
    -Conversion of Metal Modèles "Don cossak" into arelaxed soldier playing the accordion. Nice job on the accordion made of 0.1mm brass sheets !!
    -Prince Karl Philip Von Wrede by David Lane. Translation of an article from Military Modeling.

    Taken in Hand (reviews)
    Baal the Conqueror : fantasy Rackam figurines 28mm
    Celtic chief by Pegaso 54mm, painted by Jean-Philippe Prajoux : beautiful !!

    New figures
    More than 70 new figures presented

    In my opinion, not a great issue, but it might depends of your subjects of interest ...

    Best regards ;
  2. Billhoran New Member

    The article on Le-Van Quang is really excellent. I wish I could read French! The photos of his work are quite remarkable - particularly his uncanny ability to capture the subtle facial differences in the many Asian and American Indian subjects he has sculpted. I don't think many of us realize just how difficult that really is. Wow!

  3. mikec55 Active Member

    This topic was covered somewhere already but I forgot where I saw it. I've got a question regarding figure magazines. I'd like to subscribe to one of them but ain't sure which one & with my disposable $$ situation shaky at best :( , I'd like to read an opinion or 2 before deciding. I get the feeling that the 2 best ones are either Historical Miniature or Figurines. Any recommendations?

  4. amherbert Member

    Hi Mike

    I recommend Figurines. I am on my second year of subscribing, and the photos, artwork etc. are unparalleled. Historical Miniatures is OK, but not as good, IMHO.

    On the other hand, if you don't read French, then you'll be missing something.

    And with the US dollar going down the toilet, you'd better subscribe soon, since the cost in dollars is increasing all the time!

    Having said that, I'm not sure I'll keep subscribing after this year. I find with any magazine that after a few years the articles get repetitive. I tend to unsubscribe for a couple of years, then come back. We'll see. Given the increasing cost, budget may be a factor!!

    Thanks for the review Bert. I hope my copy arrives soon!! I find they don't get to me until almost the middle or end of the month!!

  5. KeithP Active Member

    I'll have to give Figurines a try although I don't read French. I have heard so many nice comments that it tempts me.

    I mentioned elsewhere that I like HM. The reason I like HM is they tend to have articles with figures painted in oils (which I continue to use :) ) and I like the photography. A couple of issues back there was a Hussar heavily modified and painted by David Lane (in oils) that just blue me away. But, that is just me...

  6. amherbert Member

    Hi Keith

    Figurines has articles on oil painted figures too. In fact, the step by step being done for beginners is all done in oils. And man, it's not a beginner looking caparaison in progress!!

    And I noticed that a recent article in Figurines was also in HM. And last year's Figurines article on Historex was published in English in Military Modelling a few months later. So there is overlap in content between these mags.

    If you want a 'trial' copy, perhaps we can arrange a trade of some kind. I could spare issue 60 pretty easily. There's good stuff in there, but I have lots of magazines on the shelf...

  7. KeithP Active Member

    Thanks Andy. I sent you an email with an abbreviated list of possible trade stuff.


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