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Figures of the Japanese. 90 mm.

Discussion in 'Completed Figures' started by zernina, Sep 6, 2020.

  1. zernina A Fixture

    Good day to all!

    Yesterday I finished painting two figures from a set of four pieces. It was very interesting - I myself sculpted and casted these figures. But since I am just a beginner sculptor and caster - I see flaws - so I cast 6 pieces of each figure ( that's enough for me) I will not sell kits.
    I used acrylic Polycolor from Maimery for painting. Bases from S-73.

    Good luck to everyone in creativity!
    Greetings from St. Petersburg (Russia). Olga Zernina.
    японец 90 мм моя скульптура (3).JPG японец 90 мм моя скульптура (7).JPG японец 90 мм моя скульптура (8).JPG японец 90 мм моя скульптура (6).JPG японка 90мм моя скульптура (4).jpg японка 90мм моя скульптура (2).JPG японка 90мм моя скульптура (6).JPG японка 90мм моя скульптура (7).JPG zcIsepViqHw.jpg
  2. Wally Active Member

    Truly amazing Olga. Just amazing.
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  3. akaryu Moderator

    Impressive sculpting AND painting!

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  4. karlw Member

    Brilliant.These figures differ much from the "warrior" type Pegaso and others have put out over the years. a breath of fresh air ! only Ruslan Vorobiov has gone this route in a persistant way sofar. the future of samurai sculpting is in Russia these days ! I also like the painting better than on your previous figures, as it's more subdued as one can clearly see on the archer. one commentator in the El Paso Hombroso Forum for jap.figures once stated, that "the visual and textural enhancement through selective combination of colours" is more in line with the Japanese approach. watching lot's of 60s/70s chambara (not just Kurosawa and his later costume films of the upper feudal class) train's one eyes over time.
  5. fogie A Fixture

    Super pieces... like them very much. I rather think you'll come under a lot of pressure
    to make them commercially available:).

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  6. Banjer Well-Known Member

    These are as good as anything on the market and better than most.
    Please consider releasing them commercially.
    If you don't want to do it yourself I am sure someone would purchase the rights to market them.

    Excellent work, you have a rare talent.

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  7. Henkm Well-Known Member

    Very nice figures, I would never have thought they're from a 'beginning sculptor'. I would certainly be tempted! How did they do in the contest?
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  8. NeilW A Fixture

    Superb work (as always with Olga).

    Potential ideas for a future female figure:

    Hikimayu: plucked eyebrows, replaced by smudges on the forehead

    Ogahuru: blackened teeth

    Oshiroi/eri-gashi: oshira being the white face makeup nowadays associated with Geisha and Kabuki but once universal amongst the aristocrats: the eri-gashi are the stripes left unwhitened at the nape of the neck (said to be erotic)

    Amasogi/osuberikashi: variations on straight, long hair as worn in pre Edo times

    Perhaps not modern or western ideas of female beauty... but fits with the Japanese concept of bijin


    JUST TO CLARIFY: this is a suggestion not a criticism (y)
  9. Scott Sheltz Well-Known Member

    They look great as always
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  10. Richard Baxter A Fixture

    For a master sculptor they would be excellent. For a novice sculptor these are superb. You clearly have a great talent for sculpting, please consider seriously the possibility of releasing these commercially. Don't be so modest, Olga!
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  11. zernina A Fixture

    Thank you very much! They took silver at that competition :)
  12. Djoubri M Well-Known Member

    Amazing work !
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  13. Alfonso Floren Well-Known Member

    Un trabajo fantástico
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  14. Chris Mills PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Olga

    Just extraordinary work as usual. I love the subdued colours of the archer in particular.

    I totally agree with comments that you should consider releasing them commercially or licence the rights to someone who you trust to do it for you.

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  15. karlw Member

    A little advise from a Samurai collector (since 20 years): You might consider to involve a third party after you have sold out the 4 figures at a run of 6 (total 24) with your own paintings to generate a good income for yourself. I think this makes the most sense.I never understood Arsenjev Studios approach of selling painted figures exclusively at their outrageous prices, thus limiting their sales market to Russian collectors and very few American ones.A much better marketing strategy would have been to limit exclusive sales for a period of time for museum quality stuff and thereafter release it unpainted (through a serious outfit). The market for Samurai's and other Japanese themed figures is not big and high end painted figures with their corresponding prices drop over time, as you must have noticed with the sale of some of your figures ! I experienced how thin the market for high end Samurai stuff is here in Europe myself about six years ago, when I purchased a 150 mm museum painted Samurai on horse with Naginata from a Bavarian deale ! This figure was Niena studios reference model with a 20cm long base and two elaborately painted battle scenes on the front and back of the base ! The German dealer had tried to sell it in Germany ofor years at 3500 Euros and failed ! The final price I bought it for, was a mere € 800,- !!! Other examples: The classic Taisho figure from Hinchcliff I bought 12 years ago from Zinnfiguren/Berlin for a just € 400,- , gloriously painted in the early nineties. Or: the very rare Kamakura Period 90mm Samurai's from "Le Hussar du marais" for just € 350,- each in excellent painting. There is an obvious ceiling for numbers and price of these expensive little items !
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  16. Sven A Fixture

    Lovely. I admire your talent and skills.
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  17. Edorta A Fixture

  18. Borek A Fixture

    Really breathtaking work in all aspects of art. Absolutely awesome art!

    Cheers Borek
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  19. Nap Moderator

    Hi there Olga

    Wonderful to see your benchtime , not only a talented painter but a sculpt or as well .....all credit to you

    Lovely painting as always

    Thanks for sharing

    Look forward to seeing more

    Why not :

    Look at July's winning entries here:


    Vote in August's FOTM here:


    Enter our VIGNETTES & DIORAMA comp ending 30/9/20 go to here:


    Happy benchtime, entering and voting

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  20. SUNchazer Active Member

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